Perspective | There is no safe way to reopen colleges this fall

Perspective: There is no safe way to reopen colleges this fall

6/30/2020 6:01:00 PM

Perspective: There is no safe way to reopen colleges this fall

There are far too many risks to reopen colleges in the middle of a pandemic.

also suggest situations with widespread voice projection — such as a physically distanced classroom — may increase transmission risk. While face coverings can meaningfully reduce the risk of respiratory transmission from the wearer to others, incorrect use or lack of perfect adherence can render surgical masks ineffective at stopping transmission. The popularity of bandannas and simple cloth masks — as medical masks are prioritized for front-line responders and essential workers — makes the efficacy of these interventions less certain or reliable. Moving outside can also reduce transmission compared to poorly ventilated space, but trying to teach and learn wearing masks in a spaced-out, outdoor setting will be more disruptive than the now-familiar setting of online classrooms.

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The nursing home crisis shows how we dismiss the joys of old ageEven with every evidence-backed mitigation option, there is no way to transmission-proof a physical classroom — let alone a dense, highly socially connected miniature city, interconnected with its host community. When outbreaks do happen, most public health experts agree the best covid-19 response is to test widely and identify infected cases, isolate and treat them, trace the close contacts whom they might have infected and then quarantine those contacts. But

is by nature resistant to this intervention in highly dense settings; the virus is highly infectious, with a relatively long period during which a person may be infectious but not yet showing symptoms.ADADUniversity administrators should be prepared for several roadblocks that could make “test-trace-isolate” a gamble. It is not clear how available or accurate tests that will be most readily available are. Testing during the presymptomatic stage currently fails to identify a large fraction of cases: Recent

meta-analysisshowed four days before symptoms start the false-negative rate of testing is 100 percent (meaning you would miss all cases), reducing only to 38 percent on the day symptoms start. This means approximately a third of cases would be missed. Given that so much transmission happens in the presymptomatic stage, relying on testing for case confirmation would allow significant transmission. The success or failure of the test-trace-isolate strategy depends on high frequency and high capacity; most universities will be unprepared for that monumental effort, and without regular (e.g. weekly) testing of all students and faculty, cases will undoubtedly slip through the cracks.

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'A scary reality': Students react to colleges' reopening plans with mix of optimism, fearAs colleges across the country announce plans for how to reopen in the fall, we talk with students and other stakeholders to gauge their reaction. You'll be fine kids. This kind of fear porn helps nobody. You’re young and healthy...go live your life! Don’t let the fear mongering from the left and the MSM destroy your life. That’s what they want.

What Comes Next for College Students?After being sent home early and distance learning because of coronavirus, four college students reflect on what's next.

The Wild Card For An In-Person Fall: College Student BehaviorCollege reopening plans all rely on one thing: students following the rules. Some experts worry that's too big of an ask. They’re not going to put kids in dorms, are they? That’s an infection hot spot waiting to happen. I have a big fear a lot of young people will not social distance and /or wear the mask...look what they are doing outside of school...

Stock futures drop as U.S. coronavirus cases surge to record levelsU.S. stock futures fell as coronavirus cases keep surging in the U.S., stoking concerns about the economic reopening and recovery. CNBC will have their Wall Street cheerleaders talking up the stock market first thing in the morning. of course But but trumpers said death rate is going down so we should ignore this second wave....

New York school district looks at multiple ways to reopenFaculty in this district north of NYC closed out the 2020 school year in buildings with no students. Now, as they enter summer break, they still don't know if school will open again in the fall, and if it does, which new guidelines they'll have to follow. Meanwhile businesses and taxpayers are flocking out of blue states because of High Taxes, Rioting and Sanctuary policies It's way too soon to open anything let alone schools. What about Lung Island

U.S. teens envision fall school reopening during COVID-19 pandemicWhen U.S. schools begin the next academic year with the country still fighting the coronavirus pandemic, students should spend half their time in classrooms and half doing online activities that pinpoint their individual learning style such as videos or reading. There is now 0% chance of school reopening in late summer. Reopen them. That’s it. There you go.