Russia, Ukraine warm to Turkey helping ease tensions -Turkish sources

Russia, Ukraine warm to Turkey helping ease tensions -Turkish sources

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1/21/2022 2:55:00 AM

Russia, Ukraine warm to Turkey helping ease tensions -Turkish sources

Both Russia and Ukraine are open to the idea of Turkey playing a role to ease tensions between the two countries, as proposed by Ankara in November, Turkish diplomatic sources said on Thursday.

No date has been set for an Istanbul meeting but representatives from Russia, Ukraine, the OSCE Minsk group and from Donbass were expected to attend, they said, adding the group would meet "frequently".Register now for FREE unlimited access to

RegisterKremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told RIA news agency that there have been no preparations for such a meeting."There is nothing on this meeting," he was quoted as saying, adding that Ukraine has not abided by the Minsk accords on settlement of conflict with pro-Moscow rebels, while Ukraine is being supplied by weapons.

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Oh the magog invasion.. I didnt think i would see it in my lifetime. Hope theyre ready for what comes next Türkiye simply, Turkey may not pass the Russian landing team on the bosphorus. *negotiate land transfer

Ukraine warns Russia has 'almost completed' build-up of forces near borderUkraine has warned that Russia has 'almost completed' its build-up of forces that could be used for an offensive against the country, compounding fears that Moscow could launch an invasion at any time. Taiwan is watching.. Concede to Russia and negotiate the best terms you can. It's not like Russia wants war. It's not free of cost to them, either. But, we have to live in the reality about our positions in this world and Ukraine's position is WITHIN the Russian Sphere. 'Independence' is fiction. ok

U.S. boosts military aid to Ukraine as Russia tensions soarAs U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits, Ukraine the Biden administration says it's providing an additional $200 million in defensive military aid to the country amid soaring fears of a Russian invasion. drop a daisy cutter on their staging areas where columns of tanks and other equipment are being stowed. Despite the dip, i'm still making maximum profits following Mr Hendricksnino77 trading strategies My Crypto portfolio is financially stable since the very MONTH as a newbie.... He's really the best 👇👇 Hendricksnino77 Or kindly WhatsApp him directly When does NATO sending military advisors? The only way to back food and down is with equal or Superior Force. The way to make him understand that the prize is not worth the price. Didn't the twentieth century teach us to stand up to bullies immediately?

Gas prices could soar if Russia invades UkraineOil prices have already shot up to seven-year highs in recent days. A conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which the White House has warned could be imminent, would have the potential to drive them much higher People will be killed on both sides but CNN thinks the real crime is that we will 'pay the price at the pump.'

Biden sees Russia moving on Ukraine, sows doubt on Western response‘It is going to be a disaster for Russia if they further invade Ukraine,’ President Joe Biden said and added that his team have prepared a broad set of sanctions and other economic penalties to impose on Russia in the event of an invasion First press conference in 80 days So no boots on ground. But a little bitty invasion is ok.

Biden: 'Russia will be held accountable if it invades Ukraine'President Joe Biden said it will be a 'disaster for Russia' if they invade the Ukraine. Biden also stressed that U.S. allies are ready to 'impose severe cost and significant harm' on Russia if they move forward. Power speaker pdf for peace I truly doubt they really believe him. Bidens obvious dementia is going to encourage Putin to invade Ukraine.

Biden Concedes Covid-19 Frustrations, Sees Path for Stalled Bill, Warns Russia on UkraineIn a wide-ranging news conference, President Biden said he likely would have to break up some of his agenda to get it passed, threatened Russia over Ukraine and acknowledged many Americans’ dissatisfaction with the administration’s response to Covid-19. thought had stimulus's coming last month? I still haven't received one. Because Repubes won't take care of their constituents!!! They keep them in poverty to keep control!!!