Same-sex couple fighting for daughter’s citizenship: 'We are family by every definition'

“We are family by every definition.' Two fathers are suing the state department, challenging a policy blocking their infant daughter from becoming a U.S. citizen.

9/14/2019 8:36:00 AM

“We are family by every definition.' Two fathers are suing the state department, challenging a policy blocking their infant daughter from becoming a U.S. citizen.

Two fathers are suing the state department, challenging a policy blocking their infant daughter from becoming a U.S. citizen. Adiel and Roee Kiviti, along with their two children Kessem and Lev, join Andrea Mitchell to talk about their fight to keep their 6-month old daughter Kessem in the United States. Also joining is Aaron Morris, Executive Director if “Immigration Equality,” an advocacy group who filed the lawsuit.

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This would have been inconceivable just 3 years ago. That any American parents would have to deal with this. What has happened to this country? What the fuck are we doing to ourselves in the name of a failed, corrupt and criminal NYC 'businessman'? There is no good reason this child should not be with her parents. Government needs too get their priorities in tack!!!! So many children without parents that need families 😡

Yes they are! And the StateDept needs to do their job. Racism and hate have no place in this country. This couple and child deserve the right given under the law How are you family against nature? Forgive you, God👐 Home Department should allow on humanitarian ground. Are there no American born babies to adopt?

Thank God, the couple is gay, so this gets a lot of media attention. Unite this family. Nah, your not. How many times you gonna tweet this disgusting story. Those poor kids In nature, how would these two procreate to continue the species? Same sex marriage? They aren't above the law with their lifestyle. Jesus is coming soon!

Ok them are some serious cute babies!! Happy2BNana Bless this beautiful family. What definition is that? I feel so sorry for the little girl. Selfish people! If they were a hedro couple this wouldn’t be news I wish them luck. There is no dealing with this ruthless, corrupt, lawless & cruel regime. I hope they win.

Love is love 💕 Honestly the fact that their daughter was born in Canada and has Canadian citizenship is probably the luckiest break this child will EVER get. The kid is probably a gang member. Same laws apply to straight adoptees More insanity and bigotry against the LGBTQ community by the administration. I’m not shocked...


Same-sex couple sues State Department over denial of daughter's citizenshipA same-sex American couple whose daughter was denied birthright citizenship has filed suit against the State Department Technically the child is not entitled to automatic citizenship because she was not born on US territory Don’t let the state win. Fight for her💗 Love conquers all. Which one of you sweeties gave birth to this baby. You could be reach if you show your sacred

'We are family by every definition': Gay dads' baby is denied citizenshipRoee and Adiel Kiviti, a gay couple, are suing the State Department over its refusal to grant citizenship to their baby born via surrogacy in Canada. Those poor kids. That is by the decree of his royal Majesty King Orange. 🤐

Gay married couple sues after daughter denied U.S. citizenshipA gay married couple in Maryland is suing to challenge the State Dept.'s refusal to recognize the US citizenship of their infant daughter, who was born in Canada to a surrogate mother this year. & we hope they win. So is Ted Cruz getting his citizenship revoked, too? Since he was born in Canada? Where was the child born?

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Gay American Dads Sue Trump Administration for Denying ‘Out-of-Wedlock’ Daughter CitizenshipWhen an official at the U.S. passport office in Los Angeles first raised questions about their infant daughter Kessem’s citizenship last spring, Adiel and Roee Kiviti figured that it was just a misunderstanding. After all, they were both U.S. citizens; their names were on her birth certificate; her older Wait- this attention grabbing headline seems skewed. Gays aren’t illegal aliens- just gay. But I understand Yahoos lust to piss people off w false headlines. You’ve just got to be smart enough to some of you are just left believing in unicorns & fairytales. Handmaid’s Tale better catch up to RL.