Paul Walker, Paul Walker Birthday, Paul Walker Rip, Rip Paul Walker

Paul Walker, Paul Walker Birthday

Remembering Paul Walker: A Life in Photos

Remembering Paul Walker: A Life in Photos


Remembering Paul Walker : A Life in Photos

The late actor would've celebrated his 46th birthday on September 12.

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Does anyone really care anymore? Elvis and Bruce Lee are dead too. Beautiful man & eyes. Inside & out. God bless him. O M G super sexxxyyy. Rest in paradise misss u Will always be missed!! We lost a good ACTOR and very good looking he's missed 😔RIP 🙏🏾🙏🏾 You'll never be forgotten PaulWalker 💗💗💗💗 I would like to put that picture of him on my wall rest in peace sweet boy

It truly broke my heart when Paul was killed I cried what a wonderful guy he was May his family be proud

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Rest In Peace PaulWalker Gone way too soon 🙏🏼❤️ afterallmylove 🎚🙏🏻♥️ Miss you Paul💔 uhHypxr Legend 😪 Numnnunnn Nnn 😢 He came to Alabama in 2011 to help with cleanup from all the EF5 tornadoes that hit across my home state. Another great guy gone too soon. PaulWalker reachoutworldwide ROWW We still love you and miss you.

PGA's Paul Casey Almost Loses Tournament For Hitting Bug With Golf BallA tiny bug nearly cost Paul Casey a trophy! Damn---- Give me your glasses, so EYE can see 🐜 Fuck that ball! Friend of the bug Not really trying to save bugs aka pests on the golfcourse they can cause major problems to the turf

Those beautiful baby blue eyes 🌹💎 Beautiful soul i can’t believe it’s been that long He is missed, every day!! Gone, WAY TOO SOON!! *__ ,,,,, Never forgotten. Such a beautiful man he was. Wow six years..💔,we miss him,what an awful tragedy😓 Why..why..why I ball like a baby every single time I watch Furious 7😭😭😭 He was such a beautiful person inside and out❤️

myendlessejami So sad. What a handsome sweet person. 🙏❤️

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💙💙💙 Miss u Paul I truly was heartbroken when he was gone. My favorite actor, philanthropist, and he will always be my celebrity crush👼🏼💓 😭😭😭😭 Six years already? Feels like yesterday. Miss him so much 💔 Rip What are your views about this one 2LarryJohnson7 ? What a loss! Such a beautiful man. I’ve always kept his daughter in my thoughts.

Damn where has the time gone? I remember turning my tv on just as the news was coming through here in the UK. I stood there in front of my tv in disbelief. A beautiful man, with a beautiful soul. Inside and out. 💕

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Since they murdered him you mean. Paul you left a legacy that will never be forgotten, you played a part that no one could ever replace, rest in peace dear friend 🚘 ⭐️✨ Aww that's still so hard to hear ! And didn't think it was that long ago 💔 much love to him and his lovely family and friends who miss him so much 💔💞💕

Sadness💔💔. Not forgotten this babe♥️✨ Continue RIP PaulWalker Happy Heavenly Birthday Paul 💙💙 wasn’ he dating underage girls? Happy Birthday PaulWalker!! You’re always in our prayers and never forgotten ❤️🥺😭🙏🏻💕🎂 We still miss you RealPaulWalker. W/ every FastFurious that we see, we realize it's just not the same. For PaulWalker fans '13 Paul Walker Facts': MeadowWalker codywalkerroww justinlin Tyrese MRodOfficial Ludacris RIPPaulWalker fastfurious

Paul Jasmin Doesn’t Want Famous Friends (Unless You’re Judy Garland)'When I went to New York, I got to know Judy Garland. She was probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever known.'

This still breaks my heart today. He was my favorite actor. GOD IS PEACE 🙏🏾😇 😢👉💔🙏 jiggyjoe888 Man his beautiful ass was the only reason and I mean the only reason I watched fast n furious 😂 God Bless you Mista Walker 😘 I loved this man so much and there isn’t moment I don’t miss seeing him on the screen, you’ll always be my favorite

He's always rememberd/gone to soon. Paul Walker was a legend in the fast and the furious franchise R.I.P Happy Birthday ❤️🙏 I had no idea who he was before he died.

