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David Clarke, Sheriff

Pro-Trump former sheriff critiques Capitol riot at QAnon convention: 'It has to be serious'

'If we decide to pull an insurrection, you're gonna know it,' David Clarke warned.

10/24/2021 6:32:00 PM

'If we decide to pull an insurrection, you're gonna know it,' David Clarke warned.

'If we decide to pull an insurrection, you're gonna know it,' David Clarke warned.

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke criticized the January 6 attack against the U.S. Capitol by a mob of pro-Trump supporters, lamenting that it wasn't"serious" enough during remarks at the QAnon-linked For God and Country Patriot Double Down in Las Vegas

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this weekend.The right-wing convention brought together a lineup of QAnon believers, conspiracy theories and COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. Clarke, a vocal supporter of former PresidentDonald Trump, spoke at the event and discussed the assault from nine months ago in Washington, D.C.

"Ladies and gentlemen, that was not an insurrection. If we decide to pull an insurrection, you're gonna know it. There's very little you're going to be able to do about it," the former sheriff told attendees, Raw Storyreported.Clarke described what happened on January 6 as a"frat party." He suggested that an insurrection needs to be better organized. headtopics.com

"The only thing I had against what happened at the Capitol on January 6, if you're going to pull a political movement, you've got to have three elements: It has to be serious, it's got to be well-planned and it's got to be disciplined," the former law enforcement officer said.

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke spoke at a QAnon-linked conference in Las Vegas this weekend, saying an insurrection should be"well-planned." In this photo, Clarks speaks as part of a panel discussion during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center February 23, 2017 in National Harbor, Maryland.

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We noticed your putsch, and if you want to destroy our country, this is a good way to do it. Keep going. We NEED to be like Lebanon or Bosnia back in the day. Let's kill each other because we're jealous of each other's stuff! /s davidclarke Asshat 🙄 Yes I'm sure they'll be all for having a black man in charge. They all had only the utmost respect for Obama lol.

They should toss SheriffClarke into Guantanamo Bay and lose the key. TheJusticeDept DHSgov I'm not sure what the departments are doing, but we are under attack from within our own country & everyone responsible must be held to account! This ignorance and stupidity is what happens when the DOJ and the FBI don't hold people accountable for their criminal actions.

Hmmm.. guess he is not impressed with our military ? Every other country in the world would disagree 😂 Wow. Come on, FBI TheJusticeDept. What are you waiting for? Hat must be too tight. Cut off circulation to the brain Is this like a confession before the fact?

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Girlfriend, us veterans are hardly going to just sit home on our asses if you DO try it. Fuck around and find out. Well, we knew about your last one, too! We know it. Sounds like a threat to me. Mann… If YOU decide to 'pull an insurrection', you may be one of the first casualties in our second Civil War 'Of the lost cause'.

Clarke's problem is that his 'we' only includes a handful of powerless screwballs who will never be able to effectuate much change.

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Law and order, my ass. The cult of the Republican Party is the biggest threat to democracy/ human rights. Voting rights, women's rights, environmental rights, human rights. Republicans care nothing for any of these. Only money and the retention of power. *Notice how they NEVER offer one solution? 🤡

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Facebook faced its own insurrection amid Capitol riotNew internal documents provide a rare glimpse into how Facebook appears to have simply stumbled into the Jan. 6 riot. ✌️ Not sure anyone really GAF about facebook anymore.