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Thebachelorette, The Bachelor

Pilot Pete Emerges as The Bachelor's Likely Next Lead

#TheBachelorette's Pilot Pete is the captain now...probably.


TheBachelorette's Pilot Pete is the captain now...probably.

Find out why ABC has passed over fellow frontrunners Mike Johnson and Derek Peth .

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Y'all that want MikeForBachelor are seriously delusional.. MIKE DOES NOT LIKE WOC! He proved that on BachelorInParadise all the MikeJohnson1_ stans like whats_ur_sign_ are fakeass- say they're 'woke and down with POC' but hook up with Christopher Columbus lol No thanks Be still my beating heart.... Omg the boi is fine

😍😍 if it wasn't for 2 jobs and a dog i'd be in!! I'll settle for just watching the season tho 🤷‍♀️🤣 BachelorABC MikeForBachelor Definitely one of the best choices for the next bachelor. !!!! Is it too late to fight for Peter 🤣 YAYYYY boycottthebachelor

Pete Buttigieg looks to Iowa, organizing to get his momentum backPete Buttigieg once had more momentum than any Democrat in the 2020 race. The way forward, Buttigieg's team believes, is by not only hiring top talent, but also by creating a unique organizing plan. And he's spent the most time focused on one state: Iowa. When is CNN going to address they’re obvious hypocritical anchors, Don Lemon the sexual deviant who preached “believe all victims “ and Fredo with obvious anger issues. Where’s the metoo movement? No credibility Is anyone listening to Pete Butthead? He's a bonafide buffoon! Is anyone listening to fake news CNN? Not really, the lowest ratings in cable news. With violent and abusive commentators. He’s exactly what he/him’s like me need in office!

Fuck noooooo hes too young. Too fake Too boring. Too white Mike for bachelor Mikeforbachelor guys cmon... both peter and mike would be great bachelors!!!! don’t sleep on our bb pete the pilot😍🙏🏼💗😩🔥 arcepr_ MikeForBachelor BachelorABC Pete I love you but honestly you would be boring as hell TheBachelor MikeForBachelor

Mike for the lead handsome and smart with that smile NO

How Pete Buttigieg would tackle the mental health and addiction crisisBeyond adding resources, Buttigieg's plan attempts to address the public health effects of isolation and loneliness Hookers for everyone! 🤡 How?

Yay!! Pilot pete is dreamy and seems like he’d be fun! Mike should have been more exciting in paradise... I still like him though ! i'm so fucking mad Noooooooooo alyssakakis blahhh Just get Hannah and Pete back together !! Lovin this peterforbachelor No we want mike or Derek!!!!!! BOOOOO BOOOOO MIKE FOR BACHELOR!

From what I read prior to Hannah actually filming as lead, she wasn’t well received at the beginning however, things changed over time. She now has the most followers of anyone on the Batchelor/Batchelorette franchise. Not bad for a gal who was so put down and openly criticized! MikeForBachelor (Will also accept DerekForBachelor if Mike is not interested)

Care_44 omg

Pete Buttigieg Is Going All In On The Youth Mental Health CrisisWe talked to PeteButtigieg about the mental health needs of young people, and how their influence matters now more than ever. Kvverra PeteButtigieg chrismeagher PeteButtigieg Proud to be on TeamPete! PeteButtigieg Start giving us better drugs!

abc is great at giving the majority of viewers what they don't want but what they think instagramers do. They aren't giving Mike air time in Paradise to try get us to forget about him. MikeForBachelor No one wants this dude, where is Mike wtf alyssalafram We want Mike! He’s perfect! I think it’s safe to say we want MikeForBachelor

MikeJohnson1_ WILL BE THE NEXT BACHELOR! Nothing against Pete, but I think, as well as most of Bachelor Nation, that they are missing a big opportunity by not choosing Mike. I realize Mike may have found someone in paradise, but if he didn’t, BachelorABC has really dropped the ball on this one. ☹️ I REJECT THIS

I really hope you're just trying to throw us off because if it isn't Mike, I'm out MikeForBachelor

Ryanair says no flight disruption so far from UK pilot strikeAll Ryanair flights to and from British and Irish airports have departed without... You did not tell me that you have an airline? ryanfsf

MikeforBachelor 🚫✈️ MakalobJaynes DerekForBachelor Fuck no It is not about race.. Picking someone to be the bachelor because they are black or white is racisit. It is about who has the most following and would bring the most views. Obviously right now that is Peter with double the followers than Mike.

