Biden 2020: Scientific American Magazine İssues First Presidential Endorsement İn 175-Year History

Biden 2020: Scientific American Magazine İssues First Presidential Endorsement İn 175-Year History

Scientific American magazine issues first presidential endorsement in 175-year history by backing Biden

The magazine Scientific American announced that it was endorsing former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden — the publication's first endorsement in its 175-year history — over President Trump, who it criticized for dismissing science

9/16/2020 8:31:00 AM

The magazine Scientific American announced that it was endorsing former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden — the publication's first endorsement in its 175-year history — over President Trump, who it criticized for dismissing science

The magazine Scientific American announced Tuesday that it was endorsing former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden-- the publication's first endorsement in its 175-year history -- over President Donald Trump, who it criticized for dismissing science.

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Wow. What an honor 🙏🏽✊🏽 Trump's gonna win again. Trump2020 Yes! Cheerleading! Watch their readership plummet .. Trump doesn't need big corporations to back him...he's got the American people behind him. drjasonnichols corruptDemocrats. JoeBidenHasDementia. It is a liberal magazine. What did you expect? I’ve read their stuff and observed junk science

A CNN outlet supporting a democratic candidate!!!!!!!!! OMG what a shocker!!!!! I truly don’t get this news network. Am I a Trump supporter? No , but I do know what being biased is. It's adorable how friendly Joe is, showing special interest in them, words can't describe, retweet and spread the love: and, and,

Just like science, they will change parameters once more research is completed. Scientific American isn't very scientific if they think the CA fires have anything to do with global warming. The sun is at a low energy point called Solar Minimum and might stay that way for 30 years. Glaciers will return possibly. Science always lags. Spaceweathercom

Why is it that ya’ll are mad for President Trump “dismissing” science for climate change when science is “dismissed” regarding conception & gender? Isn't science about facts not politics AMERICA THEY KNOW LOL What is a magazine? 🤣 Please enlighten us with what science? And I wonder how much Biden campaign offered to “donate” to them if they endorse him

They finally found a candidate that lives life like they do, in a basement. How come your news is always one-sided Why do I care who a German owned mag endorses ? And this just in...the National Enquirer is endorsing President Trump as soon as he gets back from his spaceship ride with Elvis and Liz Taylor.

Who cares! I remember when science wasn’t subjective. In other news the American waiters association convinced and advised trump not to wear a mask and also not have a national mask mandate This is akin to Union heads that formally endorsed Hillary only to have their rank and file vote for realDonaldTrump

Never heard of it. So What! There is such a magazine? What’s the readership numbers? With covid19 2,200,000 active cases, 4 million have recovered, hospitalizations down 50%!196,000 over 6 months / 5,500,000 = 3% death rate. California has a 1.8%! Florida has a 1.5% death rate, Texas has a 1.7% death rate Georgia is 1.7%.

Lol obvious they do not study dementia Such cheap politics. Read their 'scientific' analysis and now I sense danger to the Science community All the so called scientists have a political agenda anymore.🤔 Brainwashed in college! Why am I not surprised. Everything is politically motivated. Keep talking about climate change but you all own cars, take planes, buy things created in factories, then go around lecturing people, why don't you lead by example, using carriages to move around. At least then people will take you seriously

Lol the liberals are desperate. Great headline CNN we all know you’re news network is not bias Oh yeah, Scientific American? Well, Scientific Manchurian is endorsing Trump! So take that! This “Scientific American” should ask ol’ Joe, if men can get pregnant. And have him tell them, what a woman is. Trump agrees with real science not the bullshit science DEMS use to lie to people for political gain

toasterbunnyicecreamjuice!! Hmm, Dinosaurs for Dinosaur, lmao 👍 *yawn* Well Biden is demented, he still thinks science is witchcraft, like it was in his younger days in the 17th century 1971: ‘New Ice Age Coming’ 2004: Britain to have Siberian climate by 2020 2008: Arctic will be ice-free by 2018 Hey CNN. IM ENDORSING DEEZ. NITS

So Soros bought a scientific magazine? TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🤠🇺🇸🤠🇺🇸🤠 🇺🇸California for Trump🇺🇸 👍🇺🇸Latinos para Trump👍🇺🇸 🕎🕎Evangelicals for Trump🕎🕎 Is that Magazine still around? I thought it was just in libraries. 😂 A Kamla Harris administration with Joe Biden? 🤣 This means nothing - that Mag rag is part of the democratMob if it was really about science it would protect unborn life in uterine GlobalGagRule

Further evidence that we need better scientists. Not true. They endorse Adolf Hitler back in the 30’s. This is a German owned company. Can you imagine Biden managing a fast paced McDonalds? He’d be so confused in 15 minutes yet people want him to LEAD AMERICA! What’s wrong with his family for letting him lose his dignity in front of the world. I’d never do that to my father! Mrs Biden, be ashamed.

