Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan fire back at bullying complaints

Staffers allege the duchess occasionally reduced them to tears.

3/3/2021 7:59:00 AM

Duchess Meghan faces report of bullying claims ahead of highly anticipated Oprah interview.

Staffers allege the duchess occasionally reduced them to tears.

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Typical Windsor bs. I have been and still am being bullied daily by the Queen and Charles and it's been 20 years nonstop. Sexually violate They ate taking the f'''''g piss out of Meghan because they are simply white supremacists. I live 4 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace. I can believe this report She seems like she could be a bully! You don't get to where she is and not step on some toes!

Enough with her.... who cares This just shows how bord people that have nothing better to do go on line just to Bully ridicule others 24/7. These are the DANGEROUS ONES!!!! Get caught go to jail for a very long time!!! Oh those Brits are all for the Who cares? The royal family has done worse atrocities than bullying throughout history.

Lool at the audacity of the colonisers in the British Royal family and media accusing Meghan of being a bully and linking her to JamalKhashoggi murder. This is history repeating itself. The same history Harry is going to reveal.. When it comes to the bullying complains against MeghanMarkle, I wouldn’t doubt them. Meghan is a narcissistic person, and it’s draining how all media outlets have intense coverage when she and PrinceHarry have nothing better to do than to be in the spotlight consistently.

People will always talk good or bad .....continue to live and enjoy your life and help other’s along your journey. eternal life Jesus duchesses dukes earls princesses kings presidents ....... can't help you Who are these randos? I didn’t vote for them. Go away Meghan..... poor, sweet, innocent Meghan a bully...say it not so.....(sarcasm)....

Nothing says i hate the press coverage like these ex royal grifters going on every damn show and never missing a camera I believe it. Why the fuck does anyone care Quit calling her Duchess. She isn’t anymore Why are you calling her Duchess? She is no longer Duchess. She’s not a ‘Dutchess’ anymore and besides it looks like they do want all the attention except they can’t digest any negative attention & play victim all the time. 🙄

Odd, for people who want to shun the press, they sure volunteer to be in the spotlight. Their cries for privacy, subsequent publicity sure gets tiring. Two sides, even three or four to every story. This one is messy. They're no saints. No matter how much PR one does & even in cahoots with Oprah. We're all human as is british royal family. Together everyone: 'love wins!'

God bless them. The vultures,arent even waiting to see what they have to say revolting, attacking her when she's pregnant again There is still news stories ready to aim and fire on this lovely couple. And Harry is still Royal Blood. No one can change that. So their lives do matter to their family. No matter how much smut try’s to degrade them. They can’t.

SHES NOT A DUTCHESS WHY DO YIU CALL HER THAT! GET THE NEWS CORRECT . GOLD DIGGER .... who would have thought would bring down the Royal family .., Reparations over everything Plaid_Harry I have your back brother, they cant bully a bull Don't staff sign a NDA? Is Jason linked to the leak? Times is the broadsheet of the Sun who Harry & Meghan refuse to collaborate with. Finally isn't that classic racism BLK & aggressive? Why didn't the Q use cease & desist or her powers as she did for Andrew when M was in UK?

It’s just Meghan now Amazing how much America cares about the UK all of a sudden, so sweet, America should again be part of the Commonwealth of Britain, either that or shut the f up about royals on American news. I do not care for Meghan such an opportunist she spent our money on a wedding selfish. I can’t think of any other people I care less about yet get exposed to more frequently than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I mean, I don’t wish them ill. Live your best lives. Just, you know, do it in private sometimes. Thx

Boo frigging hoo The I dont want all this media scrutiny but I do want to bask in the glow of media attention is beyong me. Classic narcissist Meghan is 12/10 hot and literal royalty. Where does the line start to receive the bullying? 🙄 I have every reason to announce to you all because at least I'm trading with the right account manager Charloteameli , he has make me never to look on my pay check.

Need your help covering this story! My friends life depends on it please cover his trial this month in San Bernardino!!! Please contact me for more info. Mark geragos and Alexandra Kazarian is defending him! Please help save a life and bring light to injustice Leave her alone With sincerity and gratitude in my heart I’m doing this testimony so other people will know that this platform is real and legit, I’m grateful markdonaldAmel