I like the sound of that, Pete, the next Bachelor I've been watching for a long time but my buck stops with Peter here's to ratings drop ahhh that sucks How is it not between DerekForBachelor and Mike? 🤔 crabbyyabby1220 BET

ABC Nabs Missing Person Drama ‘Found’ From Nkechi Okoro Carroll & Berlanti Productions As Put PilotEXCLUSIVE: All American showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll has teamed with fellow All American executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter for one-hour drama Found, which has landed at ABC w…

YES YES YES PLEASE cristlesierra !!! I hope he is! IllBeRightBak A Peter season of the bachelor is going to be soooooo boring! What’s he gonna do? Do it more than 4 times? Push his played out pilot story? Not have a personality or charisma is what he’s gonna do. We DESERVE, nay, DEMAND our first black bachelor MikeforBachelor

If Peter actually becomes the bachelor I’m boycotting the whole franchise We want mike Yesssssssssssss mhaley_2 BITCH ITS MY BABY

Plane crash into California ocean was no stunt, pilot who filmed aftermath from water saysDavid Lesh and a passenger spent about a half-hour in the water Tuesday after the single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza went down in Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. Is that Gary Busey? Very blessed, who was the phone maker of that phone you used? Was it water proof? A blackberry motion perhaps, I need one.

👎🏽 We’ve already had a Peter (Ben, Jake) but we’ve never had a Mike. It’s time ABC. MikeForBachelor Noooooooooooooooooo fleissmeister I guess this answers my question as to why Mike isn't receiving any camera time on BIP. I think the producers would like to have a black bachelor, but maybe they feel Mike is not the one. I'm still pulling for him, but if not, I hope he finds his queen.

NOOOOO WHY NOT MikeJohnson1_ for BachelorABC MikeForBachelor Derrick!! NO. WE NEED AND DESERVE MIKE. MikeForBachelor Chorrbs Yayyyyy he’s so perfect

MikeForBachelor !!! Jessica07407239 Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes PilotPete PeterforBachelor BachelorABC GaryandShannon NO! WTF ABCNetwork BachelorABC !! Do not pass up on Mike, ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME! No more young basics ass white dudes! Like come on!! MikeForBachelor TheBachelor BachelorNation Cool. Another boring white guy. Guess they feel like they’ve filled their “diversity quota” with Demi in paradise.

YAWN!!! Derek from Paradise or Mike!!! SANAMNAZAR shanb3 What. The. 🦆!!!! Mike!!!! Please!!!!! Omg ! He should be in next bachelor !

Mike for bachelor geenamikesell ! For those of you saying Pete is boring, do you remember respectful Mike while Peter was laying Hannah out in a sauna and on a pool table? Windmill Pete? Hello? That said, MikeForBachelor. Marissaaxp Mike damn it!!! Mike!!!! JadenShyAnne Ugh cmon NO!!!!! tpelli7 AleshaPannier !!!

NO WE WANT MIKE NOOOOOOOO. He’s so boring. Sigh...... No!!! mikeforbachelor bachelorsowhite thebachelor I read that they tested Mike on BP and he just isn’t standing out enough for the lead role. I must admit I was hoping for a little more form him on BP. I don’t think it’s because they don’t want a black bachelor. He’s just not the one.

afreezey Please give us Mike or Derek! I am just not into this idea at all. Boring MikeForBachelor RealitySteve what’s the verdict

we said we wanted Mike Yes!!!!!! I think Mike is kinda boring on bachelorinparadise bip He's great looking but not to lead the whole thing. Just my thoughts 😘 Smh! No one wants this. Mike! Mike! Mike! NO MikeJohnson1_ or NOBODY! MIKE. klaclevenger !!!!! Omg Ready for another boring season of white mediocrity! 🤦🏽‍♀️

mikeforbachelor But he had a gf back home, and I don’t wanna hear about the windmill again. mikeforbachelor please!!!!!! Mike 🤞for 🤞bachelor no one wants this ☹️ teammike Listen up chrisbharrison...the ppl want MikeJohnson1_ !! GIVE THE PPL WHAT THEY WANT. TheBachelor MikeForBachelor BacheloretteABC BachelorABC

Nope nope nope MikeForBachelor Love Pete BUT MikeForBachelor ALL THE WAY Booo. I live pilot Peter as much as the next girl but mike literally Carrie every scene he is in BIP. MikeForBachelor Yeeeesssss

Do. Not. Want. Omg for the love of God no. He’s so boring and mediocre. Hard pass on that. MikeForBachelor pilotpeteforbachelor I like Pilot Pete but was really hopefuly Mike would be the bachelor! I'm guessing Mike ends up with someone in paradise, I dont know any spoilers so that's why I'm thinking this

mikeforbachelor courtneypage55 if this is true... MIKEEEEEEEEEEE

Sex in a windmill FOUR TIMES IN ONE NIGHT Peter? Hells yes! Booooooooooooooooo It’s should be Mike Don’t care what anyone says. I love Peter. I like both him and Mike! Have we not already done the white pilot thing before with jake? Can we not have a POC this ONE season 🙄 🙄🙄🙄 Noooo, mike or Derek! It's not that we don't like Pete. We just want MikeJohnson1_ MikeForBachelor MikeForBach chrisbharrison fleissmeister

No! BarstoolRia BarstoolFran

Come on ABCNetwork MikeForBachelor No one asked for this! Nah fam he’s nice but yeah idk lol No, Mike for Bachelor! not this snoozeboy, pls. PaigeCarlisle Love Pete but love Mike more.. MikeForBachelor BachelorABC But we want MikeJohnson1_

We don’t want this Noooooo Peter is bland af. It will be like another season of Ben, someone with no personality. WE DESERVE MIKE!! MikeForBachelor y’all really think the people not ready for the first black bachelor but in reality it’s abc that’s not ready I understand why people like Mike, and I agree we are overdue for a black bachelor, but I think the reality is that Mike just isn’t interesting to watch.

I can’t watch Pilot Pete be the bachelor because I love him 😭 Noooooo,, he’s a player

Gross oh well Peter is another Ben. These People think they know better than fans ABC MikeForBachelor Not again!!! They really don’t want a black bachelor do they?! 🙄 Not surprised. Mike is the perfect package and has the Charisma. They are missing out if they don’t MikeforBachelor yay! peterforbachelor

Mmmm nice but dont pick him please.. like.. HOW BOUT MIKE ! UGH caraaaaaa I’m okay with this 😍😍

Also who tf referred to Peter as “older” He’s 24. fleissmeister literally no one asked for this MikeForBachelor YAS Justy_Elizabeth 😑😑😑😑😑😑 I want Peter as Bachelor!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ugh 😑 where’s Mike like who’s this guy come on ...another white guy you know that in America there’s other better looking guys than this one tht isn’t white 🤦🏽‍♀️

ABC continues to make questionably decisions. First, the dumpster fire that is DWTS, now the WRONG decision for Bachelor. I may be done with both shows MikeForBachelor abc be like

I’m so tired of the same ol same ol! Love Pete but been there done that.! A LOT! Mike.... now he should be the Bachelor! He’s handsome, funny and knows how to treat a lady. It’s not all about windmill action! theBachelor producers be like: “so there’s the respectful king who is also model gorgeous and the sweetest guy with the gorgeous smile who would be the first black bachelor ... WAIT! let’s definitely book that boring dude who lives with his parents! He has a pilot’s uniform!”

Could you get more boring or generic -snooze krisalderson might get her wish boring! NOPE if it’s not Mike, count me out. We’ve already had a white pilot bachelor!!! Next please MikeForBachelor BachelorABC BachParadise chrisbharrison

The previous pilot was a fail... Membaz? Why hire another one. I hope so 🙌🏻 let’s look back on previous years... white race car driver, small town white girl, white football player, white pageant queen. bachelor producers: look at this lgbtq relationship, we are so diverse. thebachelor bachelorinparadise

Yes!!!! tatyalexandra_ taliasarai_ joisharonstack O M G I BETTER GET PICKED FOR THIS I hope its PETER. As nice as Mike might be he is NOT good for the lead. No personality and Paradise isn't helping him not one bit. IF anything it's showing even more how Blah he is. mike deserves better i mean i love peter but still

I don’t even dislike Pete, I just don’t want to see him as TheBachelor MikeForBachelor

NOOOO chrisbharrison BachelorABC this is a huge mistake! Peter is just like all the other bachelors. GIVE US MIKE OR DEREK YES PLEASE RealitySteve hasn’t confirmed therefore it isn’t true Four-pete strikes again Should be Mike I rather see Derek or mike. If they make him bachelor they would need some really exciting women to make the show interesting

Damn. I hope not. “Hey baby, wanna come live with me in my parents’ house? I’m the Bachelor in case you haven’t heard !” No thank you. We need a grown MAN. MikeForBachelor

I want Mike marcianatrejo But the people (me) want MIKE Great!! Another white guy!! Not even predictable....Thanks for thinkin outside the box!! Man he is hot

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