Prince Harry, Prince William

Prince Harry, Prince William

Report: Prince Harry, Prince William 'At War' - Gossip Cop

Report: Prince Harry, Prince William ‘At War’

4/14/2021 1:10:00 AM

Report: Prince Harry , Prince William ‘At War’

Prince Harry and Prince William are in the biggest fight of their relationship, and the brothers may not patch things up anytime soon. One outlet says

Prince Williamare in the biggest fight of their relationship, and the brothers may not patch things up anytime soon. One outlet says that their disagreements are bad enough that they’re affecting a memorial for their mother, Princess Diana. Here’s what we know.

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Prince Harry And Prince William’s Fight“Harry & William: At War Over Their Mum’s Statue,” saidWoman’s Dayin 2020. The magazine reported that “amid princes Harry and William’s spectacular falling out, there remains an invisible victim” of their spat: the planned memorial for Princess Diana. According to sources, the main reason that there hasn’t been any progress with the statue is the fact that

the two princes won’t agreeon how it should look. “They’ve been butting heads on everything ever since Harry took issue with Prince William asking him to wait before proposing to Meghan to make sure he knew what we was doing,” an inside source revealed.

“Harry took that very personally and has fought against his brother ever since, including butting heads over their mom’s statue,” the snitch shared. Other sources added that Prince William is particularly “exasperated” by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s

antics after leaving the royal family, while Prince Harry, in turn, feels “abandoned” by his brother. What makes their separation so much worse, the outlet noted, is the fact that the two brothers know that their sibling is the only person who understands what Princess Diana means to them.

Will They Honor Princess Diana?Contrary to this report, the plans for the statue are moving along quite well. Despite whatever their personal differences are at the moment, the brothers obviously care more about appropriately honoring their mother than they do their own quarrels.

The Sunrevealed that the princes had been in communication about the final design and details of the project, and last week, the two. While the statue is coming along a bit slower than anticipated, there’s also a global pandemic and ongoing Brexit-related problems that likely stalled the project far longer than petty disagreements. For as much as

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Woman’s Dayreveled in the alleged fight between Prince Harry and Prince William, it’s now clear that the tabloid had nothing but nasty words and made-up accusations to support its story.Of course,Woman’s Day Read more: Gossip Cop »

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