Rihanna Turned Down Super Bowl For Kaepernick, 'I Couldn't Be A Sellout'

Rihanna Turned Down Super Bowl For Kaepernick, 'I Couldn't Be A Sellout'


Rihanna Turned Down Super Bowl For Kaepernick, 'I Couldn't Be A Sellout'

Rihanna says she 'absolutely' rejected the Super Bowl halftime show to show support for Colin Kaepernick.

It was widely reported that RiRi rejected the SB 54 halftime show -- the biggest entertainment event in the world -- because she believed the controversial NFL QB was being blackballed.

"I couldn’t dare do that. For what? Who gains from that? Not my people," Rihanna says ..."I just couldn’t be a sellout. I couldn’t be an enabler."

At the time, Rihanna wasn't shy about her displeasure with the shield ... and she even mocked the league in a video she posted while on an airplane during the Super Bowl.

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S/O to Nike for having our brother Kaepernick7 back and supporting.Silly ppl be like how are they sellout's.Yeah play stupid now.Smdh.We with Kap one Hundred and we don't watch the NFL without Colin Kaepernick on the Field doing what he does.QB Kharel_Otis Playing to the gallery or sticking to public acceptance or approval does not mean u ain't a sell out. In fact its a higher level of selling out. The time hypocritical banal moves impresses me has passed!!

💯 She sold out her soul a long time ago! Just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️ Why not Rihanna? Kaepernick sold out so your not obligated to him in anyway. Your loyalty to him is knull and void Good for her!!! That's not selling out, the man sued and won. Got paid 38 40 million in lawsuit. You really think NFL gonna hire a man that won a suit against them. I wouldn't hire a man that sue me and won. Hope he do get a job but I know it won't happen

and a new book coming out its going to make her millions so she don't have the time for the bull .. sorry twitter if I say it you will cut my account off...anny how we love her the same here AMERICANHCANDY she has new make up out and its selling I don't know who that man is but I love Rihanna baby you are bad by your self the NFL is begging for some one to preform

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My time machine works Lol 🙄 Dumb‼️💯 WHO CARES !!!!! 🙄🙄🙄 Didn’t want to hear that shit anyway. She doesn’t have a new album and has nothing to push. It’s not for that sellout Kap. She’s amazing Are the players that are still playing and collecting that big money a sellout? NO! This is not a platform for positive change. It’s kappernicks diaper changing table and you are The one losing, he doesn’t work there, you would

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will be better anyways

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Well, we all know she's not very bright and tends to make bad decisions... So... Your selling out real Americans (military) Watch all these comments and look who it from! Same story different book..... Allahsız ya 🤗duruşun duruşumuzdur riri Jokes on her! He is the sellout My dear child, Kaepernick is literally the sell out.

My girl....☝️👏👍👋✌💋❤ But she sure doesn’t turn down money to perform in middle eastern counties who violate human rights. Thank god she isn't performing.

Rihanna on Being 'Happy' Dating Hassan Jameel and Why She Turned Down the Super Bowl Halftime ShowRihanna had some forceful words for the NFL. who cares beautifully beauty

49ers sux I don’t blame her, Go Cowboys!!! Whiteout he weave Nobody cares. We don't want to see her anyway. She sucks! What has Colin done for her or anyone else. Besides NFL needs to get better performances. Still won’t watch Dumbbell Shots fired jay z 🤣😂😂😂 Thank you Geeeezussss who needs that Mensa

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Who? Good for her for taking a stand but are we still going to pretend he is NFL ready until he is 40? Fluck the NFL Hey Rihanna. Ever think he's not playing because he sucks? Hmmmm. Probably not. Fivehead Shits getting old She does realize he sold out tho right? I'm selling out the Super Bowl. One man's opinion isn't Worthless, When it serves no purpose

rihanna. Dont forget his MOTHER is WHITE. Too bad.

‘Succession’ Super Fan Pusha T is Remixing the Show’s Theme SongIn a genius partnership of two great brands, Pusha T is remixing the 'Succession' theme song after binge-watching the first season ImYoPusha Did they give him a role in the show (as per pic)? He could've been one light in that family group and hangers-on. Really. No need. We don’t need a remix of a show theme song. Maybe go remix some M.C. Hammer or Vanilla Ice shit.

You ARE a sellout! YOU are a sellout to the concept of humanity by constantly wearing the skins of animals who were skinned ALIVE, trapped, or anally electrocuted so you can “look pretty” 🤔😡👎🤮 Lets all not forget he is biracial. His MOTHER IS WHITE! Why do some people forget this? Why. Because its PC to acknowledge the racial side that is more controversial. His MOTHER is WHITE. Too bad.

The woman’s ego is just as big as her damn forehead! 🙄 No one watching football anymore. No longer a sport but political sham. rihanna. Sell out? You are a sell out to All Americans Rihanna! AllLivesMatter. No problem doin adds for a Chinese magazine. fraud rihanna OMG It’s all fun, games and political statements until the tax man comes knocking on your door.

Yeah Muttha FK em NFL for not letting Kaepernick7 Play NFL Football.I havn't watch the NFL since the knee.Kap stood for us and took a knee for the cause.Yeah Kap wan't to play for the don't let him that's the problem.Dumbass Ppl who support the NFL after

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More propaganda. But he did, so... Please...just stop with this non story I'm sure she's got an inspiring HOT take on China, too. Kaep wants paid stupid money Does anyone care? Quickly losing respect for Rihanna. Don't make no damn sense to do anything for Kaepernick. That is completely insane to turn down a job for support of him

Why And now there’s one less celebrity I give a shit about 🙄

But JLo and Shakira answered the call so the NFL csn draw in the MILF population.... I still support Rihanna... So let all of your fans down? The reason why you are who you are! Ironic this move is what makes her a sell out This is so stupid. How much longer are people going to support this idiocy. I'm happy for her though one less assclown playing for the nfl

Whatever!! Another piece of proof he is just trying to divide instead of help fix the issue he is the problem I Who gives a shit...better singers to do the superbowl anyway!!

Who cares I think that is so dumb that's why black people don't have a lot and not ahead because they concern what poor people think half of the black folks don't even buy football season tickets they just talk and don't even go out to vote No one cares and no 1 wants to listen to this pitch why doesn't she screw kapernick if he likes him so much. I'm sure she would she screwed everyone else

She wasn't offered enough money Ask her what she thinks of the Hong Kong situation Show us yer principles, dear. Everyone, no matter who you/they are needs to stand behind their beliefs 100%. It should only always be this way. Is she even big enough to do the Super Bowl? 🙄 All those people at stadium dodged a bullet.

Who? Nobody watching football 😂😂😂

My respect for her just dropped WAY WAY DOWN Wow my hero I bet she ends up doing it for her boy JayZ tho... Scum sold out America Both are sellouts for Americans..Anyone that supports either of these people are sellouts as well. Our flag & what it represents means zero to them. Neither of them deserve to be mentioned again

I'm good with this and not because of Kaep. So she is behind a 3rate QB Its aight riri J LO AND SHAKIRA will rock that joint 😝 She a hoeeeeeee

Sellout ? No. Dumbass? Yes. Didn’t want to see you perform anyways! Thank God for CK more like she was scared of the blacklash. Plus doing superbowl has now become a poison chalice that few big stars want. Social media sits there waiting to hate on the performance. Rihanna should turn down a pizza. Good job bayyyyybeeeee

Well... I guess she’s an idiot then... he needs a coach that will baby sit him like harbaugh did... if he doesn’t have that he’s a loser qb... he was 1-7 as starter before he was benched... don’t forget that people... he sucked... that’s why he is not in the nfl!!! But would she turn down a 'super bowl' of mari-jew-wanna?

Rihanna nobody wants you, maybe Kaepetnick Guess another on my never listen 2list again.Keep the Twitter hate. When u have Family who have served in Hostile Lands for our Flag & Patrol some of Most Dangerous Streets In America they would die for this Country,for our Flag. I myself would never kneel.Kappergimmick is a POS

Shes a leader...Not a follower...Das why we get along!🔥 80% of NFL players are black. 0% trans and no openly gay ...i see a different kind of problem for NFL... She couldn’t be a sellout for a man who ended up selling out? Makes sense? Karpernick is the biggest sellout ever! He was raised by rich white parents and was a star athlete that made millions!

Barbados is calling your name...... Bye Felicia Would much rather see her preform than jlo 🤮🤮🤮 lol Nothing but respect & love for MY President.

trvisXX run her fade But I can be a sellout for China 🇨🇳 Yet kaep sold out when he took the settlement money 🤷🏽‍♂️ Oh paleeeeez! So tired of this stuff! Explain this logic: Performing for the NFL makes you a sellout🙄 But playing for the NFL means what exactly 🤔 Poor brainwashed girl. Where does Kaepernick get endorsement money from? From an exploitative souless company - Nike, that makes hundreds of millions paying pennies to repressed worker/slaves & supporting an evil regime like China yet you call Trump evil - haha- give me a break!

I'm proud you are taking a stand for the underdog. I will not watch the Superbowl. JZ is a billionaire sellout for the money from the NFL😠 Always stay true to who you are and your values. Understand that rihanna turned down a lot of money. She can’t be bought and I respect that. But she can go back to Chris Brown Isn’t that a sellout to all women?!

Dis bitch will do anything but make new music lol That's fine we got Jlo and Shakira awesomeness Rihanna is the biggest thing right now. She on top. Too bad NFL. No one : Absolutely NO ONE: ...... Rihanna: I CoUlDNt BE a sELL OuT 🙄 Girl bye 👋🏼 RiRi has always been an independent thinker. It would have been easy for her to ride with JayZ but no. And good for her. She’s doing just fine without NFL publicity.

Yet she'll still go to an NBA game and support a league who values the dollar over human rights. GTFOH Funny Now that's a hilarious statement. Smh wtf ever. JLo is so much better anyway!

Good no one wants to hear her anyway So you are telling me there will be another big game without her and Kaperdick? Win-win for America! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Kaepernick would be playing if his skills outweighed his distraction That’s a true friend. Well, anyone that does pop music is by definition a sellout so joke is on her.

Thank goodness !! Now we have two real superstars ! Guess rihanna is a FlagHatter too.

Mzbluerapdiva They got Jlo and shakira. Who’s rhianna again? He still isn’t doing any of the great things to make interactions better or to teach both about the different cultures. If he stepped up off the field and helped individuals people may not roll their eyes Why not he is. She has the head and face of a dwarf.

Lol For a backup quarterback? You should have sang I like her. But I like the other 2 more. It's not selling out. It's buying in I would hate to be a celebrity. You can't do shit without scrutiny

People like him hate this country so much but they sure love living in it. I don’t see them leaving anytime soon. Great!!! JLo and shakira are by far a better choice. Punishing her fans who want to see her perform. WOW kaep actually did something helpful nice We been knew this Who cares!? She keeping 💯. For all you sellouts on the Jay-Z wagon.

J Lo like

The only sellout is Kaepernick! What has he done lately to stand up for his perception of injustice. All he has done is lined his pockets!! ArsenioHall Hi 5 Rhi, Rhi. 💪🏽 Oh by the way 🖕🏽 JAYZ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ok cool. JLo and shakira will do great. And more for family tv. I’m happy with who is performing. Childish to continue to bring Kaepernick and drag this out. Y’all made your choice, stick with it. Do you.

