Rep. Maloney: Republicans are ‘wrapped around the axel of some dangerous conspiracy theories’Sean Patrick

'75% of Americans, including a lot of Republicans, support the pandemic relief bill,' Rep. Maloney says. 'You've got a Republican caucus that is badly out of touch with where the country is.'

2/26/2021 9:32:00 AM

'75% of Americans, including a lot of Republicans, support the pandemic relief bill,' Rep. Maloney says. 'You've got a Republican caucus that is badly out of touch with where the country is.'

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) speaks to Nicolle Wallace about a Republican caucus that he calls ‘badly out of touch with where the country is’ on a variety of issues, including the threat from extremists, the pandemic, and equality based on sexual orientation and gender identity

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You got that right! 🤨 I'd say 100% of people like free surprise. But they are actually loosing money. The nat debt costs $500B/yr now. And this boondoggles is a transfer of wealth to blue state politicians and lefty constituents. 15% fo direct payments and covid issues. Only 9% is for COVID. Bill is total bullshit money payoff.

Suck my fucking dick No wars in 4 years. Job security. Energy independence. Gas was under $2 a gallon. Stock market above 30K. But now we have Joe. How much does Baloney get to pocket ? If so why where there 2 Democrats voted against it Bills and laws are made to pay back campaign donors. They stick one little piece of chump change for the people in it and label the bill as relief for the people so they can give billions to their buddies. Been going on for decades people wake up!!

75% of Americans want foreign aid and California subways? Really ? They are not out of touch they just don’t care You guys always lie about Nancy Pelosi why does she need $100 million train station why does Schumer need a bridge that has nothing to do a covert relief you guys don’t care about the American people all you care about is putting more money in the Democrats pockets

They would not if they knew what was in it that's not Covid relief ...but more the same pork that the Dumocrates always add on. Then they blame the Republicans when the object to the needless spends for tunnels and bridges in Dumocratic districts. InactionNever When you are truly awful, you own it. The live in a fishbowl.

Rep Maloney needs to state the reason most Republicans are against the bill It is 75% filled with Democratic pork and slush funding with only about 25% earmarked for covid The fact that you allow him to speak misleadingly and spread misinformation makes you complicit Are you calling TuckerCarlson a liar? 😂

Less then 9% of the bill is for COVID-19 I agree to helping the people but not other countries Not as it is written. My lord, the USA was such a great Country. WTH happened to it.....Trump! Traverse the country, broadcast to folks that Ds are moving forward with bold changes that will benefit everyone. Rs who are civil, can engage in discourse - not blame throwing, & want to govern & not obstruct are welcome to join our majority.

Somebody is out of touch alright... look in the mirror ass clown 🤡 The bill needs to have the Pelosi subway, Schumer bridge, art foundations, sending money over seas, and paying off the states under funded pension plans like my state of CA and NY eliminated and you end up with a true $1 trillion covid bill. Not $1.9 trillion.

The GOP are content to help trump do what he has done with everything else, f' it up That's true. Many Republicans are broke too. They support the pandemic relief bill. July 18, 2015, Trump publicly insulted POW's and veterans. This is when today's Republicans fell in love with him. Had Trump uttered the same words just after Nam, those Republicans would have run him out of town. Today's Republicans' aren't Republican.

Yet not one fucking repuke voted in favour I do not, repeat, not support this bill. Only 9% for actual COVID related relief? WTF. The rest is all pork. How is a bridge from Canada to New York COVID related. How is a subway in California COVID related? How many people would support it if they knew the amount of crap that's in it?

Will someone please ask LindseyGrahamSC why raising the minimum wage to $15/hr shouldn't be in the Covid Relief Package, yet Trump's Covid Relief Bill included UFO disclosure? How does UFO disclosure ( marcorubio ) help Americans with Covid? GOP SenateDems CNN 'axle' not axel, but yes, absolutely!

Republicans do not care about majorities. They care about power. The long term strategy of defunding education while fox and others spread disinformation and stir up hate is not to win elections but to radicalize a base to overthrow democracy and end free elections 75% of what country? I dont know that many people who favor that blue state bailout pork bill.

I’m a Democrat and I don’t support all the pork in the bill Trumplican are not out of touch. Trumplican just DO NOT CARE. IAmJoeTrudeau The GOP has abandoned its voters. Democrats should be “whipping” ALL Americans that are Republican voters in Red states “whip” Republican constituents against their Republican representatives at the federal, state, county, city levels that do NOT support democratic legislation that will improve their lives

Democrats need to keep repeating the fact that continuing the BIG LIE is primarily a strategy to keep Trump relevant eventhough he is a LOSER. It is a political strategy to hold on to whoever voted for him and try to mobilize others to him. The following statement best summarizes Trump's voting base in general... 'America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.' ~Abraham Lincoln

the republican caucus is not out of touch with their base's hate - because the republican caucus manufactured their base's hate. And they manufactured the hate specifically for the purpose of being the only thing they need to stay in touch with. Republicans are not going to do anything bipartisan. They FOLLOW Trump's orders. They are AFRAID of LOSING their positions if Trump VERBALLY ATTACKS them. ONLY when Trump is neutralized, will anything change. Spreading the BIG LIE OF A STEAL is his strategy to remain RELEVANT.