Who! Along w the Exlax company FakeNewsMedia FakeNewsMediaClowns FakeNewsCNN Они просто не хотят признать провал по русскому делу и отвечать за него, а отвечать придётся. Как это вообще можно было использовать против Американского народа, всё через жопу, люди мрут от коронавируса. Rightfully so! Just goes to show ya.

Yawn DaveHar01025702 Worthless Never heard of it. Is it like the Enquirer? Harris / Biden 2020 ! Because science isn’t political, right!?!? OOPS they showed their cards 🤓 BidenHarris2020 Снн закунуло удочку ко мне в аквариум, чтобы понять и играть за Байдена. Они написали он, кто он? Надо было писать тот если Трамп, а он если Байден. Они ещё и безграмотные и ни чего из себя не представляют, раз ни чего не знают и шпионять за мной. Спорим они это будет за Байдена

I hear OMNI magazine did too. BFD!😆 Kinda like how you guys dismiss the science that shows having presidential candidates who are 175 years old is a bad idea. Support him on child molestation Support him on what ?! Wish we lived in a world without greed ... We need restoration. Only natural to endorse a party whose voters are actually literate.

Never heard of that magazine Coincidentally, I still don't subscribe to it. Fun Fact: The presidential candidate they endorsed 175 years ago... Joe Biden. Yes, they want to study his brain. yes science lets endorse elderly suffering from dimensia and alzheimers to run the country. Harris and BIden. That’s a good one need to check on him because he’s looking bad

Wow! Well that does it for me. the COLOSTOMY NEWS NETWORK......... dumping shit 24/7 Biden cannot distinguish between Iran and Iraq, although he is reading from a piece of paper Support him on what ?! Joes son works for a Ukrainian energy company that makes money off fossil fuels. Great choice. Molotov cocktails in (unmanaged) brush with weather engineering is now science. Got it.

Garbage. Not the first time: He is constantly doing so here. He talks about that the 'Iranian' parliament voted for the agreement to remove American forces Support him on what ?! hell yea, science mag swoops in to endorse 'i will never ban fracking' biden

Scientific American magazine backs Joe Biden, its first presidential endorsement in 175 yearsThe editors of the 175-year-old magazine wrote that they felt compelled to speak out because Trump 'rejects evidence and science.' TDS is the real pandemic. Nobody cares, the Big Ten is back. Here we Go! ... although they have been solidly lefty for years though.

Biden receives endorsement from Scientific American, magazine's first in 175-year historyThe magazine’s editors said they were motivated to endorse Biden after seeing how science has been ignored and politicized by President Donald Trump and his administration. Tk Elon Owned by a German conglomerate...but apparently foreign election interference is cool when it helps Dems Every logical people can vote for Biden.

Scientific American magazine backs Biden in first-ever presidential endorsement, calling Trump's actions 'catastrophic''Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in its 175-year history. This year we are compelled to do so,' the editors wrote. 😂 awesome 👏🏻 Sorry The Science True Science not have owner then this is politic endorsement no more, in business with corporates energy transiction

Scientific American Makes First Presidential Endorsement In Its 175-Year History'Scientific American,' the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the United States, made its first presidential endorsement in its 175-year history today I’m not understanding the post and the picture. Alakori ni yin This had to be intentional... Good.

Scientific American backs Biden in its first presidential endorsementThe magazine on Tuesday announced the first presidential endorsement in its 175-year history. Its editors said they felt "compelled" to do so because President Trump’s rejection of science has cost tens of thousands of American lives. Trump does not believe in science and he has said that hundred times. Uh yeah. Now if the rest of Americans could get onboard with Science American! Of course. I’m sure it’s all climate scientists, they want money. That’s how that works.

Scientific American Makes First Political Endorsement In 175 Years“[Trump's] administration has been even worse for science than we feared,” Scientific American Editor-in-Chief Laura Helmuth told HuffPost. What does that even mean? “Worse for science?” Science isn’t a person. 'The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.' Dante. Good for Scientific American. Didn’t she handle that black plague thing back in the day as well?