Ray J Out of Hospital and Resting at Home After Pneumonia Scare

Ray J is out of the hospital after his non-COVID pneumonia scare.

10/14/2021 12:00:00 AM

Ray J is out of the hospital after his non-COVID pneumonia scare.

Ray J is out of the hospital after his non-COVID pneumonia scare.

is no longer battling pneumonia from a Miami hospital bed ... he's been discharged and is continuing to recover at home.Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Ray was released from the hospital over the weekend and he's also stopped using an inhaler and isn't on oxygen anymore.

As we told you ... Ray Jwas admittedearlier this month, where doctors discovered he had pneumonia and assumed he had COVID too. Ray tested negative for the virus and was eventually moved out of the COVID wing, but was super scared.Our sources say Ray thinks his busy schedule and constant travel were to blame for his illness, and now he's realized he needs to take care of his health.

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Good If he didn't have covid why tf are you putting non- COVID in the headline? 😄Sure he ain't got anything else? Just sayin.

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Major hospital systems in Ohio requiring Covid vaccinations for organ transplantsThe Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, two of the largest healthcare systems in Ohio, are requiring Covid-19 vaccinations for solid organ transplants. Of course they are. Meanwhile, their employees are among the fattest in the country. lol. so I just won't donate my organs. simple. Good.

Covid in Wales: Sorry for early mistakes, says health ministerEluned Morgan apologises after MPs say early Covid response one of worst ever public health failings. Apologising on behalf of her predecessor? Hmm. How about Drakeford apologises, including for current retrograde, pie in the sky policies like the MedicalApartheid passes that are about to make a mockery of any residual 'authority' his administration still clings to.

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