Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett To The Supreme Court

BREAKING: The Senate has confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. She is President Trump's third appointee to the high court.

10/27/2020 3:08:00 AM

BREAKING: The Senate has confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. She is President Trump's third appointee to the high court.

The 48-year-old judge solidifies the court's conservative majority, filling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat just about a week before Election Day.

.The 48-year-old judge's confirmation solidifies the court's conservative majority, potentially shaping the future of abortion rights and health care law for generations.Pence Aides Test Positive As Coronavirus Consumes Final Days Of CampaignDuring a campaign event in Tallahassee on Saturday, Vice President Pence said he wanted to return to Capitol Hill in time for Monday's vote.

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"As vice president, I'm president of the Senate," Pence said."And I'm gonna be in the chair because I wouldn't miss that vote for the world."He ultimately did not attend the vote in person. His presence would have been purely symbolic anyway, as it was not expected that Pence would have needed to cast a tie-breaking vote.

Democrats had pushed back against Pence's plan in light of recentin Pence's orbit and have similar concerns about their colleague Sen. Loeffler, R-Ga, who has had two of her staffers test positive for the coronavirus.Loeffler's spokesperson on Saturday said the senator had tested negative for the coronavirus on Friday.

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npratc senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC realDonaldTrump just degraded our nation further with their tainted character and low morals. No Quorum just The Righteous Christain illegitimate act If these guys confirm this nominee and we win all the 3 branches, let’s rush and nominate 4 Justices and make the court 13. Here are my suggestions: 1. Metrics Garland 2. Sherrilyn Ifill 3. Neil Katyal 4. Goodwin Liu

How much money do Koch bros give to NPR? it sounds lie a lot. good Since the GOP is so corrupt we can only hope that Barrett is a woman of character and will refuse to take the oath. She can speak up and say that it wasn’t bipartisan and too soon to the election. But... money talks. CORRUPTION embarrassing DeathOfDemocracy

Fantastic news, for us Republicans and people that want the law followed by the words and not by the opinions of fashion you choose to cover this in a negative light, yet still refuse to cover the BidenCrimeFamilly gtfoh Excellent news Word More important to appoint someone to a judiciary panel that get money to people to pay their rents and put food on the table. Get rid of them all.

Yay! Hopefully Roe v Wade gets overturned. :) bye bye my rights Over the last couple months, Biden has called a lid early in the morning on: 9/1 9/5 9/6 9/8 9/10 9/12 9/19 9/22 9/24 9/26 9/28 10/1 10/4 10/11 10/14 10/20 10/21 10/25 It's hard to see how he has the energy to do the most intense/demanding job on the planet

Can Justices be impeached? Asking for a friend Congratulations Sad day for U.S.A. And the angels did sing! She looks like the Catholic mother of every Catholic girl I dated while in Catholic school. Deep down they're all little slut-puppies; when do they get that phony-ass halo? 1a I have asthma, PTSD, and major depression. Prior to Covid 19, I was in the ER at least once per year. I am alive because of the healthcare afforded me by expanded Medicaid. ACB will destroy the ACA. I will die. There is no doubt in my mind.

How many people on this thread will cop to not voting Hillary? I know there must be a few. Speak up. It’ll be the last thing the Republicans do a while Horrifying! She is pathetic. Every Republican Senator who voted for her is pathetic. Anybody who casted their vote for a Republican is pathetic. How ironic to have a conman with no morals be one to reshape the court of the country.

Meanwhile they can't get a stimulus package passed and people are dying and numbers are going up but rush this person through that said at one court hearing it's not your right to breathe air look it up Colluding since 1985 👍🌐💯🛸⚪️📏📡 2020! 🇺🇸 davidfolkenflik Disgraceful. ExpandTheCourt I warn y’all back in 2016 about the Supreme Court pics why didn’t you listen?

