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Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases are causing alarm, confusion

While people who have been vaccinated occasionally still contract the coronavirus, experts say the shots dramatically reduce the disease's severity. The best indicator: In the U.S., hospitalizations and deaths are nearly all among the unvaccinated.

7/22/2021 1:49:00 AM

While people who have been vaccinated occasionally still contract the coronavirus, experts say the shots dramatically reduce the disease's severity. The best indicator: In the U.S., hospitalizations and deaths are nearly all among the unvaccinated.

Reports of athletes, lawmakers and others getting the coronavirus despite vaccination may sound alarming but top health experts point to overwhelming evidence that the shots are doing exactly what they are supposed to: dramatically reducing severe illness and death.

despite being vaccinated.And politicians in the nation’s capital are being rattled by reports of breakthrough cases, including from a congressman, Florida Republican Vern Buchanan; some Texas Democraticlawmakersvisiting Washington as a political protest; at least two people in the White House and several congressional staff members.

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that with 2,000 people on the White House campus each day some breakthrough cases are inevitable, but that the administration will release information if doctors determine any staffer had close contact with the president, vice president or their spouses.

One critical question about breakthrough cases is whether the person actually had symptoms, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, told The Associated Press. “Or is this somebody just being sampled out of an abundance of caution because they had to go into some place like the Congress?” he added. headtopics.com

ADVERTISEMENTIndeed, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said for months that vaccinated people don’t even need to get tested after a virus exposure unless they develop symptoms. The agency cites limited evidence that they’re less likely to infect others than unvaccinated people who get an asymptomatic infection.

But different places have different rules. In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson -- who survived COVID-19 early in the pandemic and now is fully vaccinated -- beganquarantiningover the weekend after contact with someone experiencing mild symptoms from a breakthrough infection.

And rigorous testing is required as thousands of athletes, coaches, officials and media -- not all of whom are vaccinated -- descend on Tokyo for the pandemic-delayed Olympics.While there’s not a specific count, it’s clear breakthrough infections are rare. As of July 12, the CDC had tallied 5,492 vaccinated people who were hospitalized or died and also tested positive for coronavirus — out of more than 159 million fully vaccinated Americans. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has said 99.5% of all deaths from COVID-19 are in the unvaccinated.

There isn’t a separate count of mild or asymptomatic breakthroughs, although CDC is tracking those through studies such as one that gives weekly virus tests to more than 5,000 essential workers, she told senators.Breakthroughs tend to be mild because a vaccinated person’s immune system doesn’t have to start from scratch to fight the coronavirus. Even if the virus sneaks past vaccine-spurred antibodies and starts replicating in your nose or throat, secondary defenses jump into action and usually, “the virus is stopped in its tracks within a few days,” said University of Pennsylvania immunologist Scott Hensley. headtopics.com

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There are caveats. The vaccines don’t work as well in people with severely weak immune systems, such as organ transplant recipients.And the government is watching closely for signs that breakthrough cases, especially serious ones, are rising, because that might signal the need for booster vaccinations.

But meanwhile White House officials want to “normalize” the concept of breakthrough infections for the public, because they’re worried that these rare, inevitable events could play into the misinformation wars that have helped to keep millions from rolling up their sleeves.

“The vaccines were developed to keep us out of those terrible institutions we call hospitals,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University. “We have to keep coming back to that.”___Associated Press Writers Jonathan Lemire and Zeke Miller contributed to this report.

___The Associated Press Health and Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Department of Science Education. The AP is solely responsible for all content. Read more: The Associated Press »

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'Experts' I read that as White people and just went with it They're not 'rare' cases. Many of the people testing positive in my area are vaccinated. The hospitalizations are still way down as most have either been vaccinated or even better have antibodies. Ridiculous. The fact that the cases have gone down like that everywhere in the world is proof that immunization has and is working. But sure there are always ppl who are lazy and want to go against the stream .

realStanVG So… this is a poor, poor headline then What about white people that have recovered from COVID? You numbskulls. Since when, in all of history, has natural immunity not been enough COVIDIOTS SUMPIMFISHYHERE NOJABFORME All these things are true: 1) breakthru Covid overall is MUCH less dangerous than unvaxxed Covid- yay! 2) breakthru Covid still can make u sick- not “just a cold” 3) I think it’s way undercounted/not so rare 4) i think it is transmissible. So try to avoid it, Ok? Mask indoors!

Lies. Opposite is true everywhere else. So the CDC could accurately report daily cases & deaths from C-19 this time last year, however now they can't report on how many deaths from vaccinated individuals nor deaths from the vaccine, but can report accurately the number of unvaccinated people? Give us the facts.

HealthScience Pandemic is over. Vaccines are available

Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases are causing alarm, confusionWhile reports of fully vaccinated people occasionally getting the coronavirus may sound alarming, the shots dramatically reduce severe disease and death. Yeah like the Texas democrat super spreaders. very confusing why they brag about not wearing masks on a plane then say we should have universal mask mandates this is terrible news Didn't we already know this?

karaswisher Nearly all? Any idea what characteristics of vaccinated still get the virus and need hospitalization? Obese? Old? karaswisher I love how the headline in the Twitter-generated preview does exactly the opposite of the tweet content karaswisher Breakthroughs happen and can be severe. The vaccine did it's job and we are grateful. The road to recovery will be long and expensive. But my Dad is alive! Get vaxxed & wear your mask regardless of vaxxed status. Please share & donate Delta WearAMask

LOL.What u just said about Chinese vaccine? Double standards!! False There’s some weird comments in here. Ask your doctor or clinic. Watch out for those Congressional Super Spreaders. They smile while carrying death. President Biden and our Speaker should be protected. Do these numbers include all the UNVACCINATED illegals pouring across the U.S./Mexico border? 🤔

The best indicator: In the U.S., hospitalizations and deaths are nearly all among the unvaccinated Good, weed out the stupid.

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Saying “nearly all” is a great way to overlook all the instances that the vaccine doesn’t work. Way to take data and skew it to convey the message you want to send. fakenews

Texas hospital reports its 1st case of lambda COVID-19 variantHouston Methodist Hospital in Texas confirmed its first case of the lambda variant Monday as COVID-19 cases climb in the state. Let us know when Alpha Beta gets here. The herd immunity ship sailed in early March leaving a beachhead for current & future variants in the COVID LOTTERY & they're arriving right on schedule. Everyone knows Lambda, lambda, lambda is a better variant

Biden admin rethinks plan to lift Covid restrictions at southern borderThe Biden admin. is rethinking its plan to lift Covid-19 restrictions that have blocked more than 750,000 migrants seeking asylum from crossing the southern US border since October, according to 3 sources familiar with the deliberations. With the Delta variant spreading like wildfire keeping the restrictions in place seems prudent. Nice spin , 'rethinking ' huh? You mean flip flopping ?

Covid plus overdose deaths drove down life expectancy in 2020Life expectancy in the U.S. plunged last year in the largest one-year drop since WW2, CDC reports, with deaths from Covid-19 and drug overdoses fueling the decline. Dr. Fauci invented the vaccine, so now we just need all these hillbillies to take it and our world will be saved!! A national public healthcare initiative will help. Even with covid still tahing, and worse pandemics in the pipeline, the US has yet to put forth a plan to implement one. At some point in the very near future, time to do so will expire. It turns out that Americans under the age of 30 have no body and no feeling now, so arts should not be like their body, should be changed.

Cape Cod COVID-19 cluster grows to more than 130 infected, prompting renewed mitigation effortsOfficials in Provincetown, Massachusetts, issued a number of renewed mitigation measures on Monday after at least 132 individuals tested positive for COVID-19 in the weeks after the holiday weekend. Black Jesus annt sleep 😂 A liberal stronghold.