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Pfizer, Covıd-19

Pfizer CEO says low-income nations will receive 1Bn COVID vaccine doses by year's end

Pfizer CEO says low-income nations will receive 1Bn COVID vaccine doses by year's end

9/27/2021 2:20:00 AM

Pfizer CEO says low-income nations will receive 1Bn COVID vaccine doses by year's end

500 million vaccine doses of the two billion that Pfizer has produced have already been delivered to countries with lower vaccination rates.

.President Joe Biden (L) listens as Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla make a statements in St Ives, Cornwall on June 10, 2021.Brendan Smialowski/Getty ImagesWHO) urged rich countries with significant supplies of the vaccine to place a"moratorium" on boosters until 2022 and donate their excess doses to help poorer countries catch up with vaccine intake.

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"I will not stay silent when companies and countries that control the global supply of vaccines think the world's poor should be satisfied with leftovers," WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said earlier this month."Because manufacturers have prioritized or been legally obliged to fulfill bilateral deals with rich countries willing to pay top dollar, low income countries have been deprived of the tools to protect their people."

Bourla contends that the U.S. is producing enough vaccines to facilitate vaccines to those who haven't had it, donations abroad and booster shots."I think it is also not the right thing to try to resolve it with an 'or' when you can resolve it with an 'and,'" he said.

PresidentJoe Bidenon Friday encouraged elderly people, those with pre-existing health conditions and front-line workers in America who received the Pfizer vaccine in the first quarter of this year to top up their protection with a booster shot."The booster shot is free and easily accessible," he said."This week, as planned, we took a key step in protecting the vaccinated with booster shots, which our top government doctors believe provides the highest level of protection available to date."

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration () on Wednesday authorized a dose of the Pfizer booster shot for individuals 65 years of age and older; individuals between 18 and 64 years of age at high risk of severe COVID19; and frontline workers in the same age group.

Newsweekreached out to the White House for comment. Read more: Newsweek »

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Child Covid-19 Vaccine Data Will Be Submitted To FDA Within ‘Days,’ Pfizer CEO SaysOnce it’s submitted, the FDA is expected to take approximately four to six weeks before it decides whether to approve the shots.

CDC director endorses Pfizer Covid vaccine booster shotCDC director endorses recommendations for a third dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for certain at-risk groups, clearing the way for millions of Americans to get a booster. Way ahead of you. Just a tad sore still.

Pfizer CEO says it's possible to distribute both boosters and primary doses Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told ABC News it is possible to provide both COVID-19 booster shots as well as doses for people who have not yet been vaccinated. wow Just make him a official in Biden's administration. Covid Public health official.

U.S. To Donate 500 Million More Pfizer Vaccine Doses To Poorer CountriesI am a London-based reporter for Forbes covering breaking news. Previously, I have worked as a reporter for a specialist legal publication covering big data and as a freelance journalist and policy analyst covering science, tech and health. I have a master’s degree in Biological Natural Sciences and a master’s degree in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge. Follow me on Twitter theroberthart or email me at Might aswell. Going to waste and spread the poison Personally, I think pfizer should donate the vaccines, not the US Government. The pharma companies are making a lot of money. Do the right thing, donate some. How about other nations?

Pfizer CEO Echoes Moderna Chief, Says On ABC-TV’s ‘This Week’ US Should Return To Normal Within The Year Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Sunday on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanapoulos that the US should return to normal within the year. Bourla cited the Covid-19 booster shots in his reasonin… In theory

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