Paul Mooney's Sons Address Richard Pryor Jr. AllegationsPaul Mooney's sons come to their father's defense, saying he can't speak for himself. Rest n Paradise Richard Pryor

😭😭😭😭 já faz 6 anos? 😱😔 Still so sad bout his death, my favourite actor ever.he was the reason why I love FaF and cars.he’s a hero and was the best actor and person you could ever think of. All of the charity work he did...... sad thing is, it’s true that the greats get taken away from us to soon 😭❤️🙏

Huskies and Paul Walker 😍❤️💕💞💗 ❤ Always_Delena4E Like Great pictures yes Thank you for sharing special Thoughts. May his soul rest in Peace. Always remember him in our hearts He will be never be forgotten. 👏❤

💙💐 hold on everyone im just layin the spike strips in case that dodge ram mf comes in here Wow omg 6 years already I can’t believe it .. and it still makes me super emotional 😍😍😍 Such a gorgeous man. RIP. Happy Birthday It's tragic that Paul and his buddy died going an unsafe 100 mph in a residential zone accident. His 16 year old girlfriends must miss him very deeply. Hey famous older guys. Don't date little girls and don't endanger others in a neighborhood. Please and thank you.

A legend

That pic, top left. Was that his girlfriend? firstthem Pedo A shining star gone far too soon! ✨ RealPaulWalker will never not be missed. Such sadness 💔 Very sad. He seemed like a nice, down to earth person. Plus he was gorgeous. 😔❤️ xx :( Happy birthday Paul Walker hope they still make you a cake or pie🥳🥧 REST IN PEACE PAUL WALKER

Such a beautiful soul. You could almost predict that he’d wrap his car around a lamppost from his racing movies 😢. RIP

6years gone by already since this beautiful man was taken way too young. Happy heavenly Birthday Paul xx 🎂😪💙💔 😢 🙏🏽 😢 Drive safe everyone. RIP we love you😔 RIP Paul Walker. Gone way too soon. In loving memory Paul,universe will never forget you.ENDLESS LOVE. DaddyDaughter 💗💗💗 It's a shame we can't slow time down the years seem to be going by so fast.

It's been a long day without you, my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again We've come a long way from where we began Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again When I see you again Foreverafan PaulWalker

Still a hard pill to swallow... 💔 This is certainly an interesting way to describe a pedophile. 😬 Being “hot” doesn’t make him any less gross (or illegal) than Roy Moore. chadgoesdeep Wait. 'Since the world lost the light' Uh. Pullezze. Briemode97 😭😭😭😭😭😭 My dawg He was so handsome. Feeling sorry he's gone. RIP.

Too sad...😓 Does that life include sleeping with underage girls like Paul Walker did? Such an amazing actor. He truly immersed himself in his roles.

💔💔💔 Very sad. Also don't ride in a car pushing 100 mph in 45 mph residential zone. 👀Wayment‼️6 yrs⁉️Are U SRS⁉️Where has all the time gone⁉️OMG Seemed like only last yr he went away! 😭😩🤧😣😫 A markchristina_ fav RIP Someone has to explain to me why the media avoids talking about Paul walkers love of underaged girls Y’all damn sure don’t let r kelly breathe and Michael Jackson still has cases and documentaries about allegations after he died

RIP brother I don’t know why each time I look at his face I feel peace and respect.... Good people leave us early.... One of my favorite actors because of my favorite movie - Running Scared Who?

CodySRiley cott5 RIP 😭 DianaHollins Dude was dating an underage girl. Wasn't the first time. He might as well have been Roy Moore. Wasn't he dating a teenager when he died 😬😬 FaxMercury timing is crazy yet again🤯 He looks soo hot in those pictures Wait wasn't he in a relationship with a minor and everyone still mourning his death? He and anyone that condones this death style not lifestyle deserves what they get. Wages of sin is Death

It still feels like 2 months when I first heard he died but it’s been 6 years that’s so weird rip Paul walker 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Yes let's keep milking the death of a man who was dangerously speeding in a car and killed another person. Yup that deserves so much aspiration and love. Yes he was a great actor but what he did was stupid and careless

C0RINNExo It is a terrible loss to us... FastFurious HobbsAndShaw PaulWalker He was so stunning, i could barely take my eyes off 😍 kels15_ 😭😭😭😭😭 rosiebrownx 😭😭😭 I can no longer believe that death took you💔 pauleenmaleyx RIP to a king😇😇😇 Remember that time Paul walker was just another victim of the Illuminati pedophile government I DO!! Don’t worry Paul! Some of us know the TRUTH!!! RIP.

Taken away from us too soon 😭

RIP PAUL. ❤ 😔 .RIP ..what a beautiful human si ganteng yg sudah tiada 😭 gabisa move in dari paul walker 😭 himiakurnia Wow six years OMG 😢 Nnicolyn We miss him so so so much 😢😢😢 ErikTheGuru it's a real ones bday 💯🙏😭 Already 6 years? Where has the time gone 💔 Miss u EVERYDAY RealPaulWalker xoxo happy heavenly birthday luv


He was beautiful REST IN PEACE A beautiful man, a gifted actor, a loving father, gone far too soon. Happy Birthday Paul!💙 Vous remettez le couteau dans la plaie 😭

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