President Trump commutes sentence of longtime friend, adviser Roger Stone

President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced on Friday.

7/11/2020 3:09:00 AM

BREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced.

President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced on Friday.

Prosecutor claims Roger Stone was given special treatmentA prosecutor on the Roger Stone case is expected to tell Congress President Donald Trump’s longtime friend was given favorable treatment before his sentencing. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports.Anadolu Agency via Getty Images, FILE

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President Trump has commuted the sentence of his longtime friend and former campaign adviser Roger Stone, the White House announced on FridayIn a statement, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Trump “signed an Executive Grant of Clemency commuting the unjust sentence of Roger Stone, Jr. … Roger Stone is now a free man!”

Stone came under scrutiny for activity related to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. In February, he was sentenced to 40 months in prison after he was found guilty in November of obstructing justice, witness tampering and five counts of lying to Congress. Stone is currently remanded to home confinement and was expected to report to prison on July 14.

While a commutation reduces a convict's sentence either in part or in full, only a pardon nullifies a conviction entirely. Absent a full pardon, Stone will avoid prison time but will still remain a convicted felon, barring him from voting in any future elections, serving on a jury or seeking elected office. If Trump chooses, as a part of the commutation he also may release Stone from any of the financial obligations that his conviction carried.

Stone was convicted of misleading lawmakers on several key elements of their probe into Russian meddling, including communications he had with the Trump campaign discussing WikiLeaks’ dissemination of damaging documents stolen from Democrats during the campaign.

Roger Stone, former confidant to President Donald Trump speaks to the media after appearing before the House Intelligence Committee during a closed door hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 election, Sept. 26, 2017 in Washington, D.C.Roger Stone, former confidant to President Donald Trump speaks to the media after appearing before the House Intelligence Committee during a closed door hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 election, Sept. 26, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Mark Wilson/Getty ImagesMORE: A timeline of the extraordinary turn of events in the Roger Stone caseStone formally left the Trump campaign in late 2015 but remained in touch with multiple senior advisers to Trump and the presidential candidate himself. According to testimony and evidence presented at his trial, Stone became the campaign's informal point-person on all things WikiLeaks -- a relationship that underpinned lies he eventually told during sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in September 2017.

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The commutation comes after Trump had long fueled speculation that he had plans to pardon or commute the sentence of his longtime friend and adviser. President Trump tweeted in May that Stone"had been treated very unfairly" and made reference to a jury foreperson, who he has previously accused of being biased.

"Roger Stone has been treated very unfairly. How about that jury Forewoman, does anybody think that was fair? DISGRACEFUL! Stay tuned," the president tweeted.After a federal judge in Washington, D.C. last month gave Stone a surrender date of July 14 -- though he had sought to report to the Georgia prison on Sept. 3, citing coronavirus fears -- the very next day

the president tweeted a story about a petition for him to pardon Stone.Stone had asked for a new trial based on alleged juror misconduct, but Judge Amy Berman Jackson denied Stone’s request in April, saying Stone failed to"[supply] any reason to believe that there has been a 'serious miscarriage of justice.'"

“The defendant has not shown that the juror lied; nor has he shown that the supposedly disqualifying evidence could not have been found through the exercise of due diligence at the time the jury was selected," Jackson said.With regard to Stone's argument that the juror was biased because of comments made on social media, Jackson said,"To the extent one could consider any of the social media posts to be inconsistent with the juror’s questionnaire, they do not warrant a new trial because they do not meet the legal test for something that has been 'newly discovered.'"

During the hearing on the new trial motion in late February, Jackson expressed concern for the safety of a juror from Stone’s trial after Trump repeatedly accused her of being biased.“The president of the United States used his Twitter platform to disseminate a particular point of view about a juror,” Jackson said during that hearing. “Any attempt to invade the privacy of the jurors or to harass or intimidate them is completely antithetical to our system of justice. They deserve our protection. They deserve to have their privacy protected.”

