Person with measles traveled to Disneyland while infectious, officials say

Person with measles traveled to Disneyland while infectious, officials say


Person with measles traveled to Disneyland while infectious, officials say

Anyone who visited a West L.A. Starbucks the morning of Oct. 16 or Disneyland on that day should take precautions, county health officials said.

Other people might have been exposed to measles at the locations. The case is linked to a recent case in L.A. County.

These residents should review their vaccination and medical records to determine whether they’re protected against measles.

Anyone who visited the sites during the exposure time should contact and notify their healthcare provