Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ Runs Nearly 3 Hours With Credits

#TheBatman movie will run two hours and 55 minutes, the longest of any solo #Batman film:

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1/20/2022 11:12:00 PM

TheBatman movie will run two hours and 55 minutes, the longest of any solo Batman film:

That's the longest of any film starring The Dark Knight, and one of the longest for any superhero pic playing in theaters.

The Hollywood ReporterThursday.

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If it has his origin story i am walking out I went through 8 hours of 'Beatles: Get Back'. I can do this. Did y’all completely forget Zack Snyder’s Justice League at a whopping 4 hours? You know you're getting a full ass experience with that runtime, and it's for the better. Batman Begins was also nearly 2 1/2hrs long and Batman V Superman was over 3hrs, both told awesome Batman stories.

But WB butchered BvS Bc of run time… wild Just bring back intermissions. I can't eat popcorn and have a drink under these conditions. Jadelove1896 Jadelove1896 🥱 I still feel that he would look better in 'Batman of the future' ,but that's just me! Still shorter than Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Embraces the Origin That 'Doesn't Make Any Sense'The Batman star Robert Pattinson embraced some of the weirder parts of the origin in making the [...] My excitement for this film is next level..... Legit don't remember being this excited for a movie, I'm not exaggerating..... 🤯 thebatman Just hush The movie is gonna be 🔥 Stop spreading negativity

okay, so WarnerBros let TheBatman have 3 hr run time but wanted JusticeLeague , wich introduces 3 new superheroes to have a runtime under 2 hrs? wtf? Sometimes you need faith to see the outcome and I'm not judging it. You got 2 hrs 55 min okay then let's see what you got but a movie about the trinity was 3h long and got blasted for it ffs

mattreevesLA knows he's only getting one Normally I’m good with a long runtime but not for this. I’d be more excited if it was a sequel at that length. Definitely not going to see this in a theater now. Finally, something to do with my time. marckmarceloqtv How dare they Oh. Any other actors in it ?

Robert Pattinson's Joke About Not Working Out For The Batman Haunted Him Robert Pattinson says the joke he made about not working out for TheBatman came back to haunt him. 'That really came back to haunt me. I just always think it’s really embarrassing to talk about how you’re working out...' johncampea

danmac800 So ready for it!!! Bomb v_ocram why tf a majority of you complaining about 3hr runtime don't you want more content? More fleshed out story arcs? longer movie doesn't equal poorer quality lmao. evolve. Surely you mean Matt Reeves’ The Batman? if u don't like it, you'll always have The Lego Batman Movie

Jesus Christ, man. I got shit to do... So an hour of shit and 2 hours of credits Seems way too long for a kids movie! But why?

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Perfect I’m with it Good If you want to destroy an iconic character, they thought it was not enough to hired among the worst actor on the list, they want to be sure ... With 175 minutes they thoughtthey will succeed to destroy the legend of BATMAN they could renamed it PATTman ! That’s a lot of Bat. Can’t wait.

The movie is going to suck. Robert Pattinson is a terrible actor aFullMetalMUTT dang lol trying to reach LoTR time frame 😂 Booooooooo slcmof thank god If they spend one second of that runtime showing his parents getting killed I will get up and leave the theatre.

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Movie gonna be on from dark night to twilight… sheesh So 3 hours of garbage? Can we get a piss break built in? luis_dltorre Title should have been Batman Forever The runtime makes TheBatman one of the longest theatrically released superhero movies ever, behind Avengers: Endgame

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movie runs two hours and 55 minutes. The hefty running time includes about eight minutes of credits, insiders at Warner Bros. confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter Thursday. As such, it’s the longest running time of any solo Batman pic and one of the longest for a theatrical superhero movie behind rival Marvel’s