Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon of ‘Abusive, Unprofessional’ Behavior on ‘Justice League’ Set

Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon of ‘Abusive, Unprofessional’ Behavior on ‘Justice League’ Set

7/1/2020 8:38:00 PM

Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon of ‘Abusive, Unprofessional’ Behavior on ‘Justice League’ Set

Actor Ray Fisher accused director Joss Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behavior on the set of the 2017 film “Justice League,” in a

, after Snyder left the project due to a death in his family. Fisher played the cybernetic superhero Cyborg in the film, alongside Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and Ezra Miller’s the Flash.

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The resulting film received mixed-to-negative reviews and grossed a disappointing $657.9 million worldwide; more importantly, the tonal mix of Snyder and Whedon’s sensibilities led many fans to see the film as an unacceptable compromise of Snyder’s true vision. That led to a years-long grassroots fan campaign to “release the Snyder cut” of “Justice League,” which was ultimately successful: Snyder

announced in Maythat his cut of the film will debut on HBO Max in 2021.Fisher hinted at friction with Whedon earlier this week, when he tweeted a clip from the “Justice League” panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con in which he praised the filmmaker as “a great guy” and that Snyder “picked a good person to come in and clean-up — and finish up for him.”

“I’d like to take a moment to forcefully retract every bit of this statement,” Fisher tweeted. Read more: Variety »

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You know what, everybody has a story. Get paid. That’s my motto He made me say 'BOOYA' 😭 I have a few more for your list .... years of unacceptable behavior - that is no longer acceptable. Time for a change, time for people to educate themselves on what it means to be a Director and a decent human being.

If you hate Geoff then don't see WW84 IStandWithRayFisher ScottAdamsSays The producers and director didnt have to give him a job; Perhaps fisher can raise his own money and produce his own movies Or better he get out of the intertainment industry and get degree re: actors no one has heard of dont 'run' a movie

I'm not jumping any guns, but ppl forget that Joss isn't innocent at all, and was previously outed by his ex-wife and some contemporaries for being a misogynistic POS. Are we really surprised by this I lost any respect I had for Joss years ago. whinny boy .... needs to go home to mommy 😟 Two_Cams25 I thought this was the guy from power

How do you trades feel about being John's puppets? Like a lovesick puppy dog following his master for the next doggie snack. Roll over. Good boy. Write about that. I know we're (rightly) listening and believing victims more these days but this: 'Fisher offered no corroboration for his claims, and attempts to reach his representatives for further clarification went unanswered.' This is an unacceptably low standard. Say it or don't.

Dude get over yourself!!! Josh is a grown man, he cleaned up the movie as best he could considering the acting totally sucked!! The problem with the movies was you and the other actors, not the producer!! Take some responsibility for you sucking!! A hole!!😂😉 I’ve never heard of either of these men. ScottAdamsSays Not surprising. Does that guy strike anyone as a decent human being? I bet his dog won’t even sit in the same room with him.

Wow, a minor actor in a crappy movie is mad at the director. And oddly enough all the other actors in all the other movies and TV shows aren't backing him up. Sounds like a personal beef. IStandWithRayFisher Yea buy ray Fisher didn't want to say 'booyah' so I guess there's 2 sides to every story Im sure I'm not the first to say this...why tf are you gonna wait 3 years to say something if the behavior was that bad? Sounds to me like ray fisher is wanting to garner some attention for something.

ScottAdamsSays God help any creator that doesn't check Twitter daily for their new morality instructions. The guy does spend all day everyday angrily twittering his own superiority - Closet white supremacist. Here we go IstandwithRayFisher geoffjohns and Jon Berg were complicit in this behaviour aswell.

ScottAdamsSays Looks like may have accompanied those accusations with squeals and simpers 'I'm not defending him, but...' Shut up. He's hard left and he made Firefly, so for most progressives, he'll get a pass. Waaah!!! magacominginhot Can't we all just get along and stop snitching? The only thing I can think about is how not one of his cast stepped up for him during the Release The Snyder Cut nonsense. But they did for Zack.

