Plans Being Discussed For Joe Biden To Attend George Floyd's Funeral - Cnnpolitics

Plans Being Discussed For Joe Biden To Attend George Floyd's Funeral - Cnnpolitics

Plans being discussed for Joe Biden to attend George Floyd's funeral

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6/3/2020 2:00:00 AM

Plans are being discussed for former Vice President Joe Biden to attend the funeral services for George Floyd next Tuesday in Houston, but the arrangements have not been finalized, according to a source

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This would be a nothing more than a photo op I think what the family wants is justice, the pain is seeing those that cause innocent lives to be taking is giving life to the protest. Attending the funeral might not be different from taking a picture in front of the church. Biden can join press for justice

Hypocrisy Meh YouAintBlackBiden who spent 40 yrs in government & 8 yrs as VP has done nothing for people of color. Liberals are the most vile & hypocitical people. The real racists w/their prejudices of low expectations & their faux virtue signaling. Pathetic!🤦🏽‍♀️ Will you attend David Dorn’s funeral, Joe? Oh wait, guess not since your supporters are providing bail money for looters. I wish somebody would have the balls to dominate these criminals, the murderers, the looters, the arsonists. They are haters and cop killers.

Plan should include setting the alarm clock Will Biden also be attending the funerals of people killed the last several days, by rioters, including innocent citizens and police officers? The youth is being played right now paid for by the former people in charge Hillary and crew to sway this young crowd and others over to vote against Trump. Period. It's diversion and power swaying your vote as a war.

Bad move Please tell me he isn't going to speak! No telling what he might say, seriously, where are his caretakers? Trump2020 And are tax dollars are paying for his trip Photo OP What right does he have to go to this. He’s been in office for over 40 years. Was a contributor to most of the laws that hurt the black communities. Some one please explain what good he is going to make? Again the black community becomes his puppet to get votes. Shameful

'Elections' Needs the photo op. Do they want him in Houston? So Joe has been in politics for 40+ years AND now he has the answers? ROTFLOL! No doubt joebiden's attendance will result in another Wellstone Funeral. Please don't do it for a 'photo op.' May there be many children that he can sniff. Perhaps he will let them stroke his hairy legs.

Pure political BS. Why isn't CNN showing the other side of George Floyd? The one who committed a home invasion and held a gun to a pregnant woman's head? Or his armed robbery of a store? Please kindly view stay tuned to the bin bang Africa But HE'S NOT the one seeking justice for George Floyd. Attorney General William Barr and the FBI are seeking justice in the court system. AG Barr is also seeking civil rights charges Actions speak LOUDER than empty motions. WHOSE REALLY DOING MORE IN THIS?

Lol that's like sending a pickel to a cigar Will this be labeled a photo op? truthUdontwant MediaLies Time to pander, sleepy Joe Nothing like politicizing a tragedy. Total BS, he didn't know George Floyd. Can't the poor family heal? They think this will help? I would say keep all politicians away.

I would ask the family not to politicise the funeral by having Biden attend. The indignation of how he died is the only thing we're all unified about right now. Don't throw that away...

Joe Biden Slams Trump’s Reaction to George Floyd ProtestsJoe Biden slammed President Donald Trump in a speech on Tuesday for the way he has handled the protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody last week. The former vice president condemn… We vote Republican the reason why is because of law and order Democrats are criminals and they need the criminals to vote for them otherwise smart people will never vote Democrat only criminals does Good. Needed.

Joe Biden sees fundraising surge in wake of George Floyd's death and Trump's response to protestsBiden supporters and bundlers have seen a massive uptick in new contributions and donor commitments since the protests began last week, according to people with knowledge of the matter. What the hell's he going to do? Shoot black people in their legs instead of their hearts?

Joe Biden Finds His Voice in a Powerful Speech on George Floyd'The moment has come for our nation to deal with systemic racism, to deal with the growing economic inequity in our nation,' said JoeBiden. JoeBiden My agency has created a fund to support black small business owners and their families in a real way. (not a grant or loan). PLEASE donate any amount. Myself and other private donors will be matching donation amounts up to $25. If you can't donate, share. JoeBiden Joe Biden has been in Washington for 40 years, admits passing EVERY racist crime bill during then, & was the VP over at least 5 police race riots. Not to mention not wanting 'his kids growing up in racial jungles'. By Definition, Joe Biden IS 'systemic racism' & HE Ain't Black. JoeBiden But he is only going to shoot me in the leg 💕Love that for us 💕

Joe Biden, the moderate, plans the most radical overhaul of the U.S. economy since FDRTo revive the economy, Joe Biden wants to build his own New Deal with an array of proposals to strengthen the social safety net and revive prosperity. The big question: Is he up to the challenge? That is a blatant lie. Joe Biden is a right-wing Democrat whose ideology is far right of Reagan. That is the guy that gets to determine ones blackness Well its about fucking time

Joe Biden visits a Black Lives Matter protest site in Delaware - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Joe dont give a damn , it's all a show man Sweet. After he said black peole aren’t black unless the vote blue

Joe Biden Visits Protest Site Sunday, In Rare Venture From HomeOn Sunday, Biden visited the site of protesting in Wilmington, Delaware, that saw destruction, looting Saturday night. Bidens bailing out the rioters Leadership! back to the basement Joe.