Philadelphia Highway Shut Down As Protesters Enter Roadway - Cnn

Philadelphia Highway Shut Down As Protesters Enter Roadway - Cnn

Philadelphia highway shut down as protesters enter roadway

Officials shut down part of Interstate 676 in Philadelphia because of protesters on the highway

7/5/2020 10:24:00 PM

Officials shut down part of Interstate 676 in Philadelphia because of protesters on the highway

Officials closed part of Interstate 676 in Philadelphia on Sunday after protesters marched onto the highway, according to the city's emergency management office.

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Run them over This is how viruses spread I wish I could just take every day of of work and just do nothing all day and camp out at City Halls and highways and block actual Americans from and trying to live their life. This isn’t protesting, this is Anarchy! Clear the highway of these losers and let Americans work!

Oh wait are they social distancing with masks on CNN This is ok but celebrating Independence Day isn’t because anything patriotic would spread Covid ... hypocrites! robert_dhardo Shutdown is one word for crying out loud. JamesThom252 Helicopter fly-over to dump water on them would put the fire out...

I'm not a fan of protesting at this particular time. This particular Covid time. Protesting v. Covid. I'll take the Covid option and distance myself from all of you so we can STOP prolonging Covid. I care about my family. PROTESTERS do not care about theirs. Highly selfish people Serious!!!! Go home but they aren’t bc they have a motive! Call the Marines, Navy, Army, AIRFORCE and National Gaurd ! Put a stop this !

And if there is an emergency? A fire? A car crash that someone needs help? Someone trying to get to a hospital because a loved one is there and dying!! I am SICK and tired of these PUPPET LOSERS!!! 2020 में लौडे लग गये America के। As long as people can break the law with no consequences this will continue and escalate. In another area with similar blockage someone was run over and killed. Is that what these “protesters” want?

BREAKING NEWS: BLACK LIVES MATTER OPERATIVES MURDERING CIVILIANS: an ambulance with a critically ill patient was turned away by 'violent & armed BLM agitators' because the patient 'was not black.' The patient has died. The ambulance was later set on fire. Old news. Stop blocking the roads. I think you misspelled rioters

Cars should start driving on the sidewalks I’ll be passing through that part of 76 later this week and won’t be stopping for protesters 😀 Never seen more stupid people and behavior, please send them to prison CNN Praised Mt. Rushmore When Obama Visited; Attacks When Trump Visits annoying Black groups are on their way to Texas and wanting to take over the state, what is Trump going to do, is this really going to be a civil war as predicted, and what does that mean to the EU if it blows over?.who knows may say it. waiting for response from president trump!

ALM Losers 🥱😴 This 💩💩It’s starting to stink😆 More people gonna be hit Just plow them all IMO, I don't believe peaceful assembly equates to allowing the shut down of a public thoroughfare. Sick of PhillyMayor pandering. No fireworks, gatherings, but hey go ahead protest, we’ll even shut down a major hwy for you😡! Go protest in Holmsburg or Kensington where there are nightly shootings! Help the neighborhoods if you want to be heard, do something good!

Civil wars are brewing. You mean you can get a permit to protest on a highway? See any masks? makeamericafreefromracisminequality Keep the 'Black Live Matters' alive!! This is the moment to make America Free From Racism and Inequality!!!! Media, please tell people to take accountability for their actions; gathering in groups to protest is increasing the risk of exposure to COVID 19, thus risking everyone’s life and overwhelming our healthcare system.

Drop shit from helicopters on them. At this point no one is paying attention anymore. Just waiting for it to tire out. Sorry to say, the movement has lost credibility with the everyday citizen. Except for the politicians who have no balls. Hope somebody really doesnt have somewhere to be... Vote for Donny trumpster

Nice social distancing going on there. PADOT should have dispatched a few plow trucks to clear the highway!! That is ok, according to many news outlets and most democrats, this is just a peaceful demonstration . Stop unemployment money How about the protest in New York yesterday If these protestors actually worked and put that much energy into an actual job - they would be rich!!!

So much for bullshit Covid lockdowns, eliminate communist democratic party How many people live in Philly?That is all you could muster? Pathetic What a bunch of lunatics This is a perfect example of stupid behavior. BLM will lose my support if things like this continue. Now these people should be stopped we’re in a bad pandemic we’re is our government

Then they wonder why people get run over. This shit is dangerous USA is running to become aThird world society , while Democrats smiling approve it. Should be the other way around Did you all not hear about the 2 people that got hit in Seattle? Get off the freeways ! In the middle of a pandemia and economic crisis let's go out and protest wow

Look at these idiots. When one of them is hit by a car - because who would assume people are walking on the freeway?! - they'll claim it's a white supremacist and wail for the very police they're trying to defund. I am SORRY, but THOSE PROTESTORS/RIOTERS NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE -----FOR THEMSELVES. BECAUSE = THEY ARE THE ONES WITH THE ASSUMED RISK. IT IS SAD THAT GIRL DIED, GOD REST, AND THAT HER FRIEND IS IN CRITICAL CONDITION, BUT THEY WERE ENGAGING IN SOMETHING THAT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. C.H.

