Remember Lana Del Rey's 'Mesh' Mask? It Wasn't What You Thought It Was

11/22/2020 6:00:00 AM

Remember Lana Del Rey’s 'mesh' mask? It wasn’t what you thought it was

she wore at a book singing last month. It turns out that seeing is not believing. The singer was called out by some when she wore a netted mask that appeared to be more fashion than COVID-19-appropriate while attending a signing for her book in Los Angeles and greeting large groups of fans. So, she tweeted out a response to a weekend 

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article by the the University of Michigan's student newspaper that dissectedthe backlash over the incident. Read more: billboard »

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I am a fan obviously but I somehow really doubt that she is being honest. But I understand because the backlash of such an accusation these days is very large. Maybe she should show the mask in a real photo or video with the plastic underneath...then I'd believe her. Ey write down about her helping local bands, about the Liverpool doc, about the LAPhil, about VBOTG poetry book yo help native american with the water project... Spill!!! Don't be just that kind of tabloid

AN APOLOGY WOULD SUFFICE. wbk You could literally see the tip of her nose poking thru the holes. I’m been a Lana fan since 2011 but putting your fans at risk and then lying about it aint it great. now apologize an apology is enough xx switching like... 🍅🍅🍅 boo billboard cierren el orto hijos de puta Люди стали дикарями, и очень ловко всех отвлекли от настоящих проблем. Бедная Лана ещё и оправдываться должна.

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