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See 7 Jaw-Dropping New Photos Of Jupiter Taken This Week By NASA’s Juno

See 7 Jaw-Dropping New Photos Of Jupiter Taken This Week By NASA’s Juno

7/25/2021 8:42:00 AM

See 7 Jaw-Dropping New Photos Of Jupiter Taken This Week By NASA ’s Juno

The now iconic spacecraft’s 35th three-hour flyby of Jupiter comes close to the 10th anniversary of its launch. Here are the best and newest phots from its Juno Cam imager.

The latest finding is the trigger for the powerful radio emissions within the giant planet’s mighty magnetic field, which is about 20,000 times stronger than Earth’s and can extend to two million miles/3.2 million kilometers toward the Sun (and over 600 million miles/965 million kilometers away from it).  

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The Juno Waves instrument registered radio emissions from Jupiter’s magnetic field to find their precise locations by listening to the rain of electrons flowing onto the planet from its volcanic moon Io. “The radio emission is likely constant, but Juno has to be in the right spot to listen,” said Yasmina Martos at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland. It’s a bit like a lighthouse beacon shining briefly on a ship at sea. 

Jupiter's South Tropical Region as imaged by Juno during Perijove 35. Processed by citizen... [+]scientists Kevin M. Gill.NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Kevin M. GillThe closest to Jupiter of its 79 moons, Io is tugged by the gravity of the giant planet and two of its other moons, which creates heat in its core—and triggers constant volcanic eruptions on its surface.  headtopics.com

Jupiter South Tropical Zone and Io as shot by NASA's Juno spacecraft on its perijove 35 and... [+]processed by citizen scientist Andrea Luck.Nasa/SwRI/MSSS/AndreaLuckThe furthest solar-powered spacecraft from Earth, Juno will flyby the volcanic moon of Io twice in its new extended mission, getting to within 900 miles/1,500 km of it on both December 30, 2023 and on February 3, 2024.

The findings at Io come in the wake of a recent course correction that—in fact, the largest moon in the Solar System. On June 7, 2021 it got to within 645 miles/1,000 kilometers. Read more: Forbes »

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