Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020, election security official told lawmakers

Russia Is Looking To Help Trump Win In 2020, Election Security Official Told Lawmakers - Cnnpolitics

The top US election security official told lawmakers that Russia is taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election to help Trump win, a source says

Russia Is Looking To Help Trump Win In 2020, Election Security Official Told Lawmakers - Cnnpolitics


The top US election security official told lawmakers that Russia is taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election to help Trump win, a source says

The intelligence community's top election security official delivered a briefing to lawmakers last week warning them that the intelligence community believes Russia is already taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump win, three sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

Washington (CNN) Last week's briefing, led by election security official Shelby Pierson and first reported by The New York Times, addressed the overall picture of Russia's efforts, including hacking, weaponizing social media and attacks on election infrastructure, one of the sources said.The briefers said Russia does favor Trump, but that helping Trump wasn't the only thing they were trying to do as it was also designed to raise questions about the integrity of the elections process, the source added. Trump became irate in a meeting with outgoing acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire last week for allowing the information about Russia's meddling efforts to be included in the briefing, a White House official said.Russia's interference in the 2016 election -- which the US intelligence community believes was aimed at boosting Trump's candidacy and hurting his opponent, Hillary Clinton -- led to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. The prospect of further interference in 2020 will further test US defenses against foreign meddling, which Trump has repeatedly downplayed as he has dismissed any suggestion that Kremlin influence played a role in his election.Read MorePierson's briefing was not well received by either Trump or House Republicans who were present, sources tell CNN. When Trump learned of it, he seemed most frustrated that House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat who has been a prominent critic, was included in the briefing, according to a person familiar with the matter.Trump believed that Schiff in particular would use the information to try and undermine him over the coming months as he runs for election, the person said, and Trump blamed Maguire for the information getting to Schiff. On Wednesday, Trump announced he was naming Richard Grenell, a staunch loyalist and current US ambassador to Germany, as acting DNI despite him not having experience in intelligence. A source familiar with internal discussions said White House officials saw Grenell as a good stopgap solution for the acting DNI vacancy as time was running out on Maguire's time in the position and because of Trump's dissatisfaction with Maguire due to the intelligence briefing.Grenell was already being considered for other White House positions when filling the DNI position became a pressing need, the source said.James Clapper, who served as director of national intelligence under President Barack Obama, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on"The Situation Room" Thursday evening that it is"quite predictable" Russia would again try to interfere in the election."This is not a big surprise, but it illustrates the tremendous challenge that the intelligence community has where they're teeing up facts that our President doesn't want to hear, and with a result that the messenger got shot in the form of Joe Maguire being asked to leave," Clapper said.This story is breaking and will be updated.CNN's Paul LeBlanc contributed to this report. Read more: CNN Breaking News

Twitter Fake News Donaldtrump Tump Trump doesn't need Russia's help. Besides, Russia supports the party that's working to disarm it's own citizens. It worked before, why not do it again?! Shocker.... Trump doesn’t need any help... Mr President, Jesus Love you so much, He died for you on the cross. He said, “ I came so that they can have life and life more abundantly

President Trump is afraid that, he can’t win the elections except Russia helps him. This is why you need to give your life to Jesus. He will help you. I don’t know whether those people , you pay to pray for you has ever introduced Christ to you , I mean the Envangle well it's the only way he can win is foreign help and it'll happen again because he's president now he blocks everything he is not transparent at all and he is a he's a fake keys definitely not honorable and I hope he loses bet he lost last time really

Lawmakers were briefed that Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020The intelligence community's top election security official delivered a briefing to lawmakers last week warning them that the intelligence community believes Russia is already taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump win, three sources familiar with the matter tell CNN. 😂😂😂😂 if at first you dont succeed - try try again. Imagine that.

TRUMP 2020 NO MATTER WEITHER YOUR RED, BLUE, INDEPENDENT, CONSERVATIVE OR WTE!!!, 'RED DAWN' was a GOOD MOVIE? 🙄 HUH😒!!!, SMDH!, ppl still think it's about politics LOL!!! it’s time to go back to paper ballots More of Adam Schiff lies! Ohhhh poor CRAP NEWS NETWORK going back to RUSSIAN NOTHING BURGER? TRUMP got more help from you guys more then any russian .

Trump does not need the RUSSIAN help DEMOSHITS debates candidates alone show AMERICANS what damage they can do FakeNews And they think if BernieSanders wins that he will loose to realDonaldTrump ?

NYT Report: Russia is interfering in the 2020 election, Putin still favors Trump'The intelligence community told the House Intelligence Committee... that Russia was most certainly interfering in the 2020 election, in the Democratic primaries, trying to sow chaos. And in fact Putin still favors Trump.' - NYT's Adam Goldman RUSSIA WINS AGAIN! So the Russians are making the democratic candidates say dumb and crazy things in the debates? of course he does!

A source says?! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Its shit like this that is ruining this country. BS... F A K E N E W S Enough already with with Russia BS, stop putting this garbage up please fact check your stories. I get you hate the man but you CNN no longer even FakeNews you are strictly Propaganda. So you know they will .... they need Comrade Trump in the White House to do their bidding

more fake bull from the senior fake group I thought the democrats were crazy having dead people vote for them, I guess the russians or any other foreign country is not that far fetched. The patriots in Intel & Justice Dept who Trump tries to corrupt, if you all resign then only corrupt ones will remain. Wouldn’t it be better to work from within to expose Trump & Barr and now Grenell & refuse to do what corrupt things they ask? Monkey Wrench in the corrupt works?

Why don't you mention 'Bernie Sanders' in your tweet? Just remember, biased journalism is CNNs moniker.

Trump decided to replace his top spy chief after his aide told Congress that Russia is interfering in 2020 to help Trump winTrump was led to falsely believe that Rep. Adam Schiff was fed exclusive information that could help Democrats if released publicly.

RussiaInterference Judge Jeanine 'Trump reelection will again be blamed on?' For sure, since he and his hooligan lackeys are going to lose big time, this time around Trump will be the one blaming someone for his bigly loss Ya duh Fake news The Deep-State “Trump-Russia” hoax failed, so Democrats are using it again. It is proof of Democrat/Deep State/Left-media insanity. After all, doing the same thing over and over in hopes of a different result, is the definition of insanity. The left-wing desperately stupid.

Give me a break!!!! CNN has permanent Russia derangement 😜 A national security official cited by CNN’s Jake Tapper disputed the framing of stories from the New York Times and other outlets on Thursday that spoke of an intelligence assessment finding Russia is attempting to interfere in 2020's election to benefit President Trump. examiner

Trump: (a 'Putin operative' 😂) 1. beefs up the U.S. armed forces, 2. pressures NATO allies to beef up theirs, 3. imposes sanctions on Moscow, 4. provides lethal aid to Ukraine, 5. ramps up U.S. energy production, 6. seeks to thwart the Kremlin’s natural-gas partnerships He's not looking to good..kinda looks very sick

New Florida 2020 poll shows Trump in trouble against Bloomberg, Biden, Sanders and WarrenThe results indicated that at least two Democratic candidates were likely to defeat Trump in Florida if the general election were held the day the pollsters questioned the respondents. 🤔 Probably didn't watch yesterday debate 🤫 It's Florida. No one is crazy enough to bank on any Florida polls. Not sure if they ever got running an election down.

Did you know: Russia donated over $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation Hillary Clinton sold 20% America’s Uranium to Vladimir Putin Yet she's calling President Trump 'Putin's Puppet,' despite the fact that a 3 year, 40 million dollar investigation found no collusion 🤔 CNN you're a joke! The most distrusted name in News!! Hahaha

Give us names of top US election security officials. We need to evaluate their sources and determine their legitimacy. Sounds like more hate Trump news. Boy here we go again! Reminds me of a broken record. And don't forget CNN you help too. Thanks for helping to make it Trump 2020. Here you go again!!! We've had enough FAKE BS!

The stock puppets over at CNN are in full TDS fake theater reporting. Going for 4 years full tilt off the rails. These clowns couldn't smell out the truth,so they tell fables and fairy tails for news! ' FAKE' Is all they know. Democrats are like chicken little... Whats the source? Let me guess, anonymous?

