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Sex and the City Is Returning—But What Will It Do About Samantha?

Written out? Recast? With Sex and the City returning for a limited new series, fans are already wondering how Kim Cattrall's absence will be handled

1/25/2021 3:07:00 AM

Written out? Recast? With Sex and the City returning for a limited new series, fans are already wondering how Kim Cattrall's absence will be handled

Kim Cattrall won’t be joining And Just Like That…, HBO Max’s just-announced limited-series continuation of Sex and the City. How will the show deal with her absence?

.)Still, writing her off seems like the path for now. The possibilities are endless. Maybe Samantha dies in a kinky, freak sex accident, the ultimate Samantha ending. But death might be too morbid for a show ofSATC’s tenor, so perhaps Samantha will instead exit on a more glamorous note. She picks up where season six Carrie left off, maybe, and becomes obsessed with Europe, trading New York for Geneva or Lisbon. Maybe she goes off on a super-yacht, sailing the world with a Mr. Big of her own, never to be heard from again. Maybe her work life takes a turn and she gets a Big Job doing something like helping

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Prince HarryandMeghan Markleplot out their Hollywood debut—a gig that takes up all her time and prevents her from going to brunch with the girls.Sex and the Citywas never the most ripped-from-the-headlines series, but, hey, it’s not above a real-celebrity shout-out.

Or perhaps the show’s writers will pen the bravest exit of them all: Samantha’s still in New York, residing in the same fabulous Meatpacking District apartment, slinking her way through the same parties and restaurant openings. But she’s just…not friends with the other gals anymore. Yeah, they see each other from time to time, fondly reminiscing about her wild exploits now and again. But at this point in their lives, they’ve finally drifted apart. “Table for…

three,” Carrie will say wistfully as she books their usual Sunday brunch reservation. And that’ll be that.AdvertisementThe new limited series also inspires a million questions about what Carrie’s, Charlotte’s, and Miranda’s lives will look like. Both Charlotte and Miranda will be parenting Gen Z teens (oh

boy), while Carrie will be more than a decade into marriage with the incorrigible Mr. Big. (Though there’s a 50/50 chance the show will open with the shocking reveal that their marriage went caput, and they’re now divorced friends with benefits—bringing us all the way back around to their original dynamic.)

The 10-episode duration also leaves plenty of room for cameos from all the. Aleksandr Petrovsky will probably brush past Carrie at the Met and forget who she is for a few seconds. (“Oh,Carrie, right! How’s your, um…” “Mywriting?” “Ah,oui,yes, you are a writer!”) Aidan has probably fully decamped to a repurposed dairy farm upstate, where he can make all the furniture he likes. Berger is a problematic lit professor at Hunter College and will crash into Carrie at an Upper East Side bar. Come to think of it, we’re probably guaranteed an episode where he and Carrie have a toxic,

reconnection, only for him to ditch her at the last second with an even bigger Post-it. This show can’t come soon enough. Read more: VANITY FAIR »

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better no samantha than recasting her Maybe they should write her out as a serial killer of all the men she slept with and now she's in prison. I couldn't stand her - she delivered every single line like she was trying to channel Mae West. Living in an ashram in India. Watch ‘Call my Agent’. Way better in all respects

They will write the character out and will recast a new Asian Samantha from a parallel universe. Dies of cancer..... Just a shame. I would assume she's in an old people's home and the plot of the limited series is the others want to break her out. Then, when they see the 4PM dinner specials, they sign up. Sex In Assisted Living. Sunsweet has a tie-in promotion of cosmopolitans made with prune juice.

You’re kidding! What WILL they do? I don’t know if I could put a new face on my most compatible sexual partner from a show or movie... TMI? I’m a little devastated right now, omg... Or just recast 🙃Someone will need a third for a late season big hook🤣 I’m pretty sure she will be written out. They will say her breast cancer returned. They may even have them all reunite at her funeral or memorial. You know, “ We will always carry her in our hearts” blah, blah, blah. 🙄

The reason I watched the show was because of Samantha. Carrie and Charlotte were such whiny biotches. She can do a cameo as a mannequin Samantha carried that show.