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Schumer: Democrats will try to overturn tax deduction cap

Senate Democrats are attempting to overturn a cap on state and local tax deductions


Senate Democrats are attempting to repeal an IRS regulation designed to keep people from exceeding the $10,000 limit on state and local tax deductions.

Senate Democrats are attempting to overturn a cap on state and local tax deductions

The vote takes aim at an IRS rule from June that prohibits states from creating charitable funds that taxpayers can contribute to in exchange for a state tax credit. The workaround gave residents in some states a way to get around the limit on so-called SALT deductions. The 2017 GOP tax overhaul limited the amount of state and local taxes that taxpayers can write off.

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☠️wake uppeopl Democrats are coming for you home You mean the Communist Democratic party they will do anything to work against the American people they are anti-American 'The rich should pay their fair share' Good because it’s wrong for people with homes on the Coasts Thank you Schumer for telling us 'how you really feel'. The people living in the states he mentioned don't make that kind of money so wouldn't have to pay more in taxes. Schumer is part of the 1% who are and greed is their master.

Good luck! Pay the state taxes you and your neighbors voted for Fail That's not going to happen. Heres a thought, Lower your state and local taxes. Lawmakers are conducting an inquiry, which could lead to impeachment. An impeachment would mean the U.S. House thinks the president is no longer fit to serve and should be removed from office. Here’s a guide to how impeachment works.

Not to worry it will just sit on Moscow Mitch’s desk like the rest of them ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachThemAll

Amy Schumer Is Making A Documentary About Her Difficult Pregnancy“Her willingness to showcase her immense vulnerability, during the most challenging time in her life, is both empowering and hilarious.”

uh-oh, a bunch of lower-middle class hillbillies who bring in 27k a year are going to be pissed about this So that’s to benefit which states mainly? Oh those high taxed Democrat ran states. The cap sucks but just because you vote and chose to live in high tax states doesn’t mean the fed should give you relief.

People in Wisconsin would appreciate that.

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Commies Versus the Klan? Democrats and Republicans Have a Dim View of Each OtherRepublicans think Democrats are socialists, and Democrats think Republicans are racists. One or both of them may be right, but nobody will be civil. Guilty here. Thank you for tweaking my good sense and conscience to SimmerDown StopEmoting The GOP’s current president is endorsed by the klan, retweets and rebroadcasts propaganda from dudes with handles like “white Genocide” and calls literal klan, nazi, and white supremacist rioters “us.” Bothsidessay is a shitty editorial stance when it’s *true* of only one

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