You can ask to CaitlinBurles o maybe GalGadot about it... Make your job!!! ATT hbomax WarnerMedia IStandWithRayFisher As expected. Joss Whedon destroyed that movie and given Whedon's past actions I believe Ray Any body else getting an “alien from This Island Earth” vibe from Josh Whedon’s head? Marvel vs D.C. beef

Fuck joss Whedon joss C’mon let’s go outside. We gon fight. Now they eat their own... Should’ve just made more Firefly instead, Joss At least Ray still has his marbles, unlike poor Shelly Duvall Josh Whedon was MEAN to me! 😭😭😭 He’s just mad he got cut out of a crappy movie because it would’ve been the biggest thing he’s been a part of

So what are the examples of claimed bad behavior? So he's unprofessional? Mmmk. Aren't all celebs when you work for them? Drugged out performances, screaming at people back stage, actor's beating the crap out of extra's, James Cameron nailed someone's phone to a door, director's, actors, musicians. They are all a-holes probably.

Not comparing the two at all but I remember some actors saying that about Stanley Kubrick. IstandWithJossWhedon Woke People really need to be careful when they use the word abuse. This gets Joss lumped in with sexual and physical abusers, and it’s unclear if Ray is even accusing Joss of that. I would have characterized Whedon’s job of mangling the Justice League as gross, abusive, and completely unacceptable. Little did I know he was guilty of so much more than lines like ”My toes hurt. I don't even understand the physics of it” or brunch jokes.

Fisher was mad because they asked him to say “Booyah!” ScottAdamsSays Lol...I love it when Hollywood eats its own! 😂😂😂😂 CancelJossWhedon ScottAdamsSays Lovers spat gettin' nasty I’d need to hear what happened no one has ever mentioned Joss before Firstly, it’s a shame it took this long for the tide to turn against Whedon. Glad it’s finally happening. Secondly, for the record, Joss Whedon being a terrible human does not change the fact that Zack Snyder is still a terrible director.

He's black and oppressed so it must be true. Whedons a douchebag anyway. ScottAdamsSays Because he's a performative outrage clown looking to steal the spotlight complaining about oppression while on a movie set. The literal definition of wannabe princess ScottAdamsSays behold the long list of mind reading commenters

Damn loool Any news on LockUpBryanSinger or JamesGunn seems pedohollywood is more serious than a difficult director. Didn't think so. Awwww...did he have a mean boss? Welcome to what the rest of the world deals with on a daily basis...and we deal with it...because it's part of life and we have to feed our families. CelebrityPrivilege

Enough of this. Bring back Firefly already. Ultimately only the cast and crew who worked with Whedon know what really happened. I respect Ray for speaking out. Obviously a lot happened on that film , behind the scenes, that we will probably never know about. So because the Snyder cut is happening dude became Big Dick Boy and throw shade? Better hope that cut doesn’t critically flop.

Ray is salty that cyborg wasn't that important in the movie ..he made it clear a ling time ago ,just another way to cry about it booshing214 Been knew ScottAdamsSays Anyone reading Whedon's tweets will not be surprised...lol. Not saying this would be true, but, Zack certainly would have more respect and professionalism if he didn't have to leave the project because of personal family reasons. But in a court of law, innocent until proven guilty. Here's hoping Joss makes a statement of some kind

Whedon also bullied Chris Evans because Chris reminded Whedon of ‘jocks who bullied him in high school’. He’s an asshole and a fraud and I’m glad Ray Fisher is exposing him. How old is this movie? Not surprised. Sounds like his career isn't taking off like he hoped and he's blaming Joss Nah I don’t buy it

Oh man, who told him this would be a good idea? Bubba? Jussie? Yeah. Like Jon Berg is going to be all “You got me!” When you ask for his response guys. 😂😂😂 IStandWithRayFisher Joss Whedon did a fantastic work created with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and the directed of two Avengers movies. I read about him taking over Justice League onset and messed up all scene that Zack Snyder had stepped down due to loss of his daughter.

