Uk, G7 Summit: Queen Shows Off Sword Skills Cutting Cake - Cnn

Uk, G7 Summit: Queen Shows Off Sword Skills Cutting Cake - Cnn

Queen shows off sword skills by cutting cake during G7 in Cornwall

Queen Elizabeth II shows off her sword skills by cutting a cake during the G7 summit

6/13/2021 8:29:00 AM

Queen Elizabeth II shows off her sword skills by cutting a cake during the G7 summit

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Dumb Step aside, Your Majesty. Queen Elizabeth is amazing. To those who say the old girl has lost her 'edge,' clearly that's not all she's lost. 'The Vax was Not brought in for Covid, Covid was brought in for the vax. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense' - Dr Reiner Fuellmich. Do you want to your website rank first on google ? check out

Ninja 👑... This summit is sounding less and less like a meeting of world leaders to discuss the most important issues and progress to come and more and more like a big old bachelor party before our perspective countries fates are sealed Should have given her a baseball instead. getting in some practise before Harry returns.

G7 Leaders, Queen Elizabeth, Dine at the Eden Project in CornwallCarrie Symonds rented a dress, once again, for the G7 dinner at the famous visitor attraction that houses thousands of plant species.

Elizabeth ll is strong 😁😄 You've posted multiple news items about the Queen's cake and clothes today. Today, Israeli occupation forces have stormed the Palestinian Silwan neighborhood, where they're pushing to demolish their homes -so Israel can build a Biblical theme park over them. Not a word from CNN.

You people should stop this queen thing

Stella McCartney Heads to Cornwall for G7 Summit.StellaMcCartney joined Prince Charles, leading CEOs and world leaders at the G7 Summit in Cornwall to represent the fashion industry in sustainability discussions. this is last group of people, that care about saving the world. they spoke loud and clear when we were faced with covid: vaccine nationalism and profits were more important. now they are way behind the pace. fyi fashion industry in 2nd worst environmental contaminator behind oil and the message they send.... hey poor people of the world, we are the worlds richest, and Prince charles, a symbol of our global colonial modern history, is our spokes person. we can see clearly what type of future they want, thats a top down one. NOT HAPPENING!

Queen leads royal charm offensive at the G7'On the first day of the G7 summit in Cornwall, Boris Johnson is, even by his own dramatic standards, putting on a show.' Analysis by lukemcgee lukemcgee What about JOE? What is he doing? Y'all are keeping Joe out of the media! Even Mrs. Biden is getting more press than the President!!!

Queen Elizabeth II delights G7 attendees with perfectly timed quipsThe monarch met with world leaders in Cornwall, England, and lightened the mood with her amusing remarks. Even though I am not British, God save the Queen! The Olympics cannot be held in just seven countries.

COVID dominates G7 meeting as world leaders look to end pandemic in 2022, prevent next oneU.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson stresses the importance of a united front against COVID-19 and any future pandemics in his remarks to fellow world leaders at the G7 Summit. 'We need to make sure that as we recover, we level up,' he said. What he means is he needs to make sure HE recovers We should probably lock down now for the next pandemic to stay ahead of the curve. Masks should be mandatory at all times. We should also explore more restrictions for safety. More white noise from our garbage PM. Says one thing, does complete opposite. Sorry World.

UNICEF calls on G7 to commit to vaccine equality – latest updatesUNICEF calls on G7 to commit to vaccine equality. Other Covid-19 updates: 🇨🇳 China reports 34 new cases 🇻🇪 Eight Venezuela players test positive for Covid-19 🇧🇷 Brazil president fined for not wearing mask Read more: Russia's Covid-19 cases rise to highest since February 13. Here are other updates: 🇩🇪 Germany logs 1,489 new cases 🇮🇳 India records lowest single-day cases 71 days 🇦🇺 Australia's Victoria state expects further easing of curbs More here: