Protesters rally in Bay Area city where Black Lives Matter mural was painted over

Protesters rally in Bay Area city where Black Lives Matter mural was painted over

7/13/2020 1:48:00 PM

Protesters rally in Bay Area city where Black Lives Matter mural was painted over

Anti-racism protesters rallied in Martinez, Calif., where two people had been charged with hate crimes after defacing a Black Lives Matter mural.

Instead of putting the burden on victims to sue, more district attorneys prosecute them for false police reports with laws already on the books.“Bringing a weapon of any kind to a peaceful protest or illegally carrying a weapon into our community could serve as a flashpoint for an escalation of events,” Sappal said.

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AdvertisementOnly a handful of counter-demonstrators showed up Sunday.“Tensions are high — people are just on edge,” Che Travers told the Chronicle. She hung signs saying “Martizians for Black Lives” on the door of the art shop she owns down the street from the 165-foot Black Lives Matter mural that David Nelson, 53, and Nicole Anderson, 42,

attempted to paint overon July 4.Nelson and Anderson, who live in Martinez, were charged Wednesday, the same day that police in Martinez were called to investigate after someone painted “White Lives Matter” on a city street. Detectives were searching for witnesses and video surveillance, officials said.

A viral video showed the woman, identified as Anderson, dumping a bucket of black paint and rolling over the mural’s freshly painted yellow block letters. A man, identified as Nelson, says on camera that racism is “a lie” and that “all lives matter.” Read more: Los Angeles Times »

You can thank the protesters, rioters, and looters for the increase in cases and ruining it for the rest of us. And they have been continuously gathering and spreading the virus and governments and media don't call it out. And they are still protesting and spreading the virus! Violent riots by BLM who used the black race to promote their theme of destroying the nuclear family

Can we stop calling this a mural please and call it what it is? A billboard for the DNC Perhaps 50 years later, America would be a country of the blacks and Latinos, Spanish would take place of English. Not a joke... Black people can't change America gov't, but when Latinos get together and ask for rights, America is truly fucked.

The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama Amazon obama Not a protest anymore.

'Stop and look, Black lives matter': Rev. Al Sharpton reacts to Manhattan's Fifth Avenue mural.TheRevAl says the Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue in New York City is 'particularly symbolic' on the street 'where they have all of the great shops and where Trump Tower is.' TheRevAl How would of group of people go about painting MAGA in front of your houses or business just out of spite Lund you do nothing Democrats fake news hacks did in front of president Trump's business to agitate him. None of you losers would like MAGA painted in front of your house. TheRevAl ❤️❤️ TheRevAl Unbelievable that the lib media treats Sharpton like he’s not a complete self-promoting charlatan fraud.

Atlanta's WNBA team supports Black Lives Matter after pushback from co-owner, a US senatorThe players of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream jointly signed a statement supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, which they assert is a 'statement of humanity.' Team co-owner Sen. Kelly Loeffler objected to the WNBA's plans to honor the movement Nobody milks BLM like CNN 🇺🇸🔥 Why does a 13 percent Black Minority want to command a 65 percent White Majority? I want an answer from the perfect Democrats 🔥🇺🇸 ... statement of humanity? Really? a burned shops, vandalism, humiliation of white people for their opinion - that's what? WNBA Atlanta Nice to see WNBA team support people that killed 8 year old well done.

Atlanta Dream Players Defy Co-Owner Sen. Kelly Loeffler, Post Support For Black Lives MatterLoeffler told the WNBA last week she didn’t want players wearing warm-up jerseys saying “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Her Name.” 🖤 Hooray for humanity.

Workers speak out against Black Lives Matter face mask bans - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Well if they can wear those then let others wear ⬇️ it’s a free country right? That’s the question. As long as everyone can have their OWN voice and not be bullied for not conforming to leftist radicalism then it’s fine BLM is a political arm controlled by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party forced them to only focus on white on black crime and ignore black on black crime. Their goal is to be divisive and control the black vote for Democrats.

Senator, WNBA co-owner blasted for slamming Black Lives MatterBlack Lives Matter came under fire from U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler, who is also a WNBA co-owner of an Atlanta team. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the backlash against Loeffler, who said she opposes the WNBA supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. msnbc = Fake News She needs to be in jail. Like yesterday. Again she is wrong and should resign!!