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Whedon is a bit of psycho...... ScottAdamsSays Looks like someone is butthurt! This clearly cannot be true.. I know for a fact.. I've seen Joss Signaling his Virtue all over Twitter these past years! He can't POSSIBLY be part of the problem.. right? Imagine the faces on James Cameron, David O Russell, David Fincher, Werner Herzog, Terrance Mallick, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Michael Bay, FF Coppola, Michael Mann, Lars von Trier, et al, as they read about how 'abusive' Joss Whedon is.

FuckGeoffJohns FuckJossWhedon FuckJonBerg FuckWonderWoman84 borglife Fuck Josstice League ….wouldn't let the actor say 'Booya?' But that's his thing! The thing that he says! When musing about directing Batgirl his main concern was “what’s her damage.” Every “strong woman” character he’s written is broken and traumatized to her core. He apparently gets off on that. Yeah, he’s a garbage person. Misogyny dressed up as feminism is vomit worthy.

Hype train for the snyder cut in full effect Vague, specious comments about a dude who has been working in the industry for decades and so far has escaped all other such allegations... yeah - withholding judgement until something or someone backs it up credibly. lul no mater what justice league was gonna suck DC movies ((except the second dark knight film and shazam)) are complete trash mainly because they don't respect their audience what so ever

Wait. What did he do. The article never says what he did. redsteeze After suffering thru this film, I agree that his directing was abusive and unprofessional But he hammered those checks every Friday CancelWhedon lol Can you be more specific He was the least interesting character in that movie. Looks to me this actor wants some attention...

Ray just cancelled himself. Okay, Joss was rude...doesn’t surprise me but to dredge it all up now years later and for what? Some new press? This is gonna bite Ray Fisher in the ass when nobody wants to hire him anymore. Is the Cyborg stand alone still happening Probably not now ~Not surprised~ This man has a history of violence

We already knew Whedon was a dirt bag. ScottAdamsSays Yup. Devouring their own. No sympathy here; they shoulda seen it coming. We've been warning them. Ok, we listen: what did he do that was unprofessional, gross and/or abusive? Yess cancelhollywood Going to need more details before I make a comment or decision.

🙄🙄 four years later he comes out and tells everybody this . Seriously. Couldn't have said it back then. 🤦 🙄🙄 Joss basically got rid of any scenes with Cyborg I don’t believe it. ScottAdamsSays That entire movie was abusive and unprofessional. Do Geoff did exactly what? Don't be such a toolbag, this is just a failed actor trying to capitalize upon the current political climate

IStandWithRayFisher Justice League? What a bitch. Joss Whedon has a lot of history. How many will come forward about him I wonder? Allofasudden Why don’t we stop throwing allegations around that “cancel” people before we have proof 🤷🏼‍♀️ Trouble in DC paradise? IStandWithRayFisher I bet Ray was the real Azz. He had that look of he thinks all that and a bag of chips.

Deep state military is the major source of financing for Hollywood movies and endless parade of sex violence and flag waving. DEFUND HOLLYWOOD. ITS ALL A LIE. Boo hoo Do I believe the one whining or the one who has a history of abusing his power? 🤷🏼‍♂️ Be specific redsteeze I too have decided that something from 3 years ago has now offended my sensibilities and I’ll use Twitter to tell everyone about it.

You can’t make a statement like this and not go into details. so we're now cancelling people based on vague insults? Where all the marvel bootlickers at? This has been such a great week watching all these woke liberals eating each other. All a bunch of hypocrites! It makes sense now why he’s had difficulty getting projects made after the success of The Avengers.

The same Josh Whedon that cheated on his wife then tried to smear her for leaving him? Shocking ScottAdamsSays He's just a whiny pr+ck This is why he's a nobody, bit of rough directing and he starts to cry Wouldn't of lasted a day with Stanley Kubrick I've met him several times and worked for him a couple of times, he was always professional and kind as far as I've witnessed.