Former campaign advisor to President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, arrives at U.S. District Court, Feb. 21, 2019, in Washington, D.C.Former campaign advisor to President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, arrives at U.S. District Court, Feb. 21, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

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Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images, FILEMORE: Longtime Trump friend Roger Stone denied new trial Read more: ABC News »

AdamSchiff has been a lier his entire life! He lied for three years saying he had direct evidence of the Russian collusion and he had nothing! He’s a douchebag 💯 Why are you interviewing the biggest liar in politics? It’s coming back to bite the Democratic Party This was pretty tame compared to some of the outrageous pardons and commutations that Obama and Clinton have pulled off. Thanks for mentioning those by the way

Only 3 months of lies remaining...never thought I’d say roll on November in the middle of summer but I can’t wait. And RepAdamSchiff is a Pedo. We all know he's in the videos at either Epstein Island or another location. So there's that. It's all over Twitter. Disgusting People like Schiff who continually talk shit about republicans and our opinions that do not matter is why we will not ever vote democrat again . Most people I know voted for someone in both parties but not now

abcnews, Aren't you the least bit embarrassed to keep hosting this known liar?! Keep marching this proven liar out. It is entertaining Schiff is a joke! He talks about rule of law?! 😂😂😂 Fuck Adam Schiff Marxist dems won't stand up for the rule of law or for the independence of the Justice Department. Just look at how Obama/Biden used the Justice Department in their coup attempt. Schiff loved that, didn't he?

Just another clown 🤡 in the circus 🎪 world of ABC News OBAMAGATE! Arrest Schiff! Look at his ties with George Soros! Arrest Gardner in St.Louis MO! 🎓🇺🇸 The DOJ is not an independent, co-equal branch of government any more than HUD. Why is it illegal for a citizen to lie to Congress, but perfectly OK for a congressman to lie to the citizens? (As Schiff has done for years.)

Stephanopoulos ran interference forClinton for being a pervert in the People’s house. Is interviewing Schiff who has been lying to the American people for the last 4 years. Not one thing he said was true..wasted millions of our tax dollars. History will prove the scum you are U have regular citizens charged with Hate Crimes for painting over or cutting down BLM signs. U have the NY mayor painting BLM on the public street in front of Trump Tower (graffiti) and ppl are appalled Trump pardoned a friend who was frivolously prosecuted

Adam shi*🤢🤢🤮 PROPAGANDA MACHINE. FAKESTREAM MEDIA. GREAT INSTIGATOR. FALSIFIER. THEY SPREAD ANTI-AMERICAN SENTIMENT. AdamSchiff how about all of your Dem governor buddies who are letting rapist, murders & child molesters out of prison? AdamSchiff we’re still waiting on that evidence of Russian collusion you claimed to have.

Been nauseated since 2016. Only 3 mos. more..... GStephanopoulos here is some Sunday reading for you More Blacks please Why do you let him LIE? I’m nauseated by Adam’s face. Happy Sunday to all the Corporate Capitalist White Supremacist Democrats! Rule of law ? You’re Party is the rule of the mob !! Can’t have it both way pencil neck .

RepAdamSchiff your expectation of the GOP is far too high. They are as corrupt as their President realDonaldTrump mitt_sen is an outlier GStephanopoulos I would give anything to see RealCandaceO go up against RepAdamSchiff . You allow him to come on and keep spreading his lies. CancelABCNews “Now, I conceive that the President ought not to have the power of pardoning, because he may frequently pardon crimes which were advised by himself. It may happen, at some future day, that he will establish a monarchy and destroy the republic.” George Mason, 1788 Virginia Debates

Rep Schiffty had nothing to say when president Clinton pardoned his brother who was sentenced for cocaine trafficking. That's an actual crime unlike Stone's lie to the Holy Woke Inquisition. How can this IDIOT say anything with a straight face, he should be in JAIL ASAP. TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Such total hacks. 3 years later and you idiots still think Roger Stone is a Russian agent. Lol Adam Schaffer’s is a whiner or he would get the senators together and impeach trump and Barr get to work and do it before trump does something we cannot come back from And schiff lied to everyone roflmao where was the democrat out cry when Clinton let his drug dealing brother out mmm or the 1700 Obama let out including a terrorist mmmm

Y cuando indultaron al Manning, porqué los 'demócratas no formaron el mismo 'escándalo'? Let me help people hear the truth. Listen to the entire piece. LiesLiesLies RepAdamSchiff is a habitual liar and democrats hate liars Schiff lied to Congress and American people many times! Vietnam war dodger crook, Crafty, cunning and yet a Clueless & callous Covfefe Trump needs a miracle to win & miracles are hard to come by. The white house belongs to Biden after Nov the 4th.

