R. Kelly Insists Prison is Petri Dish for COVID-19, Again Demands Release

R. Kelly Insists Prison is Petri Dish for COVID-19, Again Demands Release

4/1/2020 7:50:00 AM

R. Kelly Insists Prison is Petri Dish for COVID-19, Again Demands Release

R. Kelly argues it's only a matter of time before he catches coronavirus, and needs to get out NOW.

's firing back at prosecutors who say he shouldn't get released early due to coronavirus risks -- arguing prison is a petri dish, and insisting he can't properly prep for trial from jail.The singer's legal team filed a reply to the feds' response to Kelly's original motion last week, in which they asked a judge to let R. Kelly out of jail on bond ... mainly because he feared coming down with COVID-19.

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Uncle Sam's responded ... R. Kelly isn't old enough (65 or older) to be considered high-risk. They also said a recent surgery he had doesn't make him moresusceptible to the virus. On top of all that, the feds say R. Kelly's been provided with plenty of soap and cleaning supplies.

Kelly claims that's not the case, especially for other inmates to whom he might be exposed. The feds say MCC Chicago is up to snuff with CDC guidelines and adds that no one at the jail has tested positive.R. Kelly's attorney,Steven Greenberg, isn't buying prosecutors' logic. In the new docs he says prison is basically a breeding ground for bacteria, and it's only a matter of time before someone gets the virus and spreads it like wildfire.

He also says his client is being deprived of his right to prep for trial because he can'tmeet face-to-facewith his lawyers. MCC Chicago's banned all visitors due to the pandemic. Greenberg says inmates there are fighting for phone time, and they're having a hard time getting ahold of him.

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Rkellys shouldn’t be judged by a biased one sided documentary, with accusers that have worser criminal records than him and don’t act like a victims at all. He’s been discriminated against for decades by bad ppl looking to capitalize off his image. I'm sure all convicts want released Well too bad for him because he put himself there and his statement about him not being violent was also a lie

Keep him locked up !! Not happening Under which privileges?... He's an inmate not a premium guest Wasn’t his penis a Petri dish and didn’t some of these girls families demand release of their daughters too though 🤔 stayyoassinthere Stop crying bum What makes him think he is above Petri Dish jail conditions after the way he treated all those underage girls

So 6ix9ine can get out because of the virus but R Kelly can’t 🤔(I’m not defending him btw) Not going to put too much stock in what he saying if it's true. 🙎🙄🤨 Maybe in a few more rounds huh... When we get to COVID-84 you can get out, OK? OK! All they going to do is stick his ass in the hole Stop it with this bull crap who cares about R kelly let him rot in hell or get the needle in his arm

If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. Sorry about your luck. Shut up u big baby. Lmao too late to be scared now 😂 Rapist don’t get to demand 😂 Karma is a b**** man He’s trapped in the Petri 😢 Good luck with that Didn’t you find a teen in da jail Wooof wooof karma is a bitch He needs to go to jail. HE DID THE CRIME NOW HE MUST SPEND THE TIME.

I remember Petri! He demands! Lmao Hahaha. Ok NOW he cares about either giving someone a disease or getting one. Aww. And he is a Petri dish for sex crimes so he can stay where he is 🤷🏾‍♂️ lmao the image makes it seem like hes making this request by shouting at the nearest guard Awwww to bad and I hope you get it and die you evil man

And his home and lifestyle wasn't? asking4myself No one cares rot in hell To bad ! He’s is right where he belongs He wouldn’t have been in there if he knew how to fight SHEWASNT-19. Isn’t he a Petri dish full of wonderful viruses ? He be okay just pee on himself that will cure him Send him this : StAY AND ROT CHILD MOLESTER. stophurtingkids

R. Jelly is a Petri dish! So 😂🤡😂. Bread and 🦇soup for him for the rest of his life. Lick my balls and eat my ass Well if you think about it prison may be the safest place, keeping outside out no direct contact with visitors. But no, r. kelly. No. No more of a Petri dish than his studio, his homes, and his boxers.

This is a made up story! R Kelly can’t even spell Petri let alone say it! GTFOH 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ YELP 💞 Boy Bye As his is a Perti Dish for STD’s....🤷🏻‍♂️ Prison cells are at least 6 feet apart from one another right?🤔 Oh R Kelly you are so nasty this virus won’t even touch you!!!! He's a perti dish Funny that karma bitch hUH

Oh like he is afraid of germs 🦠 I guarantee he didn’t. Petri dish is some 5th grade vocabulary. R Kelly, YOU are the petri dish. Should have thought about that. 🤷‍♀️ 🛑 it! You not getting out 🤷🏽‍♀️ To bad so sad Quiet down Robert... I bet! You Should have thought about that Mr. Kelly! Enjoy your Petri Dish!

So is pissing on people but he didn’t care, why should we? Proly his apt. To. Lmfao 😬😬😬😬😬😬😁😁😁🎭🎭🎭🎭😷😷😷😷😷😷 Hahahaha sucks to be locked away from the outside eh? he will be just fine Demands 🧐 Rot in jail sir Please...let him out... I hope they leave him in a dirty corner somewhere and we can all forget about him

UnderAgedCoronaGirls COVID13 COVID19 SurvivingCorona SurvivingRKelly Rona Let him catch it R.Kelly tests positive for SHEWASNT-19 Nope... you’ll be fine From the man who likes to urinate on young girls, don’t make me laugh and just stay your ass in jail! KameronMazurek You cannot just demand to be released! SMH

Just shut the fuck up and be a good boy. PLEASE DO NOT!! RELEASE THIS MAN Um, really? Our streets in Chicago don't need a career pedophile roaming. Self quarantine in your cell Rkelly. You are where you belong. let Him out AprilFoolsDay 🤦🏽‍♀️🖕🏽 Fuck this guy Obvious typo. He meant pee-tri dish TF cares... you can ROT

Do the crime. Do the time! Period. No special treatment for you. Just pee all over yourself. Urine is sterile!! So is his bed mattress. they haven't found him guilty of a crime yet though. He has herpes... I think he’ll be just fine He's a petri dish for syphilis and herpes. His penis is a petri dish So is rape, can be a bit icky for one of the parties involved

and HarveyLevinTMZ stop publishing shit about R Kelly no body cares Ohhhh...nooooo... we.... should... save.... him.... Should’ve been COVID-13 he’d insist on staying inside Naw he need to stay in there Bruh, 23 hour lockdown in prison is the safest place to be. You're good. Have him write it down. You made your bed.

Yeah, but if it were COVID-14 he’d be cool with it... He’s right. He was not convicted. Demands !? AAAAAAHahahhahahha .that's RICH Corona is one of the best things that could happen to you!! Maybe he should have thought about that before he started taking advantage of little girls . Awwww you don’t like it there? No guys to let you pee on them? No young girls to molest? And there’s the virus? Oh well deal with it. I hope you get it you predator of children

This nasty MF still ain't on deathrow How can this dude even have a chance at freedom Wtf is wrong with people Dont you dare release him He can’t be worried about getting COVID 19. He hasn’t had something that old in years. So he can go out on a crime spree. No thank you. This story is most likely not true but I'm loving this one🤩

Leave all the pedophiles there No. Catch that shit and die. Period None of your victims were legally able to drive. You would not be a great loss. He sounds pissed off! Catch a virus bro and let your karma unveil 😂😂😂 No sympathy on this one. You know what else is a Petri dish ? Those buckets you had the girls use the bathroom in !

Lock him in a closet. he was Petri Dish for those women then............. Bull .... just another ploy for the Dems to get what they want. How about a story about minors who are locked up instead? What’s the closet situation in there? SheLovesGriff Hey you know last time I remember part of being in jail meant you were being contained and isolated.

Hot and fresh out the kitchen R. Kelly be bitching Awwwwww. Poor loser Innocent until proven guilty. FreeRKelly It’s the remix to infection Is he with Harvie? So we are gonna ignore that he is walking petri dish of creeeeepy Prison is a Petri dish Buckle up buttercup So he has to fight off inmates, guards, and the virus...

Poor Guy, I feel so bad.........NOT!!!🖕🏼😛 He’s probably a petri dish of STD’s so....... Ohhhhh sure. By all means. Go home. Damn idiot. I bet that's how the little girls he held prisoner with literal buckets to pee and poop in felt. Zero sympathy for him! Sadly he will prolly be released Boo fucking hoo.

It’s COVID-19 not 15 so he pissed He’s a Pee(tree) dish. Can we get someone with coronavirus to just cough on the mother fucker Coronavirus oughta bump and grind him!🤷‍♂️ We gonna get through this man. get back to making face masks No Robert now go eat your food 😒 Really? So you can possibly spread it faster? Hecks nah also if anything you deserve to be in there with the risk of dying ya whacka* nigga

Shouldn’t have got you sorry ass put there then. All of a sudden he sees something wrong with a little bump n grind. I mean California is letting out 3k convicted inmates, R-Kelly should at least get bond No body cares Trying to drum up work. Oh no! Hope he is okay! hide ya kids, hide ya wives, ain nobody safe

R. Kelly seeks release from prison during pandemic – moaning jail has no soapR Kelly's legal team have claimed he is in the high-risk category of people most susceptible to COVID-19, due to his age and existing health issues DailyMirror Maybe he should pick up the soap then DailyMirror No stay there.... Can’t wait for Weinstein’s appeal!

Fearing the coronavirus, Michael Avenatti, R. Kelly and other celebrity inmates seek early releaseCiting the COVID-19 outbreak, Michael Avenatti and others are asking judges to let them serve out their sentences in home confinement instead. No special treatment because you’re famous! Do your time like everyone else, scumbags! Let them shelter in place like the rest of us...in their cells with their food delivered to their cells. if you need the vector portrait from your photo. order me:

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