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Restaurants Plan for Post-Covid Renewal: Smaller Menus, Merch Stores, Healthcare for Workers

The pandemic provided a window of experimentation. Here’s what chefs, restaurateurs and industry experts think will stick.

5/6/2021 10:00:00 PM

The pandemic provided a window of experimentation for restaurants. When it's over, what will dining out look like? Here’s what chefs, restaurateurs and industry experts think will stick.

The pandemic provided a window of experimentation. Here’s what chefs, restaurateurs and industry experts think will stick.

as health monitors.The pandemic has taxed restaurant workers, who are asked to provide service but haven’t received enough of it themselves, says Brandon Jew, chef and owner of Mister Jiu’s in San Francisco. “We all want hospitality,” he says. Nationally, chains and independent eateries alike

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have struggled to hire back staffwho are opting instead to stay on unemployment or work in other industries.For many restaurant owners, pandemic-related labor shortages laid bare what was no longer working in an industry defined by its unrelenting work culture, and provided a window for experimentation. Many restaurants

reopened post-lockdownwith permanently revised pay structures and operations, as well as new standards to address burnout.“This is the very best time to rebuild a restaurant,” says Mark Canlis, co-owner of Canlis in Seattle, who compares the pandemic to a hurricane. If one room of a house is already in poor shape, “you’re not going to build that room back the same way if a hurricane has devastated your house,” he says.

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We no longer plan to spend our money in these establishments, thank you! Continuing labor force shortages may mean streamlined operations and perhaps a different level of service.

India’s top court orders govt to submit oxygen plan as Covid cases explodeThe order comes after the New Delhi High Court stayed a contempt notice earlier issued to the government for defying its order to supply adequate oxygen to more than 40 New Delhi hospitals.

EU leaders raise doubts over U.S. plan to waive Covid vaccine patentsEU leaders have doubts that waiving intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines is the way to go. Waiving Covid vaccine patents is just a political show. chenweihua Europe can never get enough Genocide. What a fucked up bunch of imperialist oligarchs the EU has. Surprised the people of Europe don’t revolt against their criminals perched a top their crumbling civilization. Europe needs a rebirth as bad as America. Both are mora abominations.

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India reports over 412,000 new Covid cases as court demands plan to tackle oxygen shortage in DelhiIndia's Supreme Court ordered the central government to present a comprehensive plan by Thursday outlining steps to meet medical oxygen requirements for Delhi. PM Modi has failed his country. His continued inaction is beyond irresponsible

HHS Awards $40 Million in American Rescue Plan Funding to Support Emergency Home Visiting Assistance for Families Affected by the COVID-19 PandemicToday, in recognition of NWHW, HHS, through HRSAgov, awarded ~ $40 million in American Rescue Plan emergency Home Visiting funds to support children & families affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Learn more: