Senate Republicans Launch Committee Investigations Involving Joe Biden

Two Senate committees will spend the summer investigating allegations against the Biden family and the Obama administration's role in the FBI's 2016 Russia investigation.

6/2/2020 10:01:00 PM

Senate Republicans have launched investigations into the Obama Administration and Joe Biden over the origins of the FBI's 2016 Russia inquiry. Democrats allege Republicans are using the Senate to get Trump re-elected, and are ignoring current crises.

Two Senate committees will spend the summer investigating allegations against the Biden family and the Obama administration's role in the FBI's 2016 Russia investigation.

Susan Walsh/APSenate Republicans have launched politically loaded investigations into the Obama administration and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that are expected to carry on into the fall.On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee begins the first of a planned series of hearings on the origins of the FBI's 2016 Russia investigation into possible ties with the Trump campaign. Republicans are particularly interested in the decision-making inside the Obama-Biden administration.

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Further, the Senate Homeland Security Committee late last monthapproved a subpoena along party lines for Blue Star Strategies, a consulting firm that worked for Ukrainian energy company Burisma when Biden's son, Hunter, served on the board."The public deserves to know how a guy who was vice president of the U.S. who is currently trying to be president got away with using the U.S. government to force a foreign country to stop investigating a company that was paying his son over $80,000 a month," said Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla.

Andrew Bates, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, accused the committee's chairman, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., of abusing his power to aid Trump."We're in the middle of the worst public health and economic crisis in a century, and what is Senator Johnson focused on? Running a political errand for Donald Trump by wasting Homeland Security Committee time and resources attempting to resurrect a craven, previously-debunked smear against Vice President Biden."

'He Thinks Division Helps Him': Biden Condemns Trump's Protest ResponseIt is the allegation at the heart of Trump's impeachment — the president wanted Ukraine to investigate alleged corruption and conspiracy theories about the Biden family. Ukraine did not, and in December 2019 Trump was impeached for abuse of power by the House of Representatives for making the ask. The Senate acquitted the president in February after a contentious trial.

Senate Democrats are howling over what they say is Republicans using the Senate to try to help get Trump re-elected. "There are literally matters of life and death waiting for our committees attention but instead this committee is doing the president's personal bidding," said Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., a potential contender to be Biden's running mate.

During the first Judiciary Committee oversight hearing senators will hear testimony from former deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein. Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., plans to subpoena 53 individuals including former FBI director James Comey, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and former director of national intelligence James Clapper — all frequent Trump political targets.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., had generally avoided weighing in on these investigations, but he fully embraced them in a recent Senate floor speech."No matter what some Washington Democrats may try to claim, you are not crazy or a conspiracy theorist if you see a pattern of institutional unfairness towards this president. You would have to be blind not to see one," he said.

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Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley, who testified against Trump's impeachment in the House, said investigations can be political and still have merit."I certainly believe that the oversight interests are stronger when you're looking at things like the Russia investigation. The Burisma controversy presents a more challenging question, however, I tend to favor some inquiry."

As vulnerable House Democrats experienced during impeachment, high profile partisan inquiries can spark political backlash when voters have more urgent concerns — like the pandemic, the economy, and social unrest.Graham was quick to announce last Friday that the Senate Judiciary Committee would also hold a hearing on police use of force.

Democratic strategist Scott Mulhauser is a former Biden aide, and a former Senate aide. He said Senate Republicans — who are fighting to hold their majority this November — could be making a political blunder."It's an overreach here, an overplay of your hand with these hearings. Taking your eye off the ball is a mistake that could cost careers."

Graham says he'd like to issue a committee report by October, ahead of Election Day. Read more: NPR »

Paybacks can be hellish So, basically they are trying to dig up dirt on Biden under the guise of bringing truth to the American people, while our tax dollars are being used to pay their salaries...that is quite the gig. Kind of like someone being employed by Mickey Ds and sending customers to Burg King

As I sat and watched this today, how did I know this would be the headline? Because the Dems barely asked questions, they trashed on President Trump, and kept screaming elections. The Dems don’t give a damn that corruption was wide in FBI and DOJ. FISA is a spy machine. 🖕 The US Senate doesn’t vote in the President. The American People do.

