'Run The World' Is A Reminder That The Homegirl Comedy Is A Foolproof Formula

For after you've finished binging Girlfriends on Netflix

5/26/2021 11:59:00 PM

For after you've finished binging Girlfriends on Netflix

Because because she's got her finger on the pulse of culture, Leigh Davenport leaned into a plot line that she knows will never get old: collective Black girl magic.

Dear White People) is the showrunner of the new Starz original series, bringing with her decades of television and film experience and a specific intention behind always placingBlack female friendshipsat the center of her work.There's Elle (Andrea Bordeaux), a struggling author-turned-journalist whose tumultuous work life pales in comparison to the chaos of her love life. We've got diva and almost-divorcee Renee (

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Bresha Webb), who is mourning the downturn of her marriage to a sexy but very trifling husband. Their woo-woo friend Sondi (Corbin Reid) is helping her secret boyfriend — and Ph.D. advisor — raise his daughter, and corporate wunderkind Whitney (Amber Stevens West) is trying to plan a wedding to her college sweetheart while staving off her cold feet. Overall,

Run the Worldis beautiful Black chaos. Drama included, I imagine that it's what my life might be like if I had enough money to live in a brownstone uptown and if all the men around me were extremely fine. (Like,reallyThat's the whole point ofRun the World headtopics.com

, explained Bowser in a Zoom conversation with Refinery29, and it's the the same reason why she eagerly signed on to help Davenport bring the story to life for Starz. As a creative working in Hollywood throughout the years, Bowser's goal has always been to

, particularly through the vehicle of Black female friendship.AdvertisementEnviable female friendshipsare at the center of my life — period," said Bowser."Some of the most important and life-saving relationships I've had have been with my female friends and relatives. I've made highlighting these special bonds my mission as a human and as a storyteller because I just enjoy paying homage to the way that support gives us life."

"Helping refine and polish each other in our individual struggles...that'sourmagic," she continued."So part of my heritage and my role as a griot is to continue telling the stories of these women." Read more: Refinery29 »

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