Barack Obama Avenue, Barack Obama Freeway, Elizabeth Rowin, Barack Obama, Trump Tower

Barack Obama Avenue, Barack Obama Freeway

Petition to rename Trump Tower street after Obama has more than 100,000 signatures

An online petition is hoping to rename Fifth Avenue, in front of Trump Tower, to honor Barack Obama.


More than 100,000 people sign an online petition proposing to rename the portion of a New York City street that houses Trump Tower in a way that pays tribute to Barack Obama .

An online petition is hoping to rename Fifth Avenue, in front of Trump Tower , to honor Barack Obama .

Elizabeth Rowin, the creator of the petition, said she was inspired by a tweet she saw that joked about such a name change.

She added that the petition is more voicing disapproval of Trump, but she specifically chose Obama because of what she described as his many accomplishments during his presidency, including"taking out Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind September 11th."

She said she plans to deliver the petition to the New York City Council, which handles street naming.

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Blah Blah Blah!! Might as well, this guy TrumpRecession and all his failed endeavors is a nobody! Obama has to die first— it’s the law. Trump's whole world is falling apart! If I were the Trumps I’d pull all investments out of NYC. Why waste your time investing in a socialist haven? I do not agree to that name

😂😂😂😂 beautiful. Trump will explode No way. He's a war criminal. Obama was a piece of 💩 Sickos

Over 80,000 Sign Petition To Have Street Outside Trump Tower Named After ObamaIf successful, Trump Tower &39;s new Manhattan address will be 725 President Barack H. Obama Ave. Trump Towers on/over Obama. It does have a nice ring to it!!! An what did Obama do to deserve this...oh that’s right he divided all of America with his wrapped pc BS. Congratulations on those 100k people reaching PeakTDS TDS

Ridiculous This could be one of the most childish things I have seen. Makes the entire group seem petty and unsophisticated. Better to not stoop down, hurts any credibility. BAMAROCKS TOWER Dumb you guys do realize you cannot force somebody's property to be renamed right it's his legal property it doesn't work this way you can sign a petition all you want but you're giving this guy $5 for no fucking reason 😂 Y'all been scammed 😆😂😂😂😂

Did they name it Obama Dictator Way! The man is an ass and belongs in jail. Bout time!! So childish I'm poor as hect but I'd raise money for this Fifth Avenue has always been Fifth Avenue and should not be Renamed to obama...pick a side street..a dirt road or a trodden path to name obama..this is a STUPID idea..

Petition aims to rename Trump Tower New York City streets for ObamaHere, saved you a click. The petition, addressed to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council, requests that 'the stretch of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets be renamed 'President Barack H. Obama Avenue.'' All the way around the block Tax cuts Blvd. Border Security Ln. Court Judge Dr. Two Term Pkway. Is the tower in the ghetto?

Well NY does have that many Socialist=Dem=Liberals bent on destroying America. I’ll definitely sign! The name Trump should be stricken from everything he touched and destroyed!!! realDonaldTrump Let the name Trump fade into oblivion! A terrible name for a terrible legacy. I love it!!!! The low profile of a street compared to the greatness and the height of the Trump tower! True and accurate depiction of both presidencies next to each other!!!! Please do It !!!!

Didn’t think there was quite 100,000 idiots out there!! Not sure I believe fake news ABC!!! Awesome! 👍🏾 Awesome! 😎😎🇺🇸 Snowflakes How stupid! He’s not worth it I would not name an outhouse after BO!

States Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback of Obama-Era Climate RuleThe legal fight over how to regulate coal-burning plants could ultimately determine how much leverage the government has to fight global warming. With 2020 Dems in Iowa, let's compare records: In 8 years of Obama/Biden, Iowa lost 2,200 manufacturing jobs & unemployment hit 6.6%. In 2.5 years of realDonaldTrump, Iowa already *gained* 17,500 manufacturing jobs & unemployment is 2.4% (lowest ever). The choice is clear! TFB

So juvenile Yes do it now !!!!😂😂😂😂 Tell those 100,000 idiots if Barack builds his own building then he can put his name on it . Till then please STHU How childish. I guess we’ve found the remaining unemployable. Food fight, anyone? Oh my gosh, I love this? Please rename it to Barack Obama That's just stupid. You dont see Trump going out and trying to rename roads

Will be a nice thing to use during campaigning to highlight how absolutely childish and vindictive the left has become. Operation 'Just Them Speak' is working well. Cute mentality. That’s just childish and yet they say that about the President!