Protesters suck Lots of young people who just want to be part of a protest. Silly. And getting very old... People really don’t have better things to do with their lives. do they? run em over Correction: Officials shut down interstate 676 to allow protesters to safely interrupt Law abiding citizens 4th amendment right to travel

Oops my brakes failed Trump landslide coming. Keep it up. Local news said this was a protest against the Philly mayor. Nothing from CNN on this - Clueless!!! Blocking roads while protesting is illegal. Do what needs to be done. Nice seeing all the losers in one place. CNN is the biggest mass agitator. Madness is going on in America....🤦🏽‍♂️

Idiots And people are wondering why there’s spikes of the virus all of the U.S. but CNN won’t tell you that. They’ll blame someone else or talk about something else This is why people dislike these idiot's, protest all you want but don't block roads. Bring in buses and start loading them up after they are arrested. Unlawful protest/demonstration.

Because they have $$ have time and nothing to do This has to stop. Why are these people continually allowed to break the law over and over ? Bring out 4 snow plows again,one sweep down the interstate will do just fine. Vroom vroom Despite the fact that pedestrians are not allowed on interstate highways. The protesters should be arrested and fined heavily for their violation of law and for threat they posed to traffickers. There’s a peaceful lawful way to protest, and then there’s a needless unlawful one.

Stupid. Get off the highway dvlottery2020 program ends Sept30, we can’t afford wasting more time. We are kindly asking for your support. The ban is killing our rightful dream of legal immigration processing. Help extend dv2020winners wedeserveachance Those protests become more and more terror. It´s on thing to express an opinion. It´s another thing to terrorize other people, to block streets, to invade private property, to vandalize. Get it: There is a difference between protests and lawless terror.

I pray these idiots never get in front of my car because I will run their nasty butts over - Get out of the damn road if you don't want to be hit you fools! BroknHeadphones time to end this. they are interfering with others lives. protest if you must (until unemployment and free benefits run out). but disrupting others lives for your marxist agenda needs to stop and i have a feeling the other side is going react

Semi trucks side by side going 20mph, they will all scatter Idiots. Gonna be ran over by Covid-19 Wack... More idiots want to be run over I would love for one of their family members to need an ambulance and one not be able to get there in time. Kymon5 DeliaBa21 They are still at it.🙂 Waste of time. Rioters at that point.

Ugh, more virus transfer. I think you should be allowed to drive right trough their ass More people need to barrel their vehicles into them!!!🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 AREST THEM ALL!!!!! Oklahoma Walmart Cop Shooting Over Alleged Stolen BBQ Watch out for those racist white cars I've heard that the secret to ending racism is closing down every major highway in America. These protestors are really smart.

Well how do you clear out snowflakes in the winter Wearing masks Keep on going This is getting old Extreme measures taken when Treason is at work! Dr Fauci and the CDC would be appalled at their lack of social distancing keep doing this stuff and nobody with any $$$ is going to live in cities.... These cities really should start some internment camps for rounding up these lawbreakers. Without some kind action, every time these idiots feel like shutting down a city, we're at their mercy.

They just want to walk on the highway for their health. Sucks to be in one of those Democrat run cities where you already know the mayor is going on to turn a blind eye to this kid of bad behavior. It's all fun and games until someone gets run over! Don't play on freeways! send a convoy of Peterbuilts through and retake the highway................stupidassesget runover.............

Throw all of them in jail. Find something to do already! So they’re blocking interstate commerce?

Two Seattle protesters hit by car on highway, one critically injuredTwo protesters were injured, one critically, in Seattle early on Saturday, when the women were hit by a speeding car that drove past other stopped vehicles into a crowd demonstrating on an interstate highway, police said. Based Cops let him on a closed freeway 'for a Charlottesville'?

1 of 2 protesters hit by driver on Seattle freeway diesOne of two people hit by a man who drove his car onto a closed Seattle freeway and into a crowd protesting police brutality has died. Summer Taylor, 24, of Seattle died Saturday evening at Harborview Medical Center, spokesperson Susan Gregg said. Taylor and Diaz Love, 32, of Portland, Oregon, were

Protesters in Keystone arrested after blocking road to Mount Rushmore for hoursProtesters demonstrating against President Donald Trump's arrival at Mount Rushmore were arrested after they blocked a highway for hours, Why arrested? Emotions can get the best of people...Peaceful is a word they use and not something they practice. Endless hypocrisy...endless. Hello US, do you need to make a web site ? I can do that as a high-quality service. I can design the website as you required. 100 % varified and money-back security. please visit. Democrats and journalists have no idea.

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Cheryl 'shuts down charity after fund raising drops from £600K to just £3,000'The former Girls Aloud star set up a charity in 2015 to help disadvantaged youths in the North East of England and launched to great fanfare in association with The Prince's Trust

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