Welp... The script has flipped And using the fake Russian and Ukranian scam was about getting Trump impeached. Where is that story NPR? Ask rosenstein if he was a party to the coup that planned to invoke the 25th Amendment. Yay more wasted tax money on useless witchhunts... the Clinton's are still walking around free after how many investigations? And please spare me the conspiracies

Because the Senate is investigating Biden, you accuse them of treachery. And NPR has no agenda. Hmm? Maybe the House should investigate Trump’s handling of the Pandemic response and the distribution of PPE and recovery $ by Trump and Jared? The GOP have shown the country there is no level too low they won't stoop to keep their power. They and the Trump administration ARE our nation's greatest threat :(

George Floyd murdered by white police officers in broad daylight, 100,000+ deaths to COVID-19, 40 million unemployed.... and this is SenateGOP's priority. Reprehensible. Is it just me, or are the Dems trying to lose to Trump? Biden isn't even the nominee yet. Just replace him with someone else. There are still plenty of corrupt pro-corporate stooges the Dems can choose from who don't have racial justice issues or rape/assault accusations.

Ah man, those senate republicans will be bummed when they find out the investigation began in July 2016 after the Australian government advised US authorities that George Papadopoulos drunkenly bragged about Russia’s involvement with trump’s election JrgLaw If I were a Republican “lawmaker”, I’d be getting all the distance I could on comrade Trump and his crime family.

*gunshots, screams, explosions, plagues, democracy under attack* GOP: So there’s nothing else more important going on in this country now for these two committees to focus on? Excellent, Turnaround is fair play And yet we couldn’t be bothered to look at Russia What’s a Republican? They need to stop spending our money on this garbage!

Why didn’t they investigate this while it was going on? They had control of the Senate back then too. Really? I think it's important to find out how the FAKE DEEP STATE Russian hoax got started--don't you? Even leftists are asking questions Where they’ll find nothing. Just like Benghazi. Oh, and please subpoena Obama so he can eat their lunch.

It's what they do. They did it to Clinton. Find some real work to do for the people of this country. Don’t magnify it. No one will pay attention. When they hold pressers, ask about Trump’s latest failure. They’ll stop. they need to investigate trump while they are at it. he is the one that is big friends with putin.

Investigate the investigators.. Those MFs on dope The Democrats are right. Since their illegal coup failed, they want to “move on” Open up the closet and let all the skeletons out. Hillary's E-Mails 2.0 Let's run the 2016 playbook ....It worked then why not now ? Is this all they have to do? Aren’t there any other pressing matters?

Perhaps the Republicans would like to investigate the tear gassing and rubber bullet attack on peaceful protesters last night? Btw, where are all the 'don't tread on me' flag wavers now when the govt actually does it? 🐿🐿🐿 Duh The Left calls this investigation 'debunked' before it even begins, and they still call what Mueller officially debunked the Gospel. This is why we hired the outsider to be president. We know what words mean, and how important the news media's curiosity is.

Let them. It’s going to backfire when more details of trump campaign involvement with Russians comes to light TrumpOut2020 RussianAsset very pathetic Nobody cares about their bullshit sideshow except Trump’s base. They’re trying to rewrite history to make themselves victims in the Russia investigation instead of perps and accomplices. America’s eyes are focused on real problems, if the GOP isn’t then it’s time for them to go.

Yes, and bring it up right before the elections like you did Hillary you cowards. Any kind of slime to re-elect WorstPresidentEver GOP are traitors. All of them Textbook tactics. Swamp cycle. How much taxpayer money are they gonna waste on this bullshit. They are trying so hard to distract from trump and all they do is show how pitiful they are.

boycottRepublicans Democrats were attempting to impeach trump during the covid pandemic for re-election optics. Here we go… I guess the fact that Russia continues to mess with our elections is ok, as long as he gets re-elected 🤷‍♀️ Actually, Democrats may 'allege' but the truth is senategop has abdicated their responsibilities and absolutely resorting any unethical, potentially illegal opportunities to steal another election. Check their bank accounts, probably getting paid by Putin. GOPBetrayedAmerica

Enough already. Vote them out. MoscowMitch and GumbyGraham would Be a great start. Yes because that's totally pressing and majorly important compared to other things going on. This is dumb. Trump showed up on not only 🇺🇸 intel, but other countries radar for his contacts w/Russia. It’s his own fault he has Russian ties... can these numb nuts focus on reality in 2020?

If there are witnesses and they say anything other than : “I don’t recall”. I will throw a brick through my tv. Ignoring current crises like... having the Impeachment during the COVID 19 crisis, you mean? Well, since nothing's going on, they need a hobby. Democrats spent 3 years investigating Trump and the Russia collusion hoax. But Republicans aren't allowed to investigate anything? 🤔

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Senate Republicans keep mostly quiet on Trump's comments on George Floyd protestsSenate Republicans have kept mostly quiet on Pres. Trump's comments on the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd. He going to replace them when he becomes supreme ruler. GOPBetrayedAmerica They all have blood on their hands! Vaginas

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