Simone Biles Says Outpouring Of Support Has Made Her Realize She's 'More Than' Gymnastics

Simone Biles Says Outpouring Of Support Has Made Her Realize She's 'More Than' Gymnastics ❤️

7/30/2021 8:38:00 PM

Simone Biles Says Outpouring Of Support Has Made Her Realize She's 'More Than' Gymnastics ❤️

After she withdrew from several Olympics events, Simone Biles said love and support from others has made her realize her true worth.

as a Black woman. In a sport where men like Michael Phelps and Tom Brady receive exactly zero shit for saying they’re the best, Black and women athletes are met with a chorus of “well, actuallys” when they do the same. But Biles has never been afraid to say what’s true: That she is the greatest of all time. Embroidering her leotard for the U.S. Championships with an outline of a goat’s head above her name was an iconic move.

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Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesAnd then there’s one of the hardest, bravest, most incredibly impactful thingsanyonehas ever done in the sport of gymnastics: Standing up to Larry Nassar and those who enabled his abuse.One month after the 2016 Olympics in Rio, a single athlete told reporters that Nassar, a longtime team physician for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State, had sexually abused her. More than 350 women and girls would eventually come forward to share stories of their own abuse. Biles was one of them.

A post shared by Simone Biles (@simonebiles)But because of her fame, the weight attached to Biles’s name, something was finally done. USA Gymnastics only stopped holding training camps where Nassar had worked after Biles said she didn’t want to go there. It was Biles’s criticism of then-CEO Kerry Perry and interim leader Mary Bono that forced both to step down.

What BilesUSA Todaybefore the Tokyo games even began is telling, in hindsight: “It’s been a lot. That was the biggest struggle about (the delay of the Tokyo Olympics.) I thought I was going to be done with USA Gymnastics and the USOPC and all of that stuff. And now it’s just like, ‘Oh gosh, another year of dealing with them.'”

Another year of dealing with the organization that facilitated her sexual abuse. Let that sink in.With all of that on her shoulders, Biles still showed up in Tokyo. But mentally, she wasn’t ready to compete. And that’s OK. She’s accomplished so much in her 24 years, including shouldering the burden of being the voice of hundreds of women and girls who were sexually assaulted. While continuing to compete. While winning. While working with and representing USA Gymnastics, after they betrayed her safety.

If Biles wants to stop competing forever, she willalways Read more: Scary Mommy »

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