You are sick CNN. BanCNN

72% of Democratic voters believe Bernie Sanders would beat Trump in 2020 election, new poll showsThe results showing most Democratic voters believed Sanders would beat Trump in the general election were released three days before the Nevada caucuses. Trump was just a fake president and a bad news. Tall dream

CNN trying to push this bs again Trump is playing the citizens of America and they think what he is doing is funny. Meanwhile trump is laughing behind their backs about how easily they believe whatever he says. Thank you AC for tearing that IDIOT (whatever his name is) a new one just a bit ago and calling him on HIS BULLSHIT thank you sir

No surprise there... Fake news, why didn’t the take over the entire house and senate? They’d want commi Sanders if that’s the case, give it up FAkE NEWS CNN get over it already Fake news Which 'enemy' of a country wouldn't love to make them have a Trump for a president.. Specially when the voters are by a huge margin that easily affected by everything. Even into voting for beings like that :)

Just in case you are incapable of telling the truth!😉😉 BS- Russia , China, etc... all have been interfering-not new. Stop scaring people, no group is better at interfering like DNC changing rules mid-election to suit their agenda. Kick BERNIE out of the Democrat party already & stop screwing him- Trump supporter

To defeat Trump in 2020, Dems eye billions in cash and millions in Instagram likesAs two billionaires vie for the Democratic nomination to challenge Pres. Trump in 2020, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber reports on new ways that campaign spending can shape the race, online and off. Melber notes that increasingly “lax campaign finance laws” make it legal to “essentially buy votes without technically breaking laws against buying votes,” and shines a light on practices ranging from old school payments to elected officials to new school efforts to simulate support online, reporting on practices used by Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. AriMelber Here’s your example of MSDNC meddling in our elections AriMelber AriMelber

Bernie was a member of the Communist Party in Vermont years ago and probably still is! Think! so what else is new ... the question that conservatives don't want asked is Why? Does anyone really believe that Putin wants a strong and decisive leader who will unify America? Scary, but we had to know this was and is happening..

Fake News FakeNews Why are you just repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating, over, an, over, an over. Oh , no other news, your station is sooooooooo saaaaaaadddd. Who can qualify a fraud and impeached man to be on ballot?Isn't it enough for removal? Your sources suck . Name dates and proof or its just your ferbile brain at work

He does not need the help of Russo, he has already won

CNN fake news all over again. Guess they have no new crap on President Trump With Aid and Abetting of tRump, his Cronies in Gov’t and tRumplicans in Congress! MoscowMitch MobilizeRevolution Thats funny! Making that orange 💩 the face of the Republican Party Russia already won! They destroyed 1/2 the American political system.

FAKE NEWS!!!! Fake news CNN.... remind us how many of your employees flew on that epstein plane?.. Mad as hell. As an american i was raised respecting our american institutes. Such as thr fbi, the cia, the juatice department, the state department and the military. But over the last 6 years all i hear is our president tearing them apart, dividing them from the inside.

Trump 2020 CNN 🤬🤬🤬SUCKS Unverified news will kill this platform very soon

Here we go again fake news here we go..... DOES CNN HAVE A OBSESSION WITH RUSSIA?LMAO AND THE EARTH IS FLAT~ LMAO That is the dumbest shit. Got to keep the puppet in office Dear Russia, we don't need your help cuz we the Americans got this!! Trump 2020 without a doubt or Russian help🤷‍♀️ I'm calling bullshit......AGAIN.

And of course you automatically believe them.... I also heard there are people called Republicans that are doing their best to see Trump get elected too.. you genuises ought to get to the bottom of this tight away!

Let’s have a million dollar investigation. Here we go again Russia, Russia , Russia, with the truth being lots of countries medal in elections, including the United States!! I’m thinking this is the Adam Schiff take on events is the worst News agency ever. The bad thing here is this news isnt on fox but every other real news source so trump supporters think it didnt happen.

Oh so you are gonna try that again huh? Russia doesn't tell me or most of my friends and family how to vote. We all support the realDonaldTrump KAG agenda because he is doing a fantastic job as POTUS! I do feel Russia is a diversion from the more serious dirty tactics in the selective micro messaging lies used by both sides ( but particularly GOP) during elections as described by The reason Russia is talked about by CNN is that this is a GOP issue.

