Protest over George Floyd death turns violent, deadly in Minneapolis

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Protests erupt in Minneapolis and Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd. Minneapolis police used tear gas for a second day on demonstrators, while protesters stormed an LA freeway.

Protests in Minneapolis over the in-custody death of George Floyd escalated into violence Wednesday night, with a fatal shooting, widespread looting, multiple fires and the deployment of tear gas. It was the second night of conflict duringThe demonstrations began peacefully but grew more violent as the night went on. Gov.

Beyond the shooting, there were no known injuries to protesters or police, and no additional arrests, Elder said.A reporter for NBC affiliate KARE11 of Minneapolis who was livestreaming the protest reported that an AutoZone and Target had been looted. Video showed the AutoZone with broken windows and spraypaint. One bystander was warning people against damaging the business, saying it had nothing to do with Floyd's death."Initially ...

MPD officers in riot gear decided to come through the backside of the protest as they moved crowds away from Minnehaha Avenue near the Third Precinct. Bangs started immediately and now they have the street blocked off.


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Rioting is NOT Protesting!

White rascist police .

This is America or Syria?

So looting and burning stores is now protest. Also cops are the violent party.

Why do Minnesota parades need police? Why did the American police use smoke bombs against the protesters in the March? If the U.S. police were sent to Hong Kong to deal with the Hong Kong protesters, would the Hong Kong protesters suffer such a slight loss?

meanwhile in America

I guess the police need to stop murdering people then.

Do you have a clue on what to do to make it stop ? Make someone responsible for killing an innocent person for the fun of it.

Go to the Mayors neighborhood and loot, not your neighbors. Whatever BLM -leftist -Soros idiot is running these riots has to get better strategy.

After what the “protesters” did last night in Minneapolis, the police need to put down the tear gas and load the live rounds. MinneapolisRiot minneapolisriots

Caption this picture*

LA Riots

They're RIOTS. Calling these protests is lying by omission.

This is not first and it's not going to be last time which a guy will get killed by some racist psychopath that named himself law man. They must fix the law to force this psychopaths back off .😓😓

Use teargas on protestors yet stand idly by as your partner, with his hands casually in his pockets, murders an unarmed & non resisting black man. Let’s be clear, these cops are racists & do not serve nor protect the people & they feel empowered by a racist president.

Black life matters. The white policeman should be executed.


Isn’t the Mayor of Minneapolis a Democrat? Isn’t he responsible for the police department in his city? Why do democrats create hostile police environments like Minneapolis and LA where black men are targeted? Does it have to do with the democrats’ creating the KKK?

Don't believe the reporting that the protesters did the damage. We just witnessed a bunch armed people willing to cause anarchy than these people in WI. So what are the chances the organizers of that Klan rally didn't see an opportunity to do more damage to our social fabric?

I wonder how the fire just broke out in the Auto parts store, why don't you show what really happened in LA?

The man was just sitting on a police car.

Minneapolis Police motto: “To Protect With Courage, To Serve With Compassion!”when SometimeSoon AndCrownThyGoodWithBrotherhood. whereIsLove LibertyAndJusticeForAll ICantBreathe please MurderedByCops StopMurderByCops UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall

I am predicting one day in America, they are going to kill the wrong black man at the wrong time, and America going to be turned upside down. We as black peoples, better see what’s is happening to us, it’s for real white supremacy got plans, and it’s not good for black peoples!

I'm all for protesting, but don't you need a permit? There's no way looting is okay during a protest. Those people looting are harming the intent of the protest. Police need to wake up and smell the tear gas they're throwing at law abiding citizens. Thumbs up 4 honest good police

this is 100 percent on MSM stoking racial tensions

Calling these riots 'protests' is lying by omission.

Supposed peacekeepers making war on appropriately angry citizens is not the answer.

I know it would never have started if the policeman present we're better trained and less full of hate and arrogance.

Every life matters. Skin colour is nothing.

Bit late to the party nbc. Minneapolis on fire

They must indict the cops involved now


Make sure to document the riots with the same Journalistic Integrity you guys have maintained. ..

One person in custody in the shooting death near the site of the Minneapolis protests, but motive and circumstances are unclear and being investigated.


The Obese Clan leader.

Racist Democrat mayors have lost control of public safety in Minneapolis and LA as rioters attack citizens and loot businesses.

Let's do it

*Black man murdered by police* Mass protests ensue Cops: “the nerve! How dare they questions our authority and our actions! Shoot them with rubber bullets and get the tear gas to teach them a lesson!” Even their response to protest is over the top!

Hypocrite americans will say China is bad after doing this.

And your preferred image, during a time of anti-police rage, is a picture of 2 white policemen pointing a weapon? The media is not reporting the news, they are participating in the escalation of the crisis and its totally shameful

They killed innocent man damn shit corps

Between Minneapolis and Twittergate, is the pandemic officially over?

Stop complaining every time a police officer makes such a blunder, complaining becomes cowardly, you have to cast spells; Do not pray nicely, a curse with cause has its immediate effects, you just have to beg it Entity of Punishments to take his life too. NO MORE SOFT PRAYER....

They are fighting.👍👍👍

America is a dictatorships!!

A better title would been 'Vandals use George Floyd protest as an excuse to set businesses and buildings on fire, along with robbing banks.'

В это тяжело поверить

A pandemic and now this, if we sue China for the “Virus” we can re build America

Disgusting that the same (or more) wasn't done for white folks with guns whining about having to wear masks for a few months to not infect people with a deadly virus.

We demand justice for George Floyd...

Damn dem controlled states 🤦‍♂️

Судит по закону за неоправданое насилие, что другим не повадно было. Это было убийство. Если этот человек в чем то виновен, почему на совести у него нет греха и он ушел в лучший мир. Земля пухом.

Protesting because they want more jobs and school opportunities?

got tear gassed three times in college. big deal.

They should have just stormed the state capitals with bazookas instead

We should protest at the Broadview Village Square. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd protests BroadviewIL

Who is better for blacks ?

Sickening how they killed GeorgeFloyd

Black people are tired of capital being more valued than their lives.

jesus... buy gold?

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