Stories have been rapant about Joss in the last few years. None of this is surprising. That it's all in service to raising interest in Snyder's 5 hour long Justice League movie is off-putting however. I love watching whiny leftists eat each other ScottAdamsSays I love how much libs focus on the problems of greedy millionaire celebs. These people live in an ENTIRELY different culture from normal Americans. By trying to make a connection between the two, you end up misrepresenting real America. Beyond tired of hearing bout these fools.

🤣 Go away man. Nobody cares about you or your shit Cyborg movie. joss whedon sucks so i believe it I would love to know specific instances, and would love to hear both sides of the story too. Even then, I probably wouldn't take sides because I wasn't there, and I don't know these guys personally... Just cancel him.

CANCEL EVERYONE! I would normally say that Joss Whedon deserves to tell his side of the story but he's such an insufferable prick that I can't generate the energy. Everybody knows Whedon is a complete ahole. Words hurt... Race relations are so bad in America people have to invent hate crimes He was the worst actor to play a “super hero” ever. I’m

Oh boy, case closed, doesn’t matter how woke Josh is, he’s white He doesn't say what the behavior was, just that he is retracting a positive statement he made. If you don't say it man, you are just an enabler dude. Stop hinting for viral views and just say it JossWhedon vs. RayFisher nexuspong IStandWithRayFisher

ScottAdamsSays Nobody cares. Take it up with HR, you narcissist. ScottAdamsSays looks gay ScottAdamsSays Let Follywood eat their own children. Whedon lost his mind when President Trump was elected ScottAdamsSays The brave, beautiful POC™ are unhappy again everyone. We must again sacrifice an evil privileged wypipo so satiate their lust for racial justice™. We must cancel Joss Whedon post haste, lest we ourselves be called the dreaded word which we are fear the most...'raycist!'

ScottAdamsSays Which one is Ray, and which one is Joss? Bc im pretty sure the black guy is right. IstandwithRayFisher Not surprised. Joss is straight up crazy. ScottAdamsSays BLACK FRAGILITY ScottAdamsSays Vagueness in allegations does not help ScottAdamsSays The left eating it's own again? Tee hee Given that this isn't the first time someone he's worked with has come out with stories about him and the way he treated his ex-wife and others on set, I'm inclined to believe he's abusive on set.

ScottAdamsSays Joss has slowly let his TDS destroy him. ScottAdamsSays Covid, Dead or Cancelled. ScottAdamsSays Who? Who? Receipts? Por que sera que me imaginó que el fue el unico que se rio cuando se grabo la escena del chiste de Fiódor Dostoyevski... Lots of feminists rightly pointing to Whedon’s hypocrisy as he cheated on his wife. Just funny that they never extend that hypocrisy to Ilhan Omar, who destroyed another woman’s marriage via an affair 🤷🏻‍♂️

Did they recast Cyborg? If you want to know what it was really like to work with Joss Whedon then ask SarahMGellar & AllCharisma & David_Boreanaz they would all know as they were on the set of Buffy and Angel for many years redsteeze It’s always the ‘wokest’ amongst the left. Only thing I don't get is why be cloak and dagger about it? If you're gonna call him out, call out what he did specifically.

IStandWithRayFisher I mean, is this news? I thought people have known Joss is a dirtbag going back to Dollhouse and even further. Joss's abuse towards women and young people have been well well known its been protected for years. im happy RAY had the courage to step up! CharismaCarpenter Nope. This is a bridge to far. Been following Joss Whedon since the 90s.

I can't believe vague and undefined accusations. I'm not saying Ray is lying, but there's no reason at this point to believe him. Can he elaborate? I always see people trying to cancel Joss Whedon but no one ever explains what he actually did. Lame dude. Waits til now to speak up when it’s easy. Coward

What are people going to do when their beloved Snyder cut comes out and is worse than the Whedon cut? I need more info, but decades into his career this is the first allegation against Whedon who seems well-liked by former cast and crew and Ray himself said he liked working with Whedon in 2017. So this is weird.

They do anything for clout This article doesn't say what he did. I call bullshit. Maybe Joss sucks, maybe he doesn't, idk... this article is nonsense. redsteeze How the mighty have fallen. SoCalValleyGal Joss Whedon has been well known in Pedowood for decades. Sadly guys like Joss flew under the geek radar and now are being rightfully caught. Sucks that the work will be looked at differently but, people still revere Lennon and he was a big piece of human shit.

When Disney wants joss to do fantastic 4, to prove that Disney knows how to use their directors.. DaveePena 4eyedRaven IStandWithRayFisher ❤️😊 The only people that are freaking out about this are the sad Snyder stans... Weird how so many twitter posters seem to know joss personally 🧐 Continues to be a razor thin intersection on the Venn diagram of 'loves comics so much that a studio gives them a few hundred million dollars to make a movie' and 'acts like a mature, well-adjusted adult'

He’s not the first. That anyone thought he was a “feminist” 🤷🏾‍♀️ Also, it’s so Hollywood. 😒 Non-white characters cut from justice league by JW & GJ: Ryan Choi Iris West J'onn J'onzz Aquaman-he had different/more scenes & atlantis scene wit Vulko Cyborg's mom Cyborg's dad-he had more scenes & was originally killed off Cyborg-he had way bigger role IStandWithRayFisher

Joss Whedon has done amazing work. With Buffy, Firefly, Avengers. He was thrown into a crazy situation trying to salvage a broken Snyderverse. Let’s see some details and evidence before we conclude anything I'm not saying he's wrong but it sure would be nice to hear specifics instead of broad generalizations if you're going to go after someone like this. That said, if he's a creep, he's a creep. And we'll follow suit accordingly.

Ok, this only regarding this issue. Without specifics provided I am not in a rush to cancel Joss. Does he realize the scope of what Joss had to deal with to come in that late. I would forgive Joss not being nice the whole time and Geoff for supporting him. Why did he wait till now? are we surprised IStandWithRayFisher ♥️

BEHOLD, VENGEANCE HAS COME. SNYDER CUT COMETH WITH THUNDER!!! I♥️RF I’m not defending Joss but Ray doesn’t even say what that behavior was and everyone’s already trying to cancel him. Si es cierto y demostrado,hace bien, es ahora y no consentirlo esperar años como otros (Ellen),lo que les resta bastante credibilidad.

So proud of him. Joss and Geoff Johns should be blacklisted. IStandWithRayFisher AND DONT EVER FORGET THE INJUSTICE BEHIND THE SCENES OF THAT MOVIE The true heart of the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IStandWithRay borglife The word they should've chose was 'expose' Another JussieSmollett BubbaWallace Raysmolletwallace hahaha. Wait all this time to come out with allegations during a climate of racial chaos. BlackLivesMattters is destroying the US and dividing people even more than ever.

A Director was abusive and unprofessional? Shocking. IStandWithRayFisher Why do people wait so many years to bring this sort of thing out? 4eyedRaven RIP Joss. Hey remember that time Loki threatened to have BlackWidow raped and called her a c***? That happened under JossWhedon 's watch FYI. MarvelStudios Disney

Cutwillrise JossWhedon made a career of featuring petite or vulnerable women and exploiting/abusing them onscreen under the guise of female empowerment. Ray Fisher's comments should be no surprise to Buffy, Angel, Firefly or Dollhouse fans. Stop falling for fake-woke 'male-feminists.' Welcome to social media 2020! An accusation is as good as an execution! Step right up! Grab your popcorn!

Is it because every part of the movie was a dumpster fire? I mean the acting, directing, editing.... just truly awful More like Josh WheDONE Let’s see if this gets the coverage the no chairs on set Nolan rumors did. That’s why Joss Whedon isn’t relevant anymore Et tu, joss?

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