Several Baseball Players Are Opting Out Of The 2020 Mlb Season, Citing 'Personal Health And Safety' - Cnn

Several Baseball Players Are Opting Out Of The 2020 Mlb Season, Citing 'Personal Health And Safety' - Cnn

Several baseball players are opting out of the 2020 MLB Season, citing 'personal health and safety'

Three players have decided to opt out of the rescheduled Major League Baseball season due to health concerns amid coronavirus outbreak.

6/30/2020 2:26:00 AM

At least three Major League Baseball players say they won't play in the upcoming rescheduled season because of concerns about coronavirus

Three players have decided to opt out of the rescheduled Major League Baseball season due to health concerns amid coronavirus outbreak.

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One good thing about the quarantine-demonstrated we don't need these high priced babies or 'movie stars' found many other distractions, many other sports without virtue signaling-good luck No play, no pay, ok robertmarawa Life comes once and basketball will be there after Civid 19. I would our pro footballers could take a similar position but our economic situation does not allow for such😓

What are they going to do? Crawl into a hole? Might catch it any place, any time. So long to all over paid cry babies in professional sports. Normal people going to work everyday for pennies in comparison to those so called professionals. I don't blame them one bit. Fuck it. Have the players some underlying health conditions?

silence from CNN Duh! Cancel everything! Close the country clubs, stop trash pick up, stop Amazon, stop water, close electricity, stop sewage, close all schools, fire all employees, close everything, close it all. Why should we have to serve these assholes while they shelter in place. They shouldn’t worry- just like the hundreds of thousands of Democrats that are not wearing masks while they loot and riot

Good for them. We all have a choice. They have made theirs. I respect that. MLB After election won’t hear about mask,covid So don’t pay them either and fire them !! Be proud! Understandable My goodness, the Covid flu has been shown to be overwhelming asymptomatic or mild for 99% of people, stop overreacting to what is essentially a slightly stronger flu strain. Maybe these weaklings should consider permanent retirement if they are truly such sniveling hypochondriacs

How many black people have died in Chicago CNN? CNN going back to the China virus narrative😂 washed up-non relevant news source Bunch of turds. Period Driving thru a white supremacist rally ✊🏾 Karens Good for them.. stay safe! I’m sorry, but if people making minimum wage are considered essential, then Pro athletes making millions should be required to play!

Snowflakes!! Yes, they can read. Smart players, save your money that you were paid and let the owners go busted. Soft america getting softer. If it's so bad maybe people should opt out of protesting. Why are we having sports on TV anyway? If Covid is so bad lick everything down again. All you see is Covid Covid wear a mask, social why sports?

Are they thinking they will still be paid ? 🤔 They're all in the NL. Makes sense. Cancel the season I'm curious what the odds are for those athletes to actually experience any severe complications from Rona Can you blame them? Time to shave then grow up Then the shouldn't get paid! Even worse let the poor darlings suffer on unemployment like the real people in the real world.

Are you on this? Wow MlBpalyers I understand safe frist!!! Pussies Cause they are smart! Lives over livelihood. Simple as that. no loss

Broadway suspends performances through 2020 amid coronavirus, extends ticket refunds to 2021Broadway performances are being further suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, through the remainder of 2020. How dramatic No wonder I could get tickets for Hamilton. And all the Shootings and out of control crime. THANKS DeBlasio!!!😡 He needs to GO!

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