Robert Durst, Convicted Murderer, Has Covid-19 - Cnn

Robert Durst, Convicted Murderer

Robert Durst, convicted murderer, has Covid-19

Robert Durst, who days ago was sentenced to life in prison for killing his best friend, has been placed on a ventilator with Covid-19

10/17/2021 12:37:00 AM

Robert Durst , who days ago was sentenced to life in prison for killing his best friend, has been placed on a ventilator with Covid-19

Robert Durst , the notorious subject of the HBO docuseries 'The Jinx,' who was found guilty last month of first-degree murder and was sentenced last week to life in prison without parole, has been diagnosed Covid-19, his lawyer told CNN Saturday.

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Robert Durst sick with Covid-19, and on a ventilator, following life sentence, lawyer saysBREAKING: Robert Durst tests positive for Covid-19 and is connected to a ventilator, his attorney says. His diagnosis comes the same week he was sentenced to life in prison for murder. How very convenient. Anything to not go to prison! Karma really sucks, huh Rob Buh bye!

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CourtTV wasn’t he just in court ? Coughing and wheezing with his mask pulled down? that was fast FFahQ Twitter Good. Save the state some money if he dies. Just when I thought I wouldn't wish it to happen to anyone. The damn trial killed him. Guilty or not the prosecutors drove the nail in his coffin.

Convicted murderer Robert Durst diagnosed with COVID-19, attorney saysthis is why anyone with brains does not watch corporate media. CNN Lied About Joe Rogan ADMITS Dr. Sanjay Gupta! Karma says hello. CONSEQUENCES FOR ONES ACTIONS GOOD OR BAD.

⚓️Could not have happened to a more deserving butcher.☠️ Fake When they put u on the ventilator u don't come back Can’t say I feel bad…. Why is he occupaying a very coveted ICU bed? Should be kept for someone more deserving. Poor ventilator. It wouldn't have covid if it just got vaccinated. ☹ All these people who they been putting on ventilators most of them who had pneumonia shouldn't have been on ventilators

Oh wow! I’m not at all sad to hear this news. That’s one way to shorten your sentence.

Robert Durst Has COVID-19 And Is On A VentilatorAttorney Dick DeGuerin told news outlets he is very concerned for the real estate heir. Why would he be concerned about a man that executed a woman? Oh well

Poor judgment if the Judge handling the case . Why it took u so long to give it a final blow to the old man ?!😑😏😑 This won’t be a huge loss. Life imprisonment and he is old and weak with covid19 ?!!?😏😐😐😏😐😏 just have a heart. When did it happen . Oh BestFriends are for life right!? The fruit stripe gum of sentences.

Time to stop the ventilator.......easy answer. Karma why does the ventilator have covid? _Ethan_Johnson_ I hate it for Kathy’s family. There was always a small possibility that he’d tell where he buried her. But with him gone…

Robert Durst hospitalized with COVID-19, his lawyer saysLOS ANGELES (AP) — New York real estate heir Robert Durst , who days ago was sentenced in a two-decade-old murder case, has been hospitalized after contracting COVID-19, his lawyer said Saturday, Defense Attorney Dick DeGuerin said he was notified that Durst was admitted after testing positive for the coronavirus. Someone downstairs is waiting for you patiently.🔥🥵🔥 He’ll never get to see his son Fred preform again And life’s just what they take, I hear.

Just stick it in a corner. I give him til next week Execution by COVID-19 Any man’s death diminishes me. Some less than others Why? morgfair How slowly does the American justice system actually move? I remember watching the HBO series about him 10 years ago!!! Whooohoooo! Robert Durst got Life From the looks of him, that will be 4 days!!😡

Robert Durst on a ventilator after contracting COVID-19, his lawyer saysMillionaire Robert Durst , who days ago was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Susan Berman, is on a ventilator with COVID-19, his lawyer says. Life in prison, aka months. Great picture, i was in court Thursday and watched as bailiff had to tell Mr. Durst to wear his mask correctly. Hope he didn’t kill anyone else by spreading virus. His famed lead attorney is in his 80s Don’t worry As our prisoners have the best medical benefits in the country

Of course he has. 🙄 And so, why vent him at his age given a life sentence? Shouldn't even waste well needed oxygen. Shortest life sentence ever. This guy is the gift that keeps on word. Oh darn 🤷‍♀️ Waste of electricity It’s about time something bad happened to him

Robert Durst Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering Susan Berman Robert Durst gets life in prison for the 2000 murder of his friend, Susan Berman. Look like he’s dying already So 5 days? At best, that’s like a 7 year prison sentence . Dude, is on his way out to see Satan