Disgusting! She is not worthy of such an elevation. The GOP is in the thrall of a craven group hell bent on making America into Gilliad. BlueWave2020 TrumpIsALoser MoscowMitch Ouch Hooray! Thank you President Trump for this excellent appointment, and all the best to Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. May she have a long and distinguished career upholding the U.S. Constitution.

It shows the US still has an effective constitution to protect the rights of people from the dark force of lefties, progress, Ant*fa, BxM, and a bunch fu*king mindless Zambia, and the master Xi's communist party. .🤮 The GOP are waging judicial warfare. I don’t care what your political views are, but if you stand for this, you are a blatant HYPOCRITE. senatemajldr , realDonaldTrump, & LindseyGrahamSC are TRASH and the reason I hate politics. Congrats on confirming that politics is a complete game and 100% power over people.

Corruption at its finest. This country is fucked If Dems control all three branches after the election, they should move forward with adding two more judges. Doesn’t matter what republicans think , they don’t follow rules they don’t like anyway. Crazy. Some presidents don’t get to appoint one! God has revealed hypocritical government who is supposed to do Hods work. Pharisees and Sadducees. Nothing new under the sun. Amen

Republican Senators criticized Trump however, when they have the opportunity to do the right thing, they vote against the people and back Trump up. Where are the decency, ethic and values of these people? That’s not a news flash that was inevitability... Republicans followed the constitution nominating & confirming ACB. Now come the histrionics and the threats to pack the court and 'burn it down'. The extreme polarization is bad. It's a poor environment for solving problems and a good atmosphere for punishing political foes.

American citizens have been waiting 4 years for a health care plan and yet this only took 4 weeks? It’s an awful, senseless system. Her ethics should be called into question on every case she hears. It’s a sad day for democracy. PackTheCourts A sad day in America's history... This is a sad day for the SCOTUS as an institution

She is a partisan tool. Nothing more. 🙌🏻🇺🇸 jmowry11 Dems have to Grin and Barrett! 🤣 It’s a sad day in the US. Awesome. Law and order. TheTakeaway scotus SCOTUS should have had Anita Hill swear-in Cony-Barrett, just to needle Long DongThomas with Blasey-Ford in the audience to needle Kavanaugh. Sick sad world


BunkerBoyTrump just thanked MoscowMitchMcConnell for what he did moving with barrett's 'nomination.' In other words, BunkerBoyTrump thanked MoscowMitchMcConnell for putting the shame 'nomination' before relief for millions of Americans. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace McConnell and the GOP have spoken loud and clear, the Supreme Court and all federal court judges are to be appointed according to the party that controls both the Senate & White House. As a democrat I can live with that. To the victor goes the spoils.

Fuck 🙏 More people voted AGAINST trump than FOR him in the 2016 'election.' The senators who voted AGAINST barrett represent 13.5 million MORE Americans than the senators who voted FOR barrett. But that's ok, huh? So what was the actual vote? Can’t be bothered to put that in the article? This is a sad day in America.

Time for our 3 appointments to offset these Dear Kaepernick7, Did you vote this time around? The fact that you refuse to encourage your 8M+ Social Media followers to vote, belies a lack of moral priorities. Elections have consequences. VOTE BidenHarris2020 🇺🇸 They refused a hearing for Garland and blocked Obama non-SCOTUS judge noms only to confirm conservative judges at an unprecedented rate under Trump and ignore RGB's dying wish by rushing through Barrett 9 days out from an active election. Even Barrett called for waiting in '16.

We will be rioting Let’s go for 4. Duh This is a GREAT day for the USA. Thank you, President Trump! We need A Business Man, We Need To Drain The Swamp, But Her Emails, And I Will Set This One Out. If You answered Yes to any of this questions, this BS is on you as well🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 Sad. She may be a decent person, no idea. While inevitable, it’s the continued dumbing down, to RIDICULOUSLY low standards, of America.

