Media, Prince Harry Tells James Corden He Left Royal Life Because The Uk Press Was 'Destroying' His Mental

Media, Prince Harry Tells James Corden He Left Royal Life Because The Uk Press Was 'Destroying' His Mental

Prince Harry: I left royal life because press was 'destroying' my mental health

Prince Harry has said he stepped back from the royal family last year because the British press was 'destroying' his mental health.

2/26/2021 3:21:00 PM

'We all know what the British press can be like, and it was destroying my mental health,' Prince Harry told 'The Late Late Show' host James Corden. 'I was like, this is toxic. So I did what any husband and what any father would do.'

Prince Harry has said he stepped back from the royal family last year because the British press was 'destroying' his mental health.

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Oh please. Poor rich kid. Needs to get a life and contribute to society It’s not the press Harry, it was the wrong doing of the British Royal Queen that made you to step down, and you admitted that the notorious Queen could do anything if you are not wise. You absolutely made a wise decision.KK All done with Daddy’s money!

GOOD FOR YOU Prince Harry!! I wish you all the peace and happiness in life that you deserve! It’s just a shame that you had a step away from everything to get what each human being deserves! Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about marksust7 wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation

Leave the Royalty till the child in situ is born. Why did he sale their life story to Netflix if Press destroyed their life. If you want a private life then move on. It does not make sense. I would like Harry to answer this I heard the british press was nasty and don't play fair You mean they do the same thing to their people like CNN and msnbc and the rest of China puppets on the left

Coincidentally after the hooks were in. 😂😂😂 He is a pussy whipped dick fart and she is Z list gold digging hungry fame W H O R E. Harry sits down for a piss these days. I didn’t vote for you. Be gone and STFU No-one care about if he will be back of being part of royal family.... Because he won't be the King but his brother William I

Such a good husband and father for choosing his family above all else..a real man. But the US doesnt have press/tabloids? Here is the key dont read the press. But wait he married a Z list celebrity who wants to be A list so of course she cared about the press and made his life hell. Did someone ask Rachel if she is ok today, dont want her fake crying again?

He has seen the royal life and press destroying his mum’s mental health AND her life as well. Enough is enough. What prince! He is as just another happy redhead. So you come to this country and seek to be in the press non stop .They both love the attention. Harry left his brother and he is alot like Prince Andrew but Harry has been bailed out for years .

Dat is beter dat hij afstand neemt van zijn hele familie 👏👏 The brit media is foul snd the BBC is stuffed with government party stooges, Kim Jung Un style. Lol what a pathetic sad argument . Is it me or is he just being an ultra super duper privileged white ass? I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism. It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. marksust7

Yawn. I hate to be brutal maybe if he committed suicide people would than sympathize. He's a grown man, he grew up in the family/royal; yet mere peasant think they know what's he should have done. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Crazy Harry - now wears the skirt in the house! It’s a shame his own brother didn’t stand by him.

Good move Prince Harry. An interview with James Corden followed by one with Oprah Winfrey. I really wish Harry & Meghan would start respecting Harry & Meghan’s privacy. Why do you think that anything from that privilege a-hole is worth reporting ? Iboth Meghan and trump hate the media. one calls it fake news, the other, calls the media racist and toxic. both can’t take criticisms

I think he and his wife should stop doing interviews and making deals with Netflix. If you want to stay out of spotlight, move to a small town, get a regular job. The UK public have washed there hands of this hypocritical non royal. Another mistake marrying an American divorcee. If he dislikes the media so much why has he spoken out on such a platform, no ones interested we’ve all moved on.

Hiding in clear view No more talking about royalty then.... he's right you know, that's how they got rid of his mother. He knows how dangerous they are! My God. What a colossal, out-of-touch, bore Harry is. All this time I was feeling sorry for him being led around by Meghan, but now, after watching this, I feel sorry for Meghan having to spend her life with this spoiled, deadly dull, man.

So what did the press say that was toxic about him? He is so distraught by press coverage that he is doing multiple media interviews. Anyone else calling bullshit on this? I think his wife did not like the British press and considered them toxic to her brand, ”perfection”.. When were the press out of order with Harry?

Please stay out of our private lives while we sit here telling the whole world about our private lives..👌🏻 ryanfield I don't blame him one bit. Living your life the best way for you & your family is much more important. Bravo Prince Harry! They shouldn't even be classed as Human Beings. Their mentality: If someone die, they die. (See Princess Diana) They move along to the next target. (See Carolyn Flack) I know because I've watched it all go down over the last 5 years. BritishMedia/BritishTabloidMedia/RoyalRoyta

Him and her looking to break into the movies!! Please stay far from the press. Problem solved for you and your family. Well since press is so toxic do not give them any coverage we already know Meghan lies, court case she got caught, and they say one thing but do another, he is all about climate change but gets in a gas guzzling bus, Oprah flies un and out on private jet, which is it Harry?

This guy is smart, but not smart enough if he decided to stay in this Banana Republic. His better choice should be Canada🇨🇦, not here🇺🇸.🙄🤔 champion👏👏 🥲🥲 British press is like Foxnews. About as newsworthy as the National Enquirer. We love a man who’s committed to his wife and child. A true family man. Go Harry! ❤️

Have people REALLY forgot about what happened to Diana. Yknow, his mother? Press hounding them and now with the public taking things way too far with such horrid abuse. Can only imagine how Diana would have been victimized with the presence of Social Media. All power to them. Yeah, they want their ‘privacy’ all right!🙄

😔😔 I'm tired of them acting like victims. The British press is harsh with many people. They were just looking for a reason to leave Britain, because they don't particularly like royal life. They want royal titles, but not the lifestyle it involves. Harry wants to be with celebrities I just watched markaustintv on SkyNews discussing this with a guest reporter (didn't quite catch her name;think an Emma) & I can clearly say that press like him is definitely part of the toxicity Prince Harry was talking bout.Funny enough just watched the full Corden segment on

Beyond the British press, many British people are full of hate and veiled racism. The world is happy these guys are much happy outside UK. I applaud Prince Harry for protecting his family. Princess Diana's death is a haunting reminder for him everyday what the media is capable of. Outsiders see the wealth and, glamour but, obviously it's more intense than us common folks could imagine. God bless Harry and Meghan. 🙏🏽

princeharry knows the British press killed his mother and he refused to let it kill his wife and destroy his family. admirable He's been through a LOT and struggled with depression. I'm glad he did what's best for his and his family's well being. Why read it? Why is a royal relying on adoration from the British press? Support the UK ppl, not the press.🙄 PrinceHarry

😬'So I did what any husband and what any father would do.' Like not read the tabloids? Love them! I think Princess Diana would be very proud. Wishing Harry and Meghan the best! ❤️❤️❤️ Mental health is so expensive I can truly understand why America was designed from British rule for freedom. Harry proves to take after his beautiful mother, intelligent, caring, proactive.

Prince Harry's dad James Hewitt is raging James Cordon 😂😂 about as talented as smallpox If royal of course are you having a laugh the British press 😂😂 that has been that many lies on American tv your own reporters don't know what reports are true or false emarvelous Good for them. Take away their oxygen The British press treated Harry’s mixed race family like a paycheck. And like it was their duty to suffer through Mental health above all else, this is how you advocate for it. By your actions

British press is shit! I know, They anger with the Windsors after Diana death. Good for him! He had to let go of what's not so important to what's meaningful and important to him. Now, that's a real man! You've got to give it to him. If he doesn't like the press why is he giving interviews Hypocrisy of the privileged.

Him and Meghan just need to settle down now, enjoy their lives and their babies. I think that’s all everyone wants for them 'We all know what the British press is like, and it was destroying my mental health,' Harry told host James Corden. 'I was like, this is toxic. So I did what any husband and what any father would do'. 'I grabbed the wife and kids and got the hell out of the house

Plus he did t get paid. Not like the millions the talk shows, podcast and Netflix pay him... Urgh he's so annoying I love that he put his mental health and family first! Being a Royal and always being bombarded by the Press is no always notable! He was definitely cut from a different cloth! He is more like his mom!🥰

This spoiled, whining rich guy WANTS to be interviewed & always be in the news or else he would go off & live a good life. Instead, he and Meghan live off his Windsor wealth, don’t work, and sit around their mansion whining to the press. Get a job Harry! They are horrible! Oh, here we go the 'mental health' excuse. Boring, stop saying the same old stuff over and over.

People are forgetting that his wife received vicious death threats Who cares? Go away I can only imagine him feeling like history was beginning to repeat itself, with the British media going after Meghan. And why let it? He did what he had to do to keep his family safe and sane. Him and his beautiful black wife. We love to see it.

A protector!!!!! Love him and Meghan 😍 GOOD MOVE HARRY!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Strange Dazzler has not contributed some of his wisdom to this thread, after all, he loves trolling Megan. Just leave them alone. So many other things for the press to cover. But I’ll happily engage with the American press and I’d like millions of dollars ... Hypocrisy

It’s your choice, Harry. Good for him. Somewhere, his mother is happy for him and his family. Ah strong is the hypocrisy I sense He came across so normal and likeable! And I’m tres impressed by the way he scooted up that rope. Plus he didn’t even get dirty crawling in the mud! The royal family is the real loser here!

So he says. His father and brother are said people and they are still working despite the British press. He is making poor excuses when in reality MeghanMarkle made him quit. We can not choose our birth, but can live the way we want, good for them👏 The British press are extremely untrustworthy, discriminatory, and morally bankrupt. So I admire Harry for putting his and his family's happiness, mental health, & peace of mind above all else. He and Meghan are rightly making their own way and controlling their own narratives.

Good for Harry .. his mom would be proud! Remember when Prince Harry was only 12 has to Bury His Mother who was hounded relentlesly Until her Untimely Death! by BLOOD SUCKING PAPARRAZZI and the British Press !!! and girls they want to have fun... To give up all that was destined for since birth requires infinite courage and even greater , greater sacrifice ....Exceptional strength of character and humility ....

The anti Harry & Meghan campaign running in right wing elements of the British media is horrific. In my view a royal family has no place in a modern democracy....however they should not be on the receiving end of such sustained personal attacks. Good for you! Live YOUR life! Peace of mind is more important than anything.

Does he not realise, that this is courting more media attention? Look at William and Kate. They handled it correctly from the start. This all went pear shaped when Meghan appeared on the scene. Are we supposed to feel sorry for him… Just wondering… Good for them their evil vultures the press, it’s horrible how this couple has been treated

Gabsxo3 Periodt ❤️❤️ Good on you Harry At least the man has shown someone in the royals has balls & stands by his wife , while the rest of them live a privileged life on taxpayers money . OH! BOO HOO! any way you slice it I cant muster my baby finger violins to feel sorry for the royal family. nup...sad tune just wont show itself.

Pussy Protected your family from racists. Anyone that faults you for that is an idiot and isn't worth your time I can understand the want for privacy from the press. But then why court the press for interviews? Except that hack William Soft