So the Russians are making these Dems look like fools? That’s impressive Making America great again

Poor CNN didn’t you learn your lesson last time? Damn. You're already inventing fake news for his next win?!? Why not just admit the Democrats are garbage and that's why they will not win? You had to be pretty dopey to fall for Russian collusion hoax part one. You have to be a tier-one, grade-A, cosmic-level imbecile to fall for Russian collusion hoax part two.

Ohhh sweet baby Jesus here we go again lol. Social media has mad politics worse then ever “some may wounder if that is possible and the answer is yes” I can’t post a picture of a gun I hydrodip without getting banned same should go with politics. 💯💯💯 Whether they do or they don't, Democrats will claim they did. Here we go again.

Uh, this just in!!! No shit alert.... I see Dems are already preparing to blame Russia for another election loss. Maybe give us a good candidate to vote for... JustAnIdea Poor Democratic candidates are the only thing influencing these elections. Oh.. and CNN

We exspected this would happen, now our country has to do something about it. ANOTHER TERM WITH TRUMP WILL DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. YES, OURS, NOT TRUMPS. Can we have the evidence time vetted, investigated and shown to the public, because last time it was all fake Enough already... And can we confidently say that the U.S. never ever interfere in foreign elections? Really?

CNN breaking news LOL Why wouldn't Russia want to help the communist, Bernie Sanders? You know, birds of a feather. IS DIS C N N CSHIT NEWS NETWORK RELIABLE ( I MEAN ) UR SOURCE OR JUST A GHOST Visit here for adsense approval what's new about this . Then trump fires him for doing his job, guess he again wants any help he can get from Putin/Russia, should make his base so proud. Trump not interested in having the smartest people at there job advising him, he wants total loyalists who say nothing but just do his bidding. 👎

Time to go back to paper ballots.....cant hack those. Problem solved..

realDonaldTrump Sounds to me like “top US election security official” is trying to interfere in the election lol Jesus, move on CNN. I try to follow multiple outlets and sites because I like info but this is awful! 🛑 Right they want Trump to keep sending guns and tank buster to Ukraine ...they liked them better than obummers blankets

Lmao, he doesn’t need any help. He’s gonna win by such a landslide Fake news signifying emptiness and hopelessness! Is why the Senate will do nothing about it. Why would Russia back Trump we now have a great economy it makes more sense to back Sanders since socialism fails everywhere its tried that’s what Russia wants is to hurt the US

How? If everyone is so scared help get voter ID passed into law

Their job is to find and destroy the threat! Only then show off the result. But they are crying and crying around, just like in 2016. The exact same situation. If they can't do it, you better shut down, save a lot of dollars. Trump doesn’t need help This is Russian interference right here. The media and the Democrats making up crap to make Trump look bad. they never give specifics of what the Russians are doing to interfere it's always just Russian interference. I believe this is treason

“A source”... Let me know when the Russians are standing in the polling booths forcing people to vote. Otherwise I don't fucking care. This is the silliest shit, and don't expect the American people to fall for this after the nonsense you people put them through over the last 4 years. As told to them by democrats! Who are going to need all the excuses for loosing they can get

Yeah whatever So what are these officials doing about it? Oc course , no one expect less. Kremlin already planted its agent in Wh . Ya right, 'top US election official' knew about it & he picked up the phone & told CNN all about it😅

Not Bernie. Not Warren. Not Bloomberg. Only Biden can Save and Heal America America is in a crisis and Only Biden can Save it Biden /Harris 2020 Landslide So lemme get this straight - Russia want the guy who’s NOT a communist to be president? Better hope Trump wins, or the 'CashAdvance' crew takes over. 800% return on their investments is standard business, and you want to put in WH ?

CNN did you make this one up by yourselves or did you get Schiftty Schiftt to write it for you? You do know that no one believes anything you say anymore right?. Go pound sand. tRUMP said he have a secret polls (Russian) Oh Boy! Russia again? Hmm.. What’s new? We knew they would try to do that. I bet they aren’t the only ountry trying to do that.

Here we go again.. Dems are starting early

Pls Russian can u help Trump win we need ur help)))fake news How Blockchain Can Eliminate $592M in SNAP Benefit Fraud This does not seem like news, and why you get the fake news label. Fake news Of course they are. Now show us the proof. 😂😂😂😂 again! Anyone with half a brain knew Russia/Trump would rig the election again. This has been covered up but without doubt the 2016 results were hacked and rigged. Recount demands were quashed. America sleepwalks into the next hacking unless it realised it’s vulnerabilities.

Did you even see the debates? Do you think Trump needs help? Omg the left is just becoming so pathetic it's mind blowing. What happened to the democratic party? CNN can't stop making up shit and report on it. It's Pathetic. Republicans pushing on our own flag

For this to be true, it means the Democrats are having steady meetings with Russia for them to have first hand information. The only reason they are upset will be that they couldn't buy Russia to their side. Shame! Did time just rewind 4 years? I cant wait to place an in-game bet when the Patriots down 28.

Bloomberg showed in debates that he is the village idiot. This story is bullshit. I think the Democrats are doing a pretty good job making sure he wins. Fake news...he doesn't need help to beat these silly Dems. Sad that the media has to come up with stuff like this. Our country has become a joke, full of Democrats who hate their own citizens so much that they'll lie and lie to cover up their own lack of common sense.

He is looking extra orange lately Once again emphasizing that anyone can be a star. What can we do? How can we secure our elections and institutions when one side is hell bent to win at all cost? What is this country coming to if this is true.

Russia is hacking your channel too :/ Wasn't that Don's & Vlad's deal... election guarantees for the Middle East? Just so you’re aware, we can watch every single channel on our television except CNN. The chanel either freezes or it says “channel blocked” wonder your ratings are in the tank! CNN just makes crap up!

He doesn’t need help! Also one more thing, you suck! Who is your source CNN what a pity that you have turned to a clown all because of Trump. Trump is doing fine job and you guys don’t like it because you hate him even before he became POTUS. I feel bad for people who actually believe this fake news with no factual evidence shown, i guess that’s why most of you support abortion, I pray for y’all.. truly I do

Why would the Russians want the USA to have such a strong vibrant economy as it has under Trump? Makes no sense. Surely Russians would much prefer a much weaker Democratic USA? I am shocked

THESE ARE THE FACTS INSPITE OF WHAT ANYONE THINKS,, . Really? Not News we already knew it. Do something. Not surprising Tell us something we don't know!!!! Uh huh. Says a source. If they are stacking the deck it is for a Democrat! Getting the excuses pre-loaded for why the Left lost instead of seeing how NO ONE'S GOOD ENOUGH. Smart, it's not a good move to make losers feel like it's not their fault for losing but it's smart because dumb people are violent and those are the people that believe conspiracies.

LMAO Russian collusion, the sequel.

🙄 Lol Trump needs no help. The Democrat debates are doing the job for him. Hahahahaha Trump hasn't even won the election yet and the left is already laying the groundwork for another impeachment in 2021 Is the source Adam Schiff? Thats interesting. I didn't think there were any laws in the USA anymore. Here's the problem 'A source says' Jimmy hoffa is source says

Well no DUH. And is America going to stop them? Nope. I'm unfollowing now, but I'll be sure to watch cnn on election night ... I'm gonna laugh like I never did before.

The official at first stated, “Wait I’m the head of what” ? 'A source'...... “Quick, lets prefab an excuse for why we lost so it doesn’t look like we presented ourselves poorly and didn’t find a proper candidate who could win!” Of course they are that’s how he won last time 😂 here we go again ... Trump doesn’t need help! Have you seen the Democratic candidates

Another CNN source? Come on guys you have already been marked as FAKE NEWS..... We already know..the lawmakers didn't do their job on the impeachment..the DINOSAURS have to leave the power.. Taking steps? Wow... shocker.... cnn comes up with this.... !! Breaking news too... cnn is the latest tabloid...!

Duh - once a cheater always a cheater You know these people at CNN need a My Pillow so that they can get a good night's rest. But they probably would reply 'I'm getting a good night's rest!!!' while yelling down your throat. CNN = Clinton Narcosis Network... Perfect excuse to stop voter fraud! When all failed... blame Russia China Iran.

Russia is the least of your problems. Let’s start with voter ID for all...crickets from the snowflakes. Did not see that coming, wow! 'A source says'... CNN is disgusting of course they will we did nothong about it last election so....

Fake news again , they never learn CNN realizing despite their best efforts Trump will win again realDonaldTrump won’t need help from any foreign country the American people will re-elect him ! Don the con and his orange swamp will continue to take full advantage! These days it is hard to trust people. Liars are all over. People get confused when politicians, Media and business men lie.

It’s absolutely no surprise as Don the con continues to chose to ignore our own intelligence sources for his own gain as he plays with our nation as a pawn in his corrupt and self profiting game(s). The janitor at the local church heard it from the mailman whose sister was dating the cop that watched an episode of law and order

How? I’m voting for him without Russia’s help. MSM and special interests groups are the real election interference Coincidence Trump just gave one of “loyal” supporters the position of “Acting” Director of National Intelligence. He will make sure Russia is able to “rig” the election and cover up any exposure that becomes public ....😖 déjà vu

Who are these us election Security officials? Who selects these people?

It's amazing how literally no country respects the USA anymore. People used to look up to America but now it's a joke As long as the so called report comes from a Democrats. You always have to scrutinize the truth of of it, especially when it’s conveyed by fake medias such as CNN, NYT, WP or NBC, ABC. You can almost certain that is fake. Because that’s what they are in nature

You and your sources. Are you ever right? What a crock of manure Steps we already knew and it must be stopped The question is, what do the American's People want ? Do they want - Trump ? - Bernie ? - Biden ? - Bloomberg ? Bernie is the one that honeymoon in Russia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Didn't learn your lesson from Muller? Pres. Trump needs no help to defeat that poor, so called, democratic candidates.

Again! Fake news Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

N one believes you anymore Seriously. Just stop. Not this again. Just stop this nonsense. Don’t you people ever learn. They’ve been trying since, oh, I dunno, 1917? Will you be giving our ACTUAL enemies airtime? fakenews Russia can’t help unless they the ballot boxes which hasn’t happened Of course they said that. They lean left and want something to cry about when he wins. Not buying it.

FakeNewsCNN Say 👺 No Democrats 👺 No Republicans Say ☝️🤲☝️☪️☝️😭☝️🤲☝️

Fake news I think the Democrats will probably do a better job of getting President Trump re-elected. I’m sure Putin watches the debates , why would he think President Trump needs help beating one of these candidates. CNN your SAD Russia hates President Trump. More fake news. Dig deep CNN Trust us, the Russians or anyone else, do NOT need to convince Americans to vote for Mr. Trump. MAGA and KAG !!!

And next from the Clinton News Network...... 😂😂This is hilarious. It’s one thing to warn about risk of election meddling. but to already claim that it’s rigged to favor Trump is laughable & reeks of desperate gaslighting. If they know now, why not stop it? Planting the seeds early to delegitimize Trump’s expected win

He doesn’t need Russia’s help. He’s gonna win. Period.

POOR USA Then why aren't Democrats calling for voter ID laws? Interesting... 🤔 And Trump immediately fires his head of intelligence. It begins. Prepping for a big ass kicking in November. How many times can the media cry wolf? Apparently infinity times 2. Lol. These are dumbest people ever. Keep that propaganda moving.

Just like 2016, right? Trump and his followers will want to believe that the US Intelligency Community, an organization comprised of sixteen agencies, including the CIA, NSA, FBI and eight defense agencies are just making stuff up to hurt Trump and help Democrats win. Ya so this way you can discredit the next election. Just keep sowing your seeds CNN your going to cause a civil war.

This just in... Trump fires election official tomorrow and hires Giuliani as the new top election official...

Here we go with more of your f-cken garbage! When are you people gonna stop with this damn bullsh--t !!! Lol we really doing this again? Lol paranoia Is anyone surprised that Trump is playing games with the Russians again? Are the Russians going to help Bernie like they helped Hillary? It makes sense that the Russians would support an individual like Bernie. He and his policies would destroy the US economy. Nothing that Bernie supports would create Economic Growth and Prosperity

Of course they are Bernie is doin a good job of that already It’s like someone was trying to warn us... Of course they are...

