Shaking After Childbirth Is Normal, Apparently

Shaking After Childbirth Is Normal, Apparently


Shaking After Childbirth Is Normal, Apparently

Shortly after her delivery, it happened—I started shaking.

is totally normal. Weird and inconvenient, but normal. Though it’s not fully understood, one theory is that it’s caused by the stress of labor and its impact on your body. The onset is generally within the first hour or two following delivery, and it typically lasts an hour, give or take.

An hour after it started, the shaking subsided as quickly as it had come on. I was no longer freezing, and I had this adorable ball of squish to show for the past nine months of nonsense. If you would have asked me at that time, I would have told you my daughter would be an only child, because there was no way I was ever doing any of that again.

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Totally happens to me after every birth, epidural or not 🤷🏻‍♀️ Every time I got done breast feeding in the hospital it was so bad I shocked my nurses. I thought I was alone in this! Ugh! This was so weird! It happened twice with my first - once an hour or so after birth and once the next day after we had just got home.

I did that as well. No drugs, sent home 23 hours later. My shaking started early the next a.m. Turns out, they hadn’t fully removed the placenta & I was bleeding/had the beginnings of a dangerous infection. please follow up with your dr. It might not be something that wears off. Omg thank you! That happened with my first child! I thought maybe it was from the drugs! This makes so much sense!

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