Moron!🤦🏼 Kenny_Mayne He must have not played attention to who Clinton pardoned. Gee..ya think? You’re only noticing this now? Mitt Romney is a hero. Thank you Romney for having the conviction to speak truth to power. He's still surprised ? Only! Who is this guy? Thank you for trying Sen Romney This is why he should’ve been impeached when you had the chance.

is bullshit anti Trump propaganda. Prove me wrong. So says Mitt ( always parroting dems ) Romney should be running in 2020. Not the “Hoaks”. Romney, no whining! If you don’t like it you should have run this time!! No Worries Mitt We.ll Nip It In The Bud Quotes Republican President Mark Patrick Seymour MSNBC ALL YOU NEWS CHANNELS SHOULD BE REPORTING THIS CORRUPTION NON STOP-THAT CORRUPT MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND ESPECIALLY YOU SHAMELESS,SPINELESS REPUBLICANS NEED TO BE CALLED OUT ON THIS SHT EVERY DAMN MINUTE! THIS IS BEYOND F’ED UP!

Presidential pardons should be restricted, allies and acquaintances of a president no longer should be allowed to be pardoned. CNN MSNBC YOU fkers have no shame anymore! This man just blatantly threw corruption at your faces and all you do is give this weak ass statement! You republicans are a freaking disgrace! You dont deserve your positions! You have enabled a blatant criminal! You spineless IDIOTS!

ImpeachAgain The Rice network, gmannVOLS GTH Romney Will he turn up at pedo island? Romney was a weak Candidate when he ran for President and got crushed by Obama who will top Jimmy Carter as the worst President in American History. Now why would we care what he says.. And I do believe he was interested in a position in The Trump admiration ....

the teflon don strikes again, nothing stuck Lying is ok for the rich & effluent! Public & Private institutions in america does this everyday & coverup is unprecedented. Attorneys General fail to prosecute lies told under oath & in court documents & interrogatories & poors run out of money & forced to live with injustice.

Trump is paying off his men who did dirty work for him. He is indeed protecting himself. Federal regulations doesn't even allow granting a contract where there is a conflict of interest. Apparently, the laws only applies to the people and not to the so called leaders. Your salty tears are delicious! Poor clueless Mitt.

Good for him! He’s 100% right! Mittens is mad. Thanks mitt it only confirms the corruption by the GOP MittRomney is a leftist who claims to be a republican. Just wait till the people of Utah vote him out of office ! Mitt Romney continues to demonstrate his values and integrity. Mitt and his family have been stealing American taxpayers money in Ukraine. That’s why he doesn’t like Trump. Trump won’t put up with it.

SenatorRomney should SHAVE his eyebrows & stop lying! MormonsLie GOP you all asked for all this when they allowed the moron to run in the 1st place. You couldn't control him in campaign you really thought you could control him once he won! Look at the mess you helped cause. I tried to warn paul ryan but he was so giddy girlish about his run!

Remember when the Democrats treated Nitt like Trump treats him. Money don’t make a man. Nitt is proof of that. KattyKay_ And he still got three more months to use his position to the full before losing the election, unless we all get sentenced to another four years!! If so, how do we get a pardon? I wanted to be President soo bad but im clearly a Moron!

Never ind that Stone was targeted by a corrupt FBI & DOJ, that his entire case was illegally opened, false info was presented to a judge to obtain warrants. and of course he was targeted as a means to get at Trump by anti-Democratic douchebags in govt. oh please... Corrupt? Lol SenatorRomney & his alias🤣🤣🤣🤣have spent the last 3.5 years trying to get even with realDonaldTrump because he was turned down for SOS. Here's some reality👇

Romney is a joke MittRomney should be more worried about Obama Corrupt Top Brass lying under oath regarding a deliberate coup to undermine the Nation, it's duly elected President, the framing and persecution of a highly decorated General and manipulation of High Courts to defraud and waste $40M. Impeach Trump again

FakeNewsMedia MittRomney Define PROJECTION PierrE DelectO Actions, Policy? Otherwise, you doing establishment Dems shit....... Posers Make American Corruption Great Again Question is why is the GOP continuing the sufferage of this country, at the hands of their president? The corruption is not just on the Trump administration, it's on the GOP as well. The GOP needs to bring balance back to our democracy, and stop waiting for an election!

