Rising temperatures could lead to heat exhaustion. Here’s what to look for.

6/6/2022 2:20:00 PM

Parents know that taking the kids outdoors could guarantee a speedy bedtime in the summer months, but too much sun and not enough water can lead to health risks.

Parents know that taking the kids outdoors could guarantee a speedy bedtime in the summer months, but too much sun and not enough water can lead to health risks.

Parents know that taking the kids outdoors could guarantee a speedy bedtime in the summer months, but too much sun and not enough water can lead to health risks.

Hassan Zia drove his family from Dallas to spend the weekend at SeaWorld, but after a couple of hours in South Texas heat, it proved to be unbearable for them.Thanks to our sponsors: View all sponsors “The commission’s purpose is really as a convener to pull all the players together that can address hate crimes and our [purposes are] really multi-purpose..Omny Studio is the complete audio management solution for podcasters and radio stations © 2022 121cast Pty Ltd.

“We did not go to the water park.We only went to the other side of SeaWorld, so we saw the orca show and all of that.And then, ultimately, to stop hate before it happens and to try to keep these incidents down as much as we can,” said Jim Bennett, chair of the Illinois Commission on Discrimination & Hate Crimes...” One of the commission’s goals for 2021 was researching existing law enforcement training standards and programs to recognize a hate crime and pursue it as such.it was very, very hot.

Very, very hot,” Zia said.So it is our responsibility to educate the public when things do happen that actually fall into that category,” said Hazel Crest Police Chief Mitchell Davis, who also serves on the commission.Too much sun can lead to heat exhaustion, which means your body doesn’t have enough water to keep your body cool.Yvrella Cruz tries to avoid it.S.“Normally parents don’t come between certain times because it gets really hot.So either in the morning or when the sun starts going down,” Cruz said.Underreporting is another issue the commission is examining.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are some signs that can indicate when heat exhaustion is coming on: Ad Keep an eye out for headaches, dizziness, nausea and a rise in body temperature.If you notice these symptoms, call for medical care.“They may feel like it’s something, certainly with some groups of people, that they feel like it's something they should just have to accept, which is not the case.While waiting for help, put the person experiencing heat exhaustion in a shaded area.Remove any extra clothing like socks or shoes and wash their head and neck with cold water.“I think the most fundamental reason is on our part, in our profession, is people not having knowledge on what defines a hate crime,” said Davis.Since many of the city pools don’t open until next Saturday, many parents chose to beat the heat at Hemisfair Park.

“This is perfect because I don’t have to worry about the kids,” Zia said.So, you know, leadership within organizations have to make sure that first and foremost their members are trained to make sure that they can identify hate crimes and then realize the importance of proceeding with hate crime investigations.“They’re a little too young to be in the water or in the water park for too long.So this is safe for them.The law went in place in 2018.” The City of San Antonio has opened to prevent heat-related illnesses.Starting Monday, an additional nine cooling centers will open specifically for seniors.Again, it’s a civil path.

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