Supply Chain, Holiday 2021

Shoppers' habits can help ease supply chain crunch during the holidays

The supply chain crisis is partly your fault, and you can help fix it

10/17/2021 3:34:00 PM

The supply chain crisis is partly your fault, and you can help fix it

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The pandemic has left the robust, flexible supply chain that Americans are used to stretched thin as the holiday season approaches. Like many industries, logistics, e-commerce, and retail firms are facing , leaving companies desperate for more warehouse workers, truck drivers, and flight crews.

And shoppers' growing obsession with online shopping and ultra-fast delivery has only made things worse."In a world where the expectation has become a second-day delivery, we haven't really looked back," Gad Allon, the director of the University of Pennsylvania's Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, told Insider."We're a community [of consumers] that supports a very short-term view of things and by doing so we're taking away from any resiliency in the supply chain."

Eight supply chain experts told Insider that shoppers could play a role in helping to relieve some of the pressure on the supply chain. Experts suggested shopping early, buying local, and even visiting thrift stores. Most of all, they said, don't panic-buy goods and try to be patient.

The global supply chain is running on all cylinders to keep up with demandConsumer demand has grown so quickly over the past two years, it's equivalent to about 50 million new Americans joining the economy, according to Jonathan Gold, vice president of supply chain and customs policy at the National Retail Federation, told Insider. 

"There are very few, if any, industries that could handle a ramp up in demand like that, especially when you consider the lack of scalability in the supply chain infrastructure and manufacturing base," he said. Read more: Business Insider »

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'It's due to climate change!' - MSM and Democrats, probably. 😁 I will pick up a soda can and put it in the recycling bin and see if that puts food on the store shelves. supplychaincrisis Blaming the consumer? 👎🏻 Typical. It’s not consumer’s fault/responsibility/duty to fix or to prevent it. The consumer needs goods and pays for them. governments (the State) did *not have contingency plans for this. As they did not for X Y Z W crises today supplychaincrisis


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Supply chain woes are hitting school cafeterias, leaving administrators scrambling to put meals togetherThe school cafeteria is the latest victim of the supply chain slowdown, leaving nutrition administrators scrambling to get proper meals on the table for students as they return to the classroom. Maybe ask other countries how they do it or shop local Can’t speak for all states but $ isn’t the issue, nor is taste since rollback of M Obama’s disastrous policy. LAUSD offers three meals a day plus weekends kits for students to take home. MSM just noticing what has been going on since August. As a vendor, I know firsthand making sure you kid has breakfast and lunch Isn't that part what they call being a good parent.