Time to pack the Supreme Court! Impeach the bitch! Fuckkkkkk. We’re fucked. just what we need, more illegitimacy in our government. we continue to be the laughing stock and the wealthy literally take control of the entire government, just like that. Fucked Express your opinions about this at the polls!!! 🗳 🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳

Things are about to get real sloppy on that court. God help us. RemoveTrumpPicks Election2020 SCOTUS Smart money is that she disavows a link to trump By f1st NOT attending the trump spreader event to celebrate the win. Maybe she will surprise folks, although her answers were . I remain hopeful, but aware the other two branches will stronger post 9/3

This is the most tragic news of the year. Say goodbye to your rights ladies. I cannot believe this is how it ends. Women have fought so long, so hard & this is where we are in 2020. God have mercy on us all. Still time to change it . Go vote 🗳. What a travesty. Forcing through a completely unqualified candidate to push one party’s agenda.

npratc Wow... no way this should even be a thing a week before an election. Like her or not. She’ll always be asterisked. Truth & Justice wins leftist, communist, criminal behavior loses. npratc Ew npratc She clearly has no dignity in who she is or what she is doing to the Supreme Court davidfolkenflik A sham & a travesty.

I hope the GOP thinks it is worth it My Rage at their Duplicity & Corruption is Immense & I am not alone For the rest of my days I pledge to do everything in My power to destroy the Party of Lies MerrickGarland Fuck this noise. Even Ringo was a Beatle Oh well then! Hope the power and influence AmyConeyBarrettSCOTUS has gained in her quest of selfishambition was worth her soul. 👿

npratc FUCK. I hope I'm wrong about this reaction. It was inevitable. FUCK. this sucks! The only people complaining are those that have been historically disenfranchised or discriminated against. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 joingles So much winning 😁🙌🙌🙌👏👏 Dems please stop crying foul. Whenever you have a chance , just increase judges to 9. That’s how you kick these MF in the nuts.

devistating Four years ago I thought give the guy a chance. Trumps been a complete loser. Originalist? Great news. Solid pick Define JUDGE: one appointed to decide in competition; to umpire fairly Define FAIR: without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage. Seems to me her decision to take this job in the first place is the opposite of BOTH

Excellent news! Totally unqualified. 眼神不善,内心阴暗 Rona, you know what to do! That’s fine the Devi will love her in hell when she arrives It’s official, Republicans have no honour GROSS 😢😡😢😡😢😡 Ridiculous, ignorant TraitorGOP NationalEmergency GOPCheats Fuck the criminal senate The US Senate has abdicated their responsibilities to our republic, and this confirmation is null. Any Supreme Court decisions that Barrett presides over are meaningless.

Another reason to vote for Joe Biden. Trump has stacked the court with 3 appointments. How can we possibly have any faith that justice would be done regarding anything that Trump wants/needs/asks. This is not what our founding fathers had in mind! The 48-year-old judge's confirmation solidifies the high court's conservative majority — potentially shaping the future of abortion rights and health care law for generations.

Time to remove the rainbow flag from my bio! i can just feel my rights being taken away :) Great news! Yea discrimination! Goodbye freedom to choose! All hail corporate overlords & polluters! AmyComeyBarrett FuckTrump DitchMitch I wonder how the other Supreme Court justices feel, now the bar for admission to their office set so low. That so many Republican leaders turned their back on the USA and the opinions they had in 2016 is a shame. Another sad day for the USA; the people aren’t represented at all

Fantastic Excited for 11 Supreme Court justices come January squirm you liberals.... LOL Congratulations Amy! You will be a great Justice serving on the Supreme Court! A victory for our founder's and the Constitution!!! VOTE! She’s a trump boot licker. What a major loss for women.😪 And yet... The stimulus needed for every day Americans

Left wing misogyny is showing. Fucking bullshit. Absolute fucking bullshit. “So bye-bye, Miss American Pie....” And there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the NPR newsroom. Sad. Just a sad day. A disgusting double standard for Republicans. Should we take the senate, and hold the House, we should remove her and Kavanaugh.

1a What bullshit and hypocricy. Either Merrick Garland should be on the court, or she should not. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is rolling over in her grave as we speak!! smdh Trump republicans are laughing now. But when the democrats expand the court in response they are gonna be crying the blues. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Boooooo

thats 3 justices appointed by a president that didn't win the popular vote Disgusting. May they go to hell sooner than later. Fuck the GOP. Can’t wait to see 6 Democrat nominees added Headline fix: 'Senate Republicans confirmed...' We, the American People, henceforth refuse to recognize the legitimacy of, or engage in governmental actions with, the Republican Party.

So wrong, and we know it. If re-elected next week he will appoint a fourth. 4/9 justices will be his. Vote. Revenge will be sweet I fuckin hate it here Flip the senate blue. A HORRIBLE day in our history was we now step back in time with this Justice TheDayAmericaDied What a completely travesty for America!

Const_Overhaul 👎 Lol. It would suck for my clients but if i were a lawyer at the court I’d refused to say “your honor” when addressing these three pieces of shit for judges. PackTheCourt Trump2020 I will never understand how Republican Senators would not even debate Garland's nomination in the last year of a two-term president, but rush to confirm this one while an election is ongoing.

Hunter Biden's evil laptop info are released at gnews dot org and gtv dot org. Warning: Don't watch if you are under 18.

Senate to vote on Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to Supreme Court following all-night Senate sessionThe Republican-led Senate is expected to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court in a vote Monday evening, capping off a sprint to place her on the high court before Election Day over Democratic objections. Just another way the trump administration has pushed us backwards in time. It’s INSANE we are about to confirm somebody who thinks it’s appropriate to use the N word in the work place Ask yourself if this reminds you of anything... Elderly let'em die Diseased let'em die Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid users let'em die People of color let'em die The poor, underrepresented and disenfranchised LET'EM DIE They can't wait one week. They are scared of losing and I pray they do 🙏

Senate voting on Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to Supreme Court, WH plans ceremonyAmy Coney Barrett would replace the late liberal icon, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Seems like there have been several of those in the past couple of years. The FINAL VOTE & Act of CORRUPTION for the GOP Senators led by senatemajldr Who ELSE Believes it's TIME for a Constitutional Amendment to END LIFETIME Appointments to the SCOTUS? TIME TO CHANGE These 'Originalist' Rules T E R M L I M I T S STARTING with senatemajldr

With Senate poised to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court, WH plans ceremonyLATEST: Justice Clarence Thomas is expected to administer the official constitutional oath to Amy Coney Barrett at the White House tonight, administration official tells ABC News. Republicans have secured the necessary votes for her confirmation. We need to win big next week so that the court can be made equitable again. GOPBetrayedWomen Trashy power grab.

Senate Republicans poised to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme CourtFor the first time in U.S. history, the Senate moved a nominee for the nation's highest court toward certain confirmation just eight days before a presidential election. hi, to anyone reading this, can you please share my moms go fund me? She survived COVID-19 but still needs help, Just one share would mean the world to mom and I ❤️ ❤️ 🙏🏽 thank you for all prayers, donated funds and shares of this campaign 🇺🇸 Of course they did its the republicans

Senate Likely To Confirm Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court, Cementing Conservative MajorityThe rush to confirm Barrett has bitterly divided Democrats and Republicans, who are expected to split along party lines on the final vote. Cementing a fraudulent conservative majority* 🔥 Check It Out 🔥 W Barrett

Senate Republicans poised to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme CourtFor the first time in U.S. history, the Senate moved a nominee for the nation's highest court toward certain confirmation just eight days before a presidential election. Republicans made the move in a rare weekend session without the support of a single Democrat. 'We've made an important were here for those that are angy. Biden needs to correct this....13 Justices will dillute the importance and impact of a single justice. Simple.... This headline obviously was written by an angry Democrat.