I just am concerned that all the contents of 1.9 trillion dollar bill have not been itemized & explained on the news to. We the people MsMariaT The Republican Party is not a political party, it is a criminal syndicate. pretty sure its the raising of minimum wage issue and debasing the dollar that has them floundering on the issue if they were separated bills it would fly and you know it. sneaky

When I saw they were rolling in the golden statue of Trump all I could think of was in the Bible with the golden calf and how angry god was that they worshipping a false god! Judgement day will come to all involved, I’m sure! Why was it necessary to say including Republicans? Kissing your job goodbye! See ya

You sir are a true humanitarian. And you tell the truth and apparently have compassion for your fellow American. So the thing is obviously to accuse others of what your doing. Why is it so obvious to so many yet some remain ignorant to it. I know I see right through you scumbags. The more time we devote to going within and strengthening our Inner Soul Connection with Our Creator, the sooner we will embrace our differences so we can live together in Peace. And then, our ego distorted desire to gain power over each other, will become a thing of the past✌🏼

Kevin McCarthy was on Fox saying the stimulus is corrupt & too liberal. What is their end game here? How is this a win for them? No we don’t. Not sure where you got those numbers....probably the same people that counted the ballots for the election lol. How many GOP are extremist, maybe a vote is needed!!!

Maybe because only 10% is for covid relief and the other 90% of the money is for lining politicians pockets! The Republican Party is the greatest enemy the American people have ever faced. Try Whose money do they think it is? no you got treason in high office thats wrecking this country.. Listening to MSNBC talking about Republicans, is like listening to china talking about the uhigers

If they keep this up it should show that the Republicans don't care about the trials and tribulations of American citizens! That something everyone needs to see. Money from heaven with all the non-pandemic goodies in the Bill! Republicans need to vote what is right for the people that voted them into office, NOT what the party wants. Think for yourself and vote what is right. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves at what is happening now in the US.

“Wrapped around the axel of some dangerous conspiracy theories” is a sweet euphemism for “completely out of touch with reality” and “hellbent on sending Americans they don’t like to their deaths, en masse.” I’d like to see what kind of fat is in this stimulus bill. Are we sending 1 million dollars worth of ice to the arctic circle? Sending money to countries around the world so they can be vaccinated before us? Is there some sort of greasy oil industry handshake in there?

The GOP has lost all sense of reality. They are power hungry, violent, self serving, lazy as hell, and anti American. If the GOP continues its path democracy and the republic that is America with fade to a very dark place, that the rest of the world will detest. Ask about trump The Republican caucus is too busy getting fat and greedy on their own power. They don't care because they don't have to because they're basically able to do whatever they want with zero consequences.

RepSeanMaloney ..because being 'in touch' means spending billions for 'the bay area Rapid transit expansion' or the 'Seaway International Bridge' or 'family planning' or the 350 billions of bailouts to failed Democrat states, and more. THAT is 'being in touch' Mr Boloney That’s because they don’t care where the people are. Look at Texas. No one cared about Texans. The CEO of the energy company said he would do nothing different. There don’t believe in democracy. They represent themselves not constituents.

Some of the smartest people in government are LGBT+. But they don't support wars. I feel bad for decent Republicans but they need to speak up and not stand by or they are just as culpable as the absolute moronic batch destroying lives and hope. ERCOT HAVE REAL REASON TO CUT 5 MILLION USERS OFF,ITS NOT DUE TO STORM,BUT THEIR MATH & ALGORITHMS ON CHARGING FOLKS,TO COVER THIS UP BEFORE IT CAUGHT UP WITH ENTIRE GRID,SO WITH POWER OFF WOULD ERASE HEAVY USAGE THAT MAKE IT SEEMS THE PEOPLE USE LESS ON FEB THAN ON JAN OR DEC

Because they're only working for themselves they forget that their job is working for the majority of the people of the state they serve! Out of touch with their constituents. Maybe, they legitimately oppose the price of the bill. Both parties are a mess, imo. The problem is RIghtWingMedia!!! Repubs in my TX neighborhood were screaming about the power and water being off last week, but all Fox has to do is say SOCIALISM and ABORTION and they’ll march like zombies to vote for the people who are destroying their lives 😫🤬😫.

Can we just cut out their states and increase the direct payments to everyone else? The vast majority of Americans support M4A which puts the Democratic and Republican caucuses badly out of touch with the country and into simply making the rich ever richer. More good news please((( Of course we do. The only people who don't are Politicans who put partybeforecountry and not countrybeforeparty that's politics for ya

It's not an axel.