Poll: 64% of Independents Doubt Joe Biden's Mental Fitness

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Independent voters doubt President Joe Biden’s mental fitness and believe he is too old to be president, a Harvard/Harris poll found over the weekend.

asked respondents, “Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as President of the United States or do you have doubts about his mental fitness for office?”

Sixty-four percent of independents doubt Biden’s mental fitness, along with 79 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Democrats. Overall, 58 percent of respondents said they doubt Biden’s mental ability. The poll also asked respondents, “Do you think Joe Biden is showing to be too old to be President or do you think he is showing to be fit to be president?”

Seventy-two percent of independents said Biden is too old to be president, along with 86 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats. Overall, 63 percent said he is too old to be president. Biden, 80, is currently the oldest president in the history of the United States. If he runs for reelection and wins, he will be 86 by the end of his second term.The polling comes as recent surveys have shown similar results. Polling reveals that less than 25 percent of voters strongly


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Put him in a home already. It’s clearly time. Does nobody love him?

In other news, bears shit in the woods.

He's better than the alternative.


biden isnt making the decisions anyway, he could be a bodydouble


Caption this photo... ' oh look someone dropped her wig, let me smell it to see if I can find the owner'

If elected again Trump will 80!! You know that right?

This tells the truth! More confused as a chameleon in a box of Skittles candy?🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Been cover up for years already

The meds he started taking during 2020 that helped him with thought processes (hydrochloride acid) is now eating away at the pea that's left.

Who Dementia Joe?

Someone just said Biden is nicer than Trump , but old Joe can’t run the country, Trump had the country booming you get what you wish?

Jeziz, where are the other 36%: under a rock?

Harvard/Harris? Like, Kamala Harris? Now that's an objective survey! LOL

36% that think he is fit watched too many Walking Dead episodes.. which has normalized being a Zombie. Brandon is a zombie.

In the last election every senate candidate incumbent won, even though 80% of voters say they don’t like their elected officials. We are stupid sheep.

And yet they vote for him and other people they distrust.

Mental fitness? what about integrity, honesty?

And this is news. Next. The sky is considered “blue”

they should of took that poll before he ran for it,now he is a complete embarrassment and the world leaders are laughing their 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬off at us.

It's always funny how Biden's too old to be President but Trump's planning a 2024 run and y'all are creaming yourselves at the thought of it.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

then why did they vote the democrats back into the senate


It's not his age as much as his inability to tell the truth. He lies even when the truth would serve him better. The problem with lies is that you have to remember the lie to keep your story straight. That's difficult at his age. Really kind of sad.

Trump? Isn't he the obese guy who can't walk a golf course or ride a bike? If elected, He'll be 78 years old in 2024 and 82 by the end of his term.

The Dems have NO INTENTION of using Biden, nor the Reps using Trump. Wait and see!

Obviously, doesn’t take a “rocket scientist “ to understand this.

Of course he is

And criminal Trump that attempted a coup. ?

Physical fitness right behind that!

Las Vegas odds has Biden resigning 1Q 2023.

I can't believe it's just 64%

But he’s more than enough evil to overcome his shortcomings

Are you on this committee davidhogg111 ?

The other 36% are wrong.

Donald Trump and GOP betrayed America and cannot be trusted.

He has demonstrated several times while giving a speech, or ending. Turn to shake the hand or look behind him as if people were there. I've been told hallucinations is a sign of alzheimer. If this is true. He is being abused by his own family.

It's no wonder the Biden team is Photoshopping images to make Joe Biden seem less ancient.

Was a poll really necessary? Watch a few videos of him speaking off prompter will provide a clear answer. Then watch him walk..very stiff gate.

🤦‍♀️ they needed a HARVARD POLL😂😂

It’s a worry about the other 46 ?

Yet they voted FOR him anyway.

If you don't doubt his mental fitness, you should evaluate your own.

Only 64%?

Why do you call him President, when you know he stole the election? Breitbart is getting weak. Time for a real news site to open up?


Media/Intelligence installers think he’s great. Keeps funneling them taxpayer cash.

Trump will be 80 if he runs again Vern. 💀

Nice to see we know more than independents.

Gee, ya think?

He's too old, frail, often confused and lost. We have all seen it several times now. And his handlers are getting nervous. So much so that they are photoshopping his image to make him look young and virile. More lies and deception given to the American people. We are sick of it.

Bidens people photoshopped and released a photo of him with Jill. In it, he appears to be young and viral, and makes Jill look like a cougar. He is frail, mentally unfit, and cognitively impaired. They are actually trying to make us believe he is OK. They are deceiving us folks!

Bidens people photoshopped and released a photo of him with Jill. In it, he appears to be young and viral, and makes Jill look like a cougar. He is frail, mentally unfit, and cognitively impaired. They are actually trying to make us believe he is OK. They are deceiving us folks!

There you have it from the largest voting Block in America, independent voters

An alien 👽 knows he has lost it

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 okie dokie!

You haven’t reported that Donald Trump is fuxked

Oh no you don't traitors. Blocking you. Buh bye!

He was elected because people hated so much!!

It's the 36% who don't have doubts I'm concerned about.


Best job he's ever had. An example of reaching one's highest level of incompetence.

It took a poll to figure that one out? 🤦‍♂️

These meaningless polls are not news, stop showing numbers on polls that mean nothing. Do some journalism.

Age isn’t the issue, it’s Dementia, that’s the problem!

Dem-O-rats shouldn't have RIGGED the 2020 Election jOE BIDEN was never fit for duty.

Now they tell us ? We knew that 40 years ago !

I know several who really don't. Are you sure you're not polling MAGA and claiming Independents? You do seem to lie a lt.

Well all you have to do is listen to him for 5 minutes to figure that out!

cartercode7 Very few actually voted for this 🤡

He is Pinocchio

His son should take over

He couldn’t be as bad as whoever is running the country now.

I don’t understand how anyone can watch this fool and think he can run for anything, including president of the senior citizens home

Hell he should have never been..

Ya think? 🙄🙏🇺🇸

The 34% of the people that think he is competent is a national disgrace.

Everybody doubts Biden's mental fitness but most Democrats won't publicly say so.

He doesn't mind being rolled around in a hand truck.

Forget about mental fitness, now its moral fitness TwitterFiles7

The other 36% are CERTAIN.

I agree with the majority.

Yet 84 million voters say otherwise. I call shenanigans.

Have serious doubt about the intelligence of the 36% that don't doubt JoeBiden's mental fitness.

Saw this posted on Rumble :'London Times reported US gave Ukraine 'green light' to fire missiles deep into Russia, reportedly because of Russian response to previous provocations. Also: US sends 'biggest arms dealer' back to Russia?' Is this all true?

TheFloridaPiper Sounds like the [DS] has determined Biden & Zelensky's time is up.

Thank you captain obviously

They might well sacrifice Biden to be able to make the same case against Trump (he’s not that far behind him…).


This puppet must retire.

If you don't doubt JoeBiden's mental fitness you should see a doctor to examine your mental fitness

Took them long enough.

He was a kid during the civil war


Yet he beat the disgraced former presidents ass

Nobody is going to vote for him.

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