Don't be Stupid .Change the channel ...another DEMS DOSSIER!? Fake News! Ban CNN Fear mongoring at its finest. Always an excuse... Here you go again. Just accept defeat. You look childish Don't keep Americans as idoots. Trump was elected as great alternative to bad and corrupt democratic politicians. Thinking about hundred Facebook accounts created by unprofessional foreign countries as real influence of American choice completely false propaganda

CNN, do you EVER have any actual named sources? So you’re telling us that Russia wants: 1. Strong American economy 2. A border wall with Mexico 3. Stronger American Military Makes perfect sense. realDonaldTrump Trump2020 God help us.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Of course they did LOL. The Dems need a new playbook seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Stop blaming Russia and start blaming the Gullible Americans FAKE NEWS...... Does anyone seriously believe that Russia wants Trump to win over a Socialist that has vowed to deplete our military. Snap out of it dumbasses.

Of course they are. He's Likely got more than just Russia working on it.. SO... WHAT IS THE COUNTRY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT I'm thinking everyone is SCARED of what he'll do to them.. BUT.. Being TRUTHFUL is the Best Policy... HE MUST BE TAKEN DOWN. He's a TRAITOR, CHEAT, LIAR. So? Nobody will do anything about it. USA is corrupt at the highest level.

And water is wet and the sky is fucking blue tRumpers don’t care Huh, ya don’t say Ha... yeah sure. 🙄 Lol. Can y’all give it a break? Like just for one day? 😎 With this group of Democratic candidates, there's no need for any interference. Yea. Let me guess. He’s a Democrat. Riiiiigggghhhhttttt. Sources say.... Russia Russia is that all CNN can muster more fake news.

Dems be getting scared! Starting early with the excuses this time.

An official has told the U.S. intelligence community that CNN is full of shit, a source says. What for.. the way its going with the Democrats it looks likely that Trump will win again regardless. He doesn’t need any help 🤣 And then Trump fired him! Informant is schifty Shocking! No shit! Well duh! tRumpy-boy is a puppet for Putin.

He doesn’t need any help. The Democrats do not have anyone that can beat him. 🤦‍♂️... idiots

Right, “sources”. Does anyone still beleive the bull you sling? Give it up, Trump will win and it won’t be because of Russia. FakeNews Again The Democrats keep pumping this out, he needs absolutely no help to win in 2020, give me a break! Fake news made up story if the Russians are doing anything it is to cause disruption they in no way want trump as president ! Fake news CNN

I knew it. He picked the Democratic candidates, didn't he? POTUS is going to help Putin to interfere in 2020 election by putting an his 'ally' as the 'acting' head of 7 agencies who uncovers these outside interference. But Trump's puppet head will stop their work at the command of vindictivedictatortrump WakeUpAmerica VoteBlue2020

name us your source. As I remember Russian had more to gain if HillaryClinton had won.

Name names please He cannot win an honest election and they will do everything to manipulate votes and numbers, unfortunately New masterpiece featuring the master of FakeNews No shit 🇺🇸 Comes as no surprise!!!!!! RussianCollusion TrumpRally Election2020 TrumpRussiaCollusion GOP lawmakers' response: Oh great! We're counting on that. You'd better not stop them.

And why he is not in jail 🤔. Trump does not need Russia's help. The dems are doing it all on their own. We are not a socialist country. Crawl back under your rock cnn.

And this is why realDonaldTrump is a fake president. He did not legitimately win on his own merits. getthechumpout Uh oh, where's Alexandra Chalupa when you need her. From what I understand she's real good at that Russia collusion stuff. Or was that Ukranian collusion. Let's go ask Giuliani. He has all the answers. RussiaHoax

Russia Russia Russia Yeah we know It's always Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia This is BS. Just like More propaganda and conspiracy theories from anonymous sources. Fake news The Democrats are about to put up a Socialist and you are worried about Russia? The old game again. Can this guy find another country to play this game? 😀 Or can list what and how Russians were benefited in the last three years from Trump admin. Or what can Russians gain in the future with this allegation.

Go Russia! Meanwhile, in the real world: CNN keep losing ratings, viewers, advertisers, and revenue. How long will ATT keep paying the bills for this FAILED propaganda organization? 🤣🤣Trump will win..did you see his opponents. Here goes cnnisfakenews starting a story they can run until Trumps presidency is over in 2024

Russia and China are both taking advantage Fake news. The electorate will decide, not partisan hack like you CNN stop lying everything is clear to everybody cnn FakeNews CNN IS A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. SPREADING LIES AROUND THE WORLD The only way Donnie can win is with Russia Putin has something on Trump.

