Robert Forster, Resurgent Oscar Nominee From 'Jackie Brown,' Dies at 78

Robert Forster, resurgent Oscar nominee from 'Jackie Brown,' dies at 78


Robert Forster, resurgent Oscar nominee from 'Jackie Brown,' dies at 78

The 'Medium Cool' actor also starred for David Lynch in 'Mulholland Drive' and 'Twin Peaks' after Tarantino resuscitated his career.

Forster attended the University of Rochester intent on becoming a lawyer, but those plans went awry. "I was a senior. I followed a girl into the auditorium, trying to think of something to say. They were doing auditions. This girl was already in the play. I said, 'That's how I'm gonna meet the girl!' " Forster said. The production was

After graduating in 1964, Forster headed to New York City and made his Broadway debut the following year in

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JulieCarmen3 Rest In Peace Robert May he rest in peace. My sympathy to the Forster family . 🙏🏾 🙏 “nefarious bail bondsman” lol someone’s never seen Jackie Brown... sloppy Robert was one of the most delightful and humble people I ever met. I am truly saddened by this news. His comeback story was always so inspiring and should remain an encouragement to anyone, struggling or not. A genuine good guy. RIP Robert.

RIP I loved him and DonnieWahlberg in diamond men it’s one of my favorites kuku2 Sad but finally he was winner zombietardis RIPRobertForster Robert Forster as MaxCherry in Jackie Brown is everything 💕 I loved him in everything I saw after that. What a great actor. Good actor my deepest sympathy for his family God bless you 🙏 RIP

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He is in ElCamino One of the most subtle and natural acting performances of the modern era. RIP😑 Top notch actor. RIP. He just got Jesse to Alaska too... Damn. Noooooooo! He was a great actor and a lovely man. RIP Daayyuumm!! RestInPeace You and your family are appreciated! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life and soul with the world!

Acabei de vê-lo em El Camino 💔

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RIP Max Cherry WHAT?!? Man that truly stinks, I remember his role as Coach Wagner in Like Mike! He’s a good and will be remembered 😭💔 Max Cherry my sweet boy. 😘 ..........dawg RIP Like Mike will forever be my favorite movie, rest up 🙏🏾 Omg I watched him in El Camino last night😔😔😔 Very sad news a great actor!

Just watched him last night was a brilliant actor Dayum...Great actor RIP

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RIP🙏 he was great in so many roles. Oh I loved his Max Cherry character in Jackie Brown. Also Ed the disappearer in Breaking Bad. RIP Mr Forster. FoxyJackieBrown VLBenning R.I.P Fantastic Actor. RIP. jpslapshot I found out right after I watched him in ElCamino tonight. What a shame. He really was a great actor and leaves behind some excellent work.

Eerie. :-( I hope he got to see how awesome we all thought ElCamino was. 😟 RipTheGuy RIPRobertForster ElCaminoABreakingBadMovie Died on his way back from Alaska 😢😢😢 Oh no!! I just finished watching ElCamino and I open Twitter to hear this news! Such a thoughtful, brilliant actor RIP :/ 3

'Dad Would Be So Proud Of You': Robert Irwin Will Walk Sister Bindi Down The Aisle'I know dad would be so proud of you,' Robert said to Bindi. 'We all love you so much. You're achieving so much.' That's what my younger brother did for me. Dad died 38 years ago today actually. RIP.

Noo ctmm What a terrible loss. There’s a reason he ranked so high on this list I recently made. He was brilliant. 😢😢 That's sad. He was excellent in Jackie Brown. RIP Omg 😰 I loved him in that movie Began an impressive career with his very first film, starring opposite Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando in John Huston’s Reflections in a Golden Eye.

ByYourLogic RIP Such an underrated actor. His performances were always perfect! RIP Max Cherry. Damn , great actor may he rest in peace

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TonyTodd54 Damn thats sad. Just saw him in El Camino this morning. RIP. aww man. Loved all of his work I just watched El Camino😯😔R.I.P. newbeverly Oh no Saw Robert Forster in one of his earliest films, Pieces of Dreams, and fell in love. RIP Oh no!!! He'll always be Ray Ray to me from Fastlane... in a show full of cool as characters, Ray Ray was the man...

That’s sad donwinslow I remember watching him in The Delta Force confusing Chuck Norris by acting. Great in Twin Peaks: The Return and Jackie Brown. A wonderful talent. __andr__e 💔

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😢 He will definitely be missed. Sad news. RIP. hradzka Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😢😢 😢 Aww, gee. Just saw him as Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon over at Tree People. It was his birthday; they brought out a cake and we sang Happy Birthday. Rest lightly, sir. Rest lightly. Oh noes. :( Bencjacobs I just finished watching El Camino! He was a powerful actor. So sorry to hear this.

Wow rip 😫😔

Just watched him in El Camino:/ A wonderful actor. Rest In Peace. Fuck He was great (as usual) in ElCamino Rest in peace. R.i.p. :( 😔😔😔😔😔 RIP 😢 Loved him. Damn Too bad. He was fantastic in Jackie Brown. 😭😭😭

Damn....I’m literally watching him on Breaking Bad right now right before I watch El Camino....RIP What the fuck?! I literally just saw him in El Camino this morning. That's too bad, always liked Forster. Just finished watching him in ElCaminoABreakingBadMovie literally an hour ago Great as always, RIP

Cc: MaximumCortez GiaTapHarris KindaCoolGreg SadBoyBarrett Damn. I need to watch Jackie Brown again. TvMonicaTv Oh, I Loved him so much! RIP 😥 oh man just saw him in twin peaks... Such a brilliant actor. RIP. Literally watched Jackie Brown today.. RIP Max Cherry 🙏🏾 Holy shit he was just in el Camino!

Rest In Peace Fuck no!!! Goddamn!! RIP sir!!! Nothing but respect for MY President Robert Forster was a cinematic legend. RIP. RIP🙏 No!!!!! Love Jackie Brown largely because of him. And I just got done watching him in ‘El Camino’ Oh, God dammit! EricHaywood Damn just watched him in El Camino today :(. He was so good in Jackie Brown.

I just him on El Camino TODAY Ridiculous to call the awesome Alligator a career lowlight. John Sayles wrote it!

😢 Horrible news Oh. Oh that makes me sad. Such a good actor and so gorgeous🙏🏼❤️ He was a longtime favorite of mine. Sad to hear this news. Damn I just watched him today reprise his Breaking Bad roll in El Camino. RIP to a fantastic actor! Wow the day el Camino releases. RIP What! I just saw him in El Camino

Shit. Just saw him in the Breaking Bad movie on Netflix. I remember thinking he looked kinda rough. Awwww man. I love this guy. :( Wtf?! He was literally just in El Camino

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