Trump claims credit for Shell plant announced under ObamaPresident Donald Trump sought to take credit Tuesday for the construction of a major manufacturing facility in western Pennsylvania as he tries to reinvigorate supporters in the rust belt towns that sent him to the White House in 2016. Trump visited Shell&39;s soon-to-be completed Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Thanks for reporting the truth here. I can say I know for a fact that Trump is lying b/c I was involved in this project.

Another great example of the 'tolerant left'... There is no way anyting but maybe a garbage truck or a honey dipper wagon should be named after Barack Obama he was a scumbag he was not my president I need the nothing for America everything you did was to try to hurt America Barack Obama was an anti-American piece of s***

Really NY!!? Wtf I suppose there are a lot more stupid, uneducated voters then that. What will they do when Barry is rotting in prison? So if they rename after Obama what would new name be I failed you Avenue Y'all are getting played And unless you own property on that block keep your opinions to yourself. Your petitions are as good as a role of two ply Scott’s.

Love it. If it goes both ways, to the left and over a cliff, the name would be appropriate. How many things that Obama is named after anyway?

Possible Trump challenger Mark Sanford would vote for Trump over BidenFormer Governor and Congressman Mark Sanford is mulling a challenge to President Trump next year for the Republican nomination. But he also says that in a potential matchup between former Vice President Joe Biden and Trump, he’d pick Trump. Then he’s no better. DumptheTrumps Then what good is he

Ridiculous.... Ok with that portion of the street, but the rest of 5th Avenue will be renamed Trump Avenue, paying tribute to one of its most famous developers. Kenya believe it? If you want to rename this or any other street - name it after someone who did not destroy the nation of Libya, which Obama did, as he perpetuated endless wars, murdering hundreds of thousands. Choose someone who never murdered anyone.

Let's get a MILLION! Come on New Yorkers, we KNOW you want this idiot out of NY! Let's get to a half million. DiBlasio will never refuse that magnitude plus what NYC resident likes Trump? Why is he deserving of that? The street should be named Trump Way!!! What a crock of s*** What is this - trying to set deranged Trumpy off, on a mother-of-all racist rants.

Donald Trump gets sick of everyone, except for Donald TrumpAnthony Scaramucci seems to have finally learned a very important lesson about President Trump: If you stick around long enough, he will turn on you | Analysis by CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN He's been saying that for like 2 years... CillizzaCNN ETTD CillizzaCNN CNN doesn't seem to have learned a lesson: Scaramucci is as much of a con man as Trump.

What are some of the names? 'Intersectional Ave' 'Grand Theft Presidency' 'Barry Blvd' 'My wife is a dude' 'Magic Wand Way' 'I'm Not Covering Up Another Suicide Hillary, Ave.' 'Corruption Causeway' 'Snapbacks and Kickbacks' Then we need 150,000 to stop it! BRAVO If I lived in NYC, I’d sign the petition. But what would be even better? Watching realDonaldTrump have a complete & total temper tantrum/meltdown when he got a notice telling him the street he lives on has changed to “President Barack Obama!” Oh yes, that moment would be epic!

😂😂😂 love it! Love it. Trump’s would have an address with Barack Obama Parkway on it 😎 NYC 👍 the problem is... city rules currently only allow naming streets after people who are already dead. Are you planning to expedite? This is a marvelous way to make the SlumLordKing move out! Love 🙌🏻❤️ you NYC ❤️🙌🏻 Now let’s evict the Traitor from our house Election2020 EvictTraitorTrump

100,000 immature babies. Yuk. Name a great street in Hawaii that's where he likes to hide out

Maybe call it . 150 bil avenue ? Or cages r us ? Large scale TDS Petty and hateful. That's not to 'pay tribute' That is to 'be petty and spiteful' 😂 Don’t you have to be dead at least two years? Kenya-Kid Way does have a nice ring to it! And here's the petition for you to sign!

Is it going to be called 'Divide the Country Road'?

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