Awesome! No, she sold out America! She sucks anyway! Who? $600m and counting. Teamriri

Good she doesn’t know how to put on a good show anyway. She rather just post naked pics of herself.. good to see she has morals. Roll eyes 👀 She a real one rihanna OMG....lol What a joke about Superbowl. lol don't worry, JLO doesn't care about any of that. She performs for dictators in the Middle East who murder their own people

Not even a big deal, as long as she is working on that new album we’ve been waiting forever for 😭❤️😂 rihanna Ha! 😂 👍🏽 She slick calling Jay-Z a sellout👍 The halftime show is better without you!🖕🏻

Tbh I’d rather watch and listen to J-Lo and Shakira and not someone who live sounds like they did a lot editing and doctoring to make sound good on recordings.🤷‍♂️ No one gives a shit. Sure Stop This is old news...In other news, Shakira can't sing. J-Lo can't sing. They will be shaking ass for the superbowl halftime show.

And all you niggaz who still watch football are sellouts! And from her manager. She was not going to do it for free! Like we the football fans care!! Sure.... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

She should show Jay z a thing or two. I'm unofficially adopting this woman as my own daughter. Rihanna when she sees Colin Kaepernick. Rihanna who? There are so many other artists I'd rather see perform than who ever this is anyway. As far as Kap....isn't he begging to come back to the NFL anyway? So messy...

Kudos to her, can almost guarantee the halftime performance will be the least entertaining part of that evening in 2020. Made the right decision. So what I turned down singing at my local high school football game because I felt the nachos sucked. Hahaha. Funniest thing ever. What a Maroon. I see that as a win win - we don’t have her and we do have JLo!🤷‍♀️

She would’ve been much better than JHo & that other white girl that’s performing 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

Sellout for what? The NFL isn’t beating and killing Black people. His protest was against police brutality and inequality not against the NFL people really don’t understand WTF he was doing including him. Hell he sold out to the NFL if that’s the case he took a check 😂 Kaepernick7 do you want to play in the nfl ? Please respond to clarify for the critics

She wasn't that discriminating when Jay Z was pimping her out. Da not to smart she's not american so who gives a shit Shots at jay z Oh he wouldn’t have been there anyway but ok!!!!! Oh please reahna when he goes and fights for our country then he can kneel f you too that’s just an excuse because your halftime show will suck you can all go to hell leave this country if you hate it so much

But appearing in Chinese mags, that's okay? Hypocrite Well thanks rihanna now we have to listen to JLo and shakira Hell I didn’t know Shakira was still performing. SuperBowl NFL

Tell that to Jay-Z . You a real one rihanna Yet she don’t mind taking that Chinese money right!!! Lmfao I guess her WOKE only activates in America and nowhere else!!! necessaryblack Dear Rihanna, Kap is just a plant for the deep state. He got paid rather well 👏🏽 Thank you rihanna 👑True Queen Who is she selling out to? Full blooded Americans?

Raise the roof for Rihanna🙌🏽 Good for you, bye Felicia.

😂😂😂😂😂 ArsenioHall And Jay-Z is....? JLo and shakira don't care about the injustices happening to People of Color. Let's be real, they are looked at as exotic since they are fair skin. I'm a fair skinned Latino - & I'm here to tell you all, a lot of fair skinned Latinxs don't understand the privilege we carry.

Tell Jay z 🤮 Lmao attention seeking .... sellout!! should have let y’all starve but that’s ok ! All Kaep mates in the nfl and he took their money !! This shit is just headlines about couldn’t be a sellout !! And how u turn them down but u not “Miami influenced” 🤔 Yeah sure this is more cheap heat Bull crap. Kaepernick is a fraud !! Jay-Z is the man !!!

She's lying for publicly to sell books Shakira shade.

Get woke go broke! Who cares But sold out to China They’ll make a killer couple😍 Oh puh-leese. 🙄 Hold on...let me get my tissue and wipe away my tears of the self-sacrifice that she is bringing to our attention!!!! ⭐️ Angry1snowman RiseOfFoles and then woke world is crumbling down. Frauds. Kap sold out when they settled tho. Move along

This issue has come n gone who cares anymore! Let the NFL be fun again let’s get back to decent talent!

Doesn't really matter the money...💰 its about her PRIDE and what SHE believes in, and is RIGHT! ✊ She’s been selling out in China for a while now. These people think we’re all idiots. She’s the definition of a SELLOUT. That’s why she a real one Does she even perform anymore. Hahahaha 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m in the middle of filming Battleship 2.”

Sell out we are fans just not him Ya right 🤭

Stupid move! JLo shakira. You 2 are sell outs according to rihanna Good she’s terrible Good we rather have JLO Who? Good to see someone with integrity- especially in entertainment!👍🏽 🙄 Props to Riri! Let's see if other celebs do the same in the future!

Beautiful Rihanna is worth 600 million trust she didn’t need the coin or the publicity! She could have turned it down quietly and not mention it. But instead she’s like “look at me I am a HERO, look what I gave up! Praise me! The rest of you are traitors” ... gag He was tho You sold out America instead Rhi Rhi will always be the realest

But she is She sounds dumb for that. What an idiot she is, Colin is a nobody and a public joke I need work...Sorry not in the NFL.

Sometimes u have to stand up for what u believe to b right. Couldn't be a sellout? For the sellout? LoL JLo is better anyway and not so stupid as Rihanna! Kaepernick is a sellout, so ... hmmm I would much rather have Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform anyways soooo...... 🐸☕️ She can do whatever she likes. I still love Riri - her music is a WHOLE lot better than JLo

Idiots, it’s unbelievable how “woke” she is and he is. Lmao This is why I fux with The Queen JLo n Shakira a much better show anyway 👍🏼 Can’t be a sellout when you’re a has been

All these people turning down for Kaep but you keeps trying to work his way back in BUT HES high school teachers said he was a nice guy in high school.......... That's because high school players wasn't getting paid hshhsshhsshsjsjssjjsj Fuckn Collin Capra Nick hes acting just like jalen Ramsey for the jaguars........ Hes acting just like Des Brian for the Dallas Cowboys........ Hes acting just like Odell beckam for the New York Giants Brock OsWilder .......... I can go on and on about the scorpio Rhianna

Good for her 👏👏👏 stand ya ground! no money is worth selling out for what you believe in No no no no no hes a sellout scorpio........ You're not a sell out pisces........ You just don't do the nasty!!!!!!!!! HOVA won't be happy. He was a failed quarterback before all of this. Smokescreen to take focus off of his bad play

nice Stupid

Never thought i would be saying this but THANK YOU COLIN Jay z take note Hahahahaha! BS! He’s making millions! So she won’t sell anything in China right? Dumb🙄 this is awkward for jay z 🤮🤮🤮 thats ok i dont care anyways i really only love one of her songs anyways so its all good She’s the GOAT!

Legend, ugh her mind And that’s why I am a fan of Rihanna. and yet she was stanning Slave Play Didn't he take a payment from the NFL? So who really the sellout? These artists better learn to stop blocking blessings for someone who wasn't even that good at football to begin with Who cares. Has been.... Despite her relationship with RocNation & Jay-Z? That’s impressive.

When you are diamond status I guess you CAN pick and choose rihanna - I wonder if she wasn’t who she is today would she still had turn it down? 🤔 Both of them together My left foot has more talent. No just a dumb ass .Kapernick would love to be back in the NFL

We knew that already! So is she saying her big homie Jay-Z is a sellout🤔🤔🤔 Well jay-z couldn’t turn down the money Kap already sold out and took a deal from NFL. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 thats ok i didn't care anyway i really only love one of her songs anywhere so it all good I'd pick JLo & shakira over Rihanna anyday.

Fivehead Did us all a solid, thanks for not singing.

she ended jlo IDIOT dumb Bravo 👏👏 No one else cared!! But Colin k wants to comeback and play for the nfl? 🤷🏼‍♀️ who Queen... Rich because Kaepernick7 is just that; an ugly sell out. Celebs really are stupid 😂

Maybe it has to do with money. Halftime performers don't get paid 💥 💥 shotsfired Too late They should date they look good together S_C_ Never heard of her But Kap got paid to go away 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Huh She works with China she been sold out

the JLO shade Who? A queen Rather have JLo and Shakira anyway

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