Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler hires 3rd campaign manager in 9 months

9/17/2020 2:10:00 PM

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler hired a new campaign manager this week – his third such hire in nine months.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler speaks to Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland, Ore., in July. (Associated Press)Rathfelder reportedly left to take a new job. She had been named campaign manager in January when Wheeler’s first campaign manager, Jennifer Arguinzoni, left.

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Former communication director Lorien Seroka also left in the last nine months.Wheeler’s campaign has also been hit with 23 city election violations, including listing campaign donors in a font too small for an average reader on a flyer, OregonLive.com reported.

PROGRESSIVES DEMAND PORTLAND'S MAYOR, POLICE CHIEF RESIGN AFTER FATAL SHOOTING The 58-year-old incumbent, who has been the city's mayor since January 2017 after previously serving as state treasurer and as a Multnomah County commissioner, is facing a challenge from urban policy consultant Sarah Iannarone, who has referred to herself as an “everyday anti-fascist,"

Willamette Weekreported.She has raised more than $600,000 with the city’s 6-1 match for small campaign donations compared to Wheeler’s nearly $261,000. He opted out of the program, according toCLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThere are no public polls on the race between Wheeler and Iannarone.

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'Sometimes the adversity can remind you how strong you really are.'

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Daniel Prude Death: Rochester, N.Y., Mayor Fires Police Chief, Seeks Federal InquiriesRochester Mayor Lovely Warren fired the police chief, suspended two city officials and has called for federal investigations into the city's handling of Daniel Prude's death in March and the events that followed. Interesting 👏👏👏👏👏 Never mind this....

Rochester mayor fires police chief amid leadership shake-up over Daniel Prude's deathRochester Mayor Lovely Warren fired Police Chief La'Ron Singletary Monday, two weeks before he was set to retire from his command, as part of leadership changes following a review of Daniel Prude's death. Warren told reporters that the cursory management review of the city's handling of the

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New York mayor furloughs himself, staff for week to ease pandemic budget gapEveryone in the New York City mayor's office, including the mayor himself, will be furloughed for one week without pay beginning Oct. 1 to close a budget shortfall created by the pandemic, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday. LOL Imagine the good that could be done if he furloughed himself permanently If only they could find, the 850 million his useless wife pissed away!

New York City Mayor Announces A Furlough Week As City Faces ShortfallFaulting the federal and state governments for not doing more to ease the financial burden on cities like his, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he and other staff will take an unpaid furlough week. BilldeBlasio WOW! the prick gets mad!! Ohoooo! Deblasio stood by and refused to stop the looting and rioting.. He released the looters from jail And now wants the country to rebuild his mess. No wonder taxpayers are fleeing NYC in droves A competent Mayor not driving out citizens and corporations would prevent the financial burden in the first place. He wants a bailout from from the federal government after destroying NY City. What a child.