Kenny_Mayne He is still it speaking names or doing it aloud for the world to hear. It’s not a thing until he says it on the Senate floor, to his colleagues. Ooooh Mitt Romney condemned Trump That’s not really the “gotcha” the left thinks it is. Romney is an idiot. KattyKay_ He probably thinks Flynn lied as well.. Must be some major league dirt on Romney...

Even my sister hates Romney and refuses to ever vote for him again. (You need to know my sister.) ...and that’s sayin something, I’m telling you!!! The only thing “unprecedented” is Romney’s nauseating uninformed undermining and backstabbing of Trump. Romney evidently hasn’t read either of the IG Reports or the Mueller Report all which cleared Trump/Trump campaign of everything. Romney will go down in history as a weasel.

LOL MittRomney》》》Well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. Are you fucking serious?! You and your Republican counter parts just recently committed and demonstrated total party corruption when y'all MittRomney, voted not to impeach Trump who is a CertifiedCriminal. No the historic corruption was Obozo and his administration spying on his campaign using the intelligence agencies. Mueller knew for two years there was nothing. Stone was set up and brought into a hoax. The Liberal years are glorious.

obamagate Amen Wanna talk about Bill Clinton's pardon to convicted terrorist US bomber Susan Rosenberg! She was serving 83 year sentence & Bill set her free his last day. Now sits on BLM board, raising money ferreted thru Thousand Currants to the coffers of the Democratic party!!!! DUH! VETTED Great Now what is he going to do about it? Because Id argue that's almost as criminal as Trump and his cronies seeing the Republicans sit back and letting him get away with everything he's done in three and a half years.

I am pretty sure that all none-white people are also condemning him. KeithOlbermann Trump is Making America Corrupt Again! LoserMitt most of us REALIZED MittRomney was part of the DEEP STATE SWAMP! Utahans r learning quickly-so his time as a Senator is numbered. Check w/ OANN investigative reporter on 1GOP name that came up in the Ukraine money laundering scandal! 99% R current DEMOcRATS! 👀👀voters!

There was a President that pardoned Nixon. Bill Clinton pardoned his own brother. W. pardoned Lewis Libby for crimes committed during the administration. Poppy Bush pardoned co-conspirators in Iran Contra. JFK pardoned Hank Greenspun, who had dirt on the Kennedys. Many Presidents pardoned friends & allies.

There was no crime This is garbage The US should not have political prisoners Senator Romney is a great person. He is dead wrong on this issue. Roger Stone’s crime was that he was a friend of Donald J. Trump. I am glad this injustice is over for Stone I think you misspelled Democrat. Screw off RINO He conveniently forgets the lawlessness and shadyness of the Bush 1 and 2 administrations when they pardoned the crooks in their midst. The entire republican party is full of shit.

This is Worst than Watergate. I hope American people sees the seriousness of this corrupt act. No he didn’t. He didn’t even say Trump’s name. KeithOlbermann Hmmm Unprecedented? FuckOffMitt Romney is right nothing but corruption under Trump’s leadership KeithOlbermann I want to see a debate 😈 Just think what these crooks have been getting away with. Raping our country.

I guess Nixon is in the clear....trump is the most corrupt president EVER AND I MEAN E V E R!!!!!! The fact that MittRomney is willing to speak up for what he believes in even though he takes a ton of heat for it is pretty impressive. No Stone lied about seeing wiki leaks Assange or speaking with him when he did not Coney and Clapper lies about everything.

Destroy the Republican party. Burn it to the ground. They enable the most corrupt president in US history. Romney is DS. Let’s get justice rolling, the evidence is overwhelming the Obama criminals set up a shadow government and actively trying to take down the American government. That’s Treason, they know they have been caught! All this chaos is blood on Obama’s hands. Pure EVIL

You can’t sugar coat this is blatant corruption. Talk about a swamp 😱 Apparently believes in death sentence. Let rape & other violent criminals out of jail, put murder someone caught up in espionage/treason, let him rot w/virus? HUMANITY? Wrong place/wrong time crime. Lies even if true doesn't deserve death sentence. Virus WOULD killed him.

“unprecedented historic corruption that congress will do absolutely nothing about...” 😒 you’d never know we have three EQUAL branches of government- CLOWNSHOW RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica TrumpVirus but Trump is the KING OF THE WORLD, he can do anything he wants and he's getting away with it Oh cram it, haven’t done a single tangible thing to stem the tide. You and John McCain are the biggest frauds of your time.

HAHA cry more, mittens. 😂🤡 Romney..... THE CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF BLIND JEALOUSY lol 😂 the one guy that could actually be charge with the Logan Act has something to say...bahaha Doesn't matter if he just spits out words Action is what's needed 🖕🏻fuck off Mitt Either this is hilarious self-aware humor from Romney or he is the biggest hypocrite on earth.

Trump's day of atonement is coming. The American people will make him pay for his sins. He cannot hide behind the presidency for much longer. Tick, tock, Donald, tick tock. November2020 ExPresidentTrump PresidentBien Corruption is Trump’s middle name. It’s all he does. Impeach Trump again. Condemning only goes so far with this President Senator.

The ONLY republican with testicular fortitude MittRomney Thank you for speaking up You may want to check that compared to past Presidents It shows Mitt is a political hack Romney RogerStone PardonRogerStone Google 'Scooter Libby' when you're not busy spreading Neoliberal propaganda. What a lie Using a congenital liar like Schiff for a response about lying is like calling ABC a credible news network. You also totally eliminated the FBI’s admitting that Flynn did NOT lie on purpose, a huge bombshell, but doesn’t fit your narrative

TRUMP SAID LET HIM OUT HE GOT WORK TO DO ...STAGE 2 $$$$...PROGRAM MOVER..$$$ DrainTheJails pf my friends and those who protected me! What is he in power for Imagine that! TRAITOR TRUMPS BELONG BEHIND BARS! Awesome! Roger and his wife have been through a terrible ordeal. If you don't know the full story, look into it.

The days of tricks and traps are over. He was snared in an investigation of a crime fabricated by his accusers. If it is a danger for him to be in prison due to Covid-19 then all of them are in danger and they too should be released. Criminal I'd be willing to bet mental health has something to do with it somewhere.

LAW AND ORDER! 😠😠😠😠 Well, couldn’t the media be held also for obstructing justice? Just wondering since most of the reports were found wrong during the collision stuff. Drain the swamp? Trump is the swamp. ah yes, Penguin! 🎩🌂 They ALL lie Now Stone can get a Trump tattoo Prediction: Flashback to Nixon & Ford, Trump resigns after he loses the election and Pence pardons him. Can Congress stop it ahead of time?

Corrupted president at work with the help of DOJ This is what happens when you have a crook for President. When the president's blackmailing pimp friend does it ---it's not illegal President Trump kept his promise What is worse than lying to Schiff, Nadler, AOC, Omar & the likes? - Telling them the truth.

He should be sentenced to 40 months in prison for that god damn ugly mug he’s got there. Poor guy must’ve been beaten very young with a stick of some sort. Or a cane. Could be a case for the Hardly Boys!!! The witness tampering was an example of mob tactics. Think horses head in bed. The US President always takes care of the crooks who covers for him. Especially if he is the one who asked them to commit the crime.

Perhaps the trump is forgetting that he will be locked up as soon as his terrible presidency is over!!! Reward for the sacrifice done let him enjoy Tit for Tat How can the Felon be freed by the Crime Boss he committed the crimes for? Really America? SwampThing SwampyDonnie SwampyDon In other news, mob boss rewards soldier that kept his freakin trap shut.

Love to know what he knows No point for anyone to tell Congress the truth anymore, there are no consequences to lying to them anyway. Right GOP? When Democrats have control, I hope you all remember that this is what you wanted. Traitor Trump acts like a fascist clown again.Looks like Democrats picked the wrong week to “pivot” away from discussing presidential corruption. via slate

Someone Street pastors need to lay hands on this clown! WhiteHouse Of course he did. Birds of a feather Down to the Liar. Cry harder Good enjoy the rest of your life roger stone,🙌 😂🤣😂🤣 FakeNews is crying tonight! RogerStoneIsFree LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder July Fourth Weekend was a bloodbath in US cities: Chicago—80 Americans shot, 17 killed New York City—64 Americans shot, 10 killed Philadelphia—31 Americans shot, 7 killed Atlanta—28 Americans shot, 4 killed What do they all have in common? They're all run by Democrat Mayors.

For Trump those offenses are just another day at the office. FAKE NEWS Isn't lying to Congress what Clapper did 🤔 Corruption at its best. Outrageous! I just said it is stupid to publish president's tax returns to public because it exposes the presidency to attack. Presidency should be protected. Facebook banned me. All FB cares about is it's stock price and has total disregard for free speech. FB is far worse than Nazi gestapo

We're a full on banana republic at this point He has no shame Birds of a feather So much for the rule of law Time to reign in the criminals,... He should go to jail when Obama, Biden, Brennan, Clapper, Clinton & all the corrupt cabal go to jail for their crimes. No state charges? Dem commie heads exploding All over the country! BRAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!

That was one strange cat. PrestonTVNews Good, Roger was shafted. they must be really good friend for him to loose his Presidency over. 'longtime friend & adviser'. Really? That's all you've got. That's not news. Try adding in the traitoring. Jesus! Not even trying to hide the corruption....Sad! Seems pretty corrupt to me

Of course Haha! Y’all big mad! How Trump is going to answer questions about this? How conveniently Democrats forget Bill Clinton's commuting of Susan Rosenberg's sentence. She was active in the revolutionary terrorist May 19th Communist Organization, which engaged in bombings of buildings. She was arrested in 1984 while in possession of explosives and firearms

Shall we take bets on the chance that Roger Stone has said to Trump- ‘you either get me out of jail or I sing’? Anyone agree? realDonaldTrump pardoned Scooter Libby. I’m not surprised by his commuting roger stone’s sentence. GOP members are criminals TRUMP.LOYAL TO STONE DISLOYAL TO AMERICANS This is the country that advertises democracy and freedom

Bunch of freaking criminals in the White House administration! Reward for the sacrifice done Our government has become a Mafia. And we’re paying them. PrestonTVNews Who’s next. Charles Manson The swamp is over flowing. AWESOME! F-you liberals!!!!! Draining the swamp ? Feast your eyes on the liberal meltdown in this thread. 🤣 Now imagine what they're going to do when the corrupt Obama officials who falsely accused Stone are sent to prison. 😱

MegaCelebrationVigil Nail. In. Coffin. Trump has no desire to be elected to another term. He didn’t want to be president to begin with. He is done. Stick a fork in him. That’s why he panders you his mind numbing my stupid base, it’s all he’s got. Pissing and moaning won't do anything. Adopt a state. Send postcards. Make phone calls. Get rid of him.

komonewsradio Smug face. The right thing. He's innocent....OBAMAGATE... Instead of tunneling on this issue, how about we remove this power from the President? dyebeforelefti1 Long overdue! The guy was RAILROADED! Look at the soy crying once again. Lol Trump is taking The Republican Party down with with him wow including the senate

Naked corruption. This was done to keep him from talking, obstruction of justice. No matter your Political party, this should piss every American off.TRE45SON TrumpKnewAndDidNothing Hmmmmm....on a Friday night, in the dead of summer after most of congress and SCOTUS have gone home for the month. Seems legit. 😳🤬🤯😱

htfdncryh bjyy ikdch Duh....thats not breaking news....we knew that when he got sentenced 😡 DACA free soon too by Trump It was nice of him to remind everyone this close to the election that he's not only a traitor and an incompetent who got hundreds of thousands of Americans killed but a criminal as well.

In 4 months time vote 🗳 Joe Biden n justice will prevail cus he will stop at nothing to make sure justice is serve Of course! POS Of course he has... RepPressley He should be removed Meanwhile I guess this is ok? Great 🇺🇸News ❤️RogerStoneDidNothingWrong ‼️ surprise surprise. what else would you expect from this ... ah never mind. It's just not worth the waist of breath.

ImpeachTrumpAgain Yet another criminal is forgiven because they were friends with Trump. That looks really good to the others in prison for lesser crimes. Un... Fucking... Believable! 😬 Americans remember this in November No one cares about this except the Leftist Media. Roger who? Quid pro quo impeach trump

NOT GUILTY Mafia is in the whitehouse Why? Trump is very transactional. He gets something for this. As Roger Stone said this week, he didn't turn on Trump, meaning.... he could have. I am glad President Trump commuted the unjust sentence of Roger Stone whose only crime was that he was a friend of then candidate Donald Trump and help him get elected. I am glad justice has been served and Roger Stone is a free man again.

You misspelled “co-conspirator” Shameful! I don’t know why people are surprised the question was never “if” it was always “when”! That! Is! Awesome!! 😵 We have become a lawless country where justice is only available for the friends of Trump. Corruption is open and available to all who support Trump. Yeah he's not using his status for personal gain at all. He's such an inspiration to 3 people.

Good good good! I trust Trump over ABC opinion on this. What a disgrace!! Disgusting. Trump has given free pardons to drug dealers ,child molesters ,a liar to not testify against him ,you just can’t buy class I personally know many tin pot dictators that would be disgusted with Trump's conduct. I call SWAMP!

HAPPY, HAPPY!! JOY JOY ‼️ corrpution Is this a surprise to anyone? Unbelievable!! Why not? If he expected to win November3rd he’d wait until then but given current state of affairs... Dirty, rotten and corrupt. Sneaked through on a Friday night. The very presence of Trump is an affront all decent, law abiding citizens.

I thought that was a person wearing a Roger Stone mask ..... SO...Hotep... Stone flat out said, I have dirt on the president, I kept my mouth shut and I want to be rewarded for he was..... ladyjusticehangsherhead Winning The worst! I guess anyone who thinks Trump ain’t focused on matters of importantcy is feeling like a dang blang ijit!

Another white privileged The “law and order” president taking another dump on the judicial system. 🙄 Wow corruption 101 I’m not surprised but what a crook Now! The US should never accuse another country for corruption. Remember: This is Trump pissing on the graves of those 136,000 Americans who died because of his refusal to be a leader.

Of course he commuted his sentence, crooks take care of crooks! Look at most of Congress realDonaldTrump POTUS congrats GOP senate This is so disgusting what has happened to outlet country! Shameful on so many levels, corrupt criminals destroying democracy Fascism Obama commuted terrorist Oscar Lopez. Libs rejoiced.

Time for Clinton’s to go to jail. Real justice. The most corrupt regime in US history. Nothing even comes close to it. Stone said he was going to talk if he saw a prison. He didnt see a prison. Election Cheating is Ok. You will get 10 years for statue damage tho? But don’t be black This is sheer brilliance on the GOAT's part. Obamagate will not thrive here. Sorry Libs... Your weekends are likely ruined.

This is disgraceful, describing it this way is also disgraceful. Your failure as journalists is letting people like Rodger Stone destroy our country. You go on in the second tweet to describe his crimes. On this platform that is the same as stuffing it below the fold. GOOD!!! TrumpCorruption MORE: Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison after he was found guilty of obstructing justice, witness tampering and five counts of lying to Congress.

Trump implies he may be ready to grant clemency to Roger StonePresident Donald Trump implied in a pair of interviews Thursday that he was ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone, his friend and ally who was convicted of, among other things, lying to federal investigators and is set to go to prison this month. Pretty sure Stone can't be pardoned unless he admits guilt... How abt clemency to Michael Cohen. He too was loyal to him before he hot caught. TrumpCrimeSyndicate

Trump grants clemency to ally Roger Stone after railing against 'unfair' conviction, sentencingTrump's decision to grant clemency to Roger Stone came days before the operative was expected to report to prison for lying to Congress. Those two criminals are corrupt AF Stone avoids breaking rocks Let’s not talk about WayFair trafficking kids. No. Why would you do that?

Trump Commutes Sentence Of Adviser Roger Stone In Obstruction CaseBREAKING: President Trump has commuted the sentence of his friend and adviser Roger Stone, who was set to serve three years for obstructing justice in the Mueller probe. America is officially a banana republic 🍌🍌🍌 i’m trumpophobic now. Good Trump!

Trump implies he's ready to grant clemency to Roger StonePresident Donald Trump implied in a pair of interviews Thursday that he was ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone, his friend and ally who was convicted of, among other things, lying to Congress and is set to go to prison this month. President orange man implied in a pair of interviews Thursday that he was ready to grant clemency to Roger Stone, his friend and ally who was convicted of, among other things, lying to Congress and is set to go to prison this month. So do we start throwing a tantrum now or wait till he does it? that crazy orange sigh

Trump says he will be 'looking at' pardon for Roger Stone as prison date approachesStone has asked a federal appeals court to delay the start of his 40-month prison sentence for lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstruction. He needs more clowns and losers working for him. Good Trump loves criminals.

Trump Has Commuted The Prison Sentence Of His “Loyal” Ally Roger StoneStone was convicted of lying to Congress about his communications with WikiLeaks leading up to the 2016 election. This is sickening. Trump is a mob boss. Roger Stone hasn’t even begun serving his sentence..! So what’s up here? 3rd world banana republic