Putin has to keep his puppet in office.

Of course they are, Trump wants and needs all the help he can get. He just got away with trying to get foreign help in the election and he thinks he can do it again. I wouldn't doubt that Trump has asked Putin for help in their undocumented phone calls. ImpeachTrumpAgain ...the left media already preparing for KAG2020Landslide

CNNNews = fake news Sure they are they know he won't start the world war the Dems are begging for so they can deflect and hide their corruption. Here we go Mueller 2 The Sky is Falling. Putin knew Hillary and NWO wanted a mini war so they could hide their corruption. Rothchild's and Soros make money Watched the debates. Russians don’t need to interfere, the Dems are working hard to get him re-elected


Bullshit. Breaking news: According to sources CNN is directly playing into Russian attempts to interfere in American elections by undermining confidence in the electoral process. Sources also wonder if CNN is working as direct agents of Russia since they have repeatedly done this. HERE COMES THE FEAR CAMPAIGN 🤡😀😁😆😅

Why am I not surprised!!!! Dems know they can't win against Trump so of course they'll blame it on Russian interference. Here we go on Russian hoax all over again instead of admitting that Trump has done great things and deplorables will make him President for 2nd term. Bull Shit! Bahahahahaha. Always fake,always wrong!

If this broke from another news network..,.. Russia Russia Russia!!!!! Lol didn't obumer say he told Putin to knock it off? p_zuchowski Blah-blah-blah. He will win anyway, whether you like it or not fuckdemocrats Oh here we go. Go ahead CNN start trying to say Trump is colluding with Russia again.

Hate to say it but doesn’t matter. Executive Branch doesn’t care. Some lawmakers don’t care.. Putin could go into a polling both in Florida and he would have defenders Anybody who watched last nights debates knows he does not need Russia’s help to win. Why? Trump won’t need help to win. Besides he’s getting more help from the dems than he needs Hahahaha

Electoral college. There I said it Desperation at its finest right here

So no details, just hearsay, but ok. They were probably responsible for that Iowa Caucus debacle . 🤣😂🤣😂 Not news. We've known since 2016. It is true, Russia chose the democratic candidates, that way they can ensure Trump will win. Who is this “top US election official” probably another paid Dem “whistleblower”

Give it up already, he doesn’t need any help winning the election...... have you seen the democratic candidates, they are about to nominate a communist to lead the party. The left is dead I call BS. Right now the Dems will say anything to make Trump look awful because they don’t want him in. Really can you tell me how?

As they have in every election up to now.

And nobody’s gonna do shit all they do is bitch about but do nothing , either remohim or move on tired of hearing it , He can’t win without cheating...he knows and GOP knows it So they will never make any moves to secure US elections Ok der He can't win without them What’s new? Of course they will help Trump again. PutinsPuppet

Laughable No one is surprised are they? What did you expect?

A Philadelphia Hospital Remains Closed as Talks Between the Owner and City Fall Apart

Krispy Kreme is giving out a free dozen doughnuts to healthcare workers

‘War Zone’: Ambulances in N.Y.C. Are Now as Busy as on Sept. 11

As Virus Spreads, China and Russia See Openings for Disinformation

Coronavirus live updates: Trump considers enforceable quarantine in NY, NJ; 200 US cities lack face masks

Trump says he's considering short-term quarantine of New York, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut

Trump raises idea of quarantines affecting NY, NJ and Conn.

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A Philadelphia Hospital Remains Closed as Talks Between the Owner and City Fall Apart Krispy Kreme is giving out a free dozen doughnuts to healthcare workers ‘War Zone’: Ambulances in N.Y.C. Are Now as Busy as on Sept. 11 As Virus Spreads, China and Russia See Openings for Disinformation Coronavirus live updates: Trump considers enforceable quarantine in NY, NJ; 200 US cities lack face masks Trump says he's considering short-term quarantine of New York, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut Trump raises idea of quarantines affecting NY, NJ and Conn. Covid-19 is making some athletes scrub their hands down to the muscle and tissue NRA sues California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other state officials over gun store closures Apple releases coronavirus screening app and website in partnership with CDC Hillary and Bill Clinton sent over 400 pizzas to New York hospitals fighting against coronavirus Biden leads Trump by nine points in latest Fox News poll