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Pro-Palestine rally in Washington, DC calls for an end to US aid to Israel

In pictures: Thousands rally in Washington, DC in support of Palestine while calling for an end to US aid to Israel Read more here👇🏽

5/30/2021 6:45:00 AM

In pictures: Thousands rally in Washington, DC in support of Palestine while calling for an end to US aid to Israel Read more here👇🏽

Pro-Palestinian rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial came as a ceasefire that ended 11 days of Israel i attacks on Palestinians in Gaza .

Lama Alahmad, a resident of neighbouring Virginia who is of Palestinian origin, said US public opinion is turning in favour of the Palestinian cause."There is a huge change" going on in the US with regard to the Palestinian cause seeking a sovereign homeland, said Alahmad.

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"We just want the world to recognize that we are human beings. We are not terrorists," said Alahmad, a 43-year-old stay at home mother who grew up in the United Arab Emirates before moving to the US around 20 years ago.Supporters of the Palestinians rally during the National March for Palestine demonstration at Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, Saturday, May 29. 2021. (AP)

Members of a Jewish community join supporters of the Palestinians during the National March for Palestine demonstration at Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, Saturday, May 29. 2021. (AP)Silmi insisted there was now broad opposition in the US to how Israel treats the Palestinians, which he likened to apartheid in South Africa.

"People have now woken up, and we're resisting. Whether young Jews, young Muslims, young Blacks, young whites, there is a generational shift. And people are working across ethnic groups, racial groups, to work for change and freedom and liberation for Palestinian people," Silmi said.

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Please retweet the petition for my BDS resolution at Ann Arbor City Council! --You can sign my petition at: March4Palestine March4Justice abdulqureshi_5 Economic sanctions are the best way but the influence of Jewish lobbyists in the administration of the American government, education, economy, social and so on, I doubt it will not happen.

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Oh US Israel relationship is not OK

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