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Syrian Arab Republic, Damascus

Several killed in Damascus bus bombing

An explosion hits Syrian regime army bus in Damascus killing at least 13 people, media reports say.

10/20/2021 10:05:00 AM

A bomb attack on Syrian regime army bus in the capital Damascus kills at least 13 people, according to media reports

An explosion hits Syrian regime army bus in Damascus killing at least 13 people, media reports say.

A bomb attack on Syrian regime army bus in Damascus has killed at least 13 people.AFP quoting regime news agency reported thattwo explosive devices targeted a passing bus"on a key bridge in the capital on Wednesday.Three people were also wounded.

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Images released by Reuters showed a burning bus and regime said it was a bomb squad defusing a third device that had been planted in the same area.Damascus had been mostly spared such violence in recent years, especially since troops and allied militia retook the last significant rebel bastion near the capital in 2018. 

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Roadside bombs hit military bus in Syria capital, killing 13 DAMASCUS , Syria (AP) — Two roadside bombs exploded near a bus carrying troops in the Syrian capital Damascus early Wednesday, killing 13 people and wounding others, state TV reported. Syrian state TV showed footage of the charred bus in central Damascus , saying the blasts occurred during rush hour when people were heading to work and school. rock and roll. a challenger to hezbollah has appeared finally, it seems horrible this needs to end

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Syria unsafe for any refugee return from host countries - HRWHuman Rights Watch report shed light that Damascus operates a mafia-style intelligence state where returnees face brutality even after signing a “reconciliation” document.

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Witnesses: Ethiopian military airstrikes hit Tigray capitalEthiopian military airstrikes hit the capital of the country’s Tigray region and killed at least three people, witnesses said Monday, returning the war abruptly to the city of Mekele after several months of peace. The airstrikes came days after a new military offensive was launched against the Tigray forces who have been fighting Ethiopian and allied forces for nearly a year. Mekele hasn't seen fighting since late June, when the Tigray forces retook much of the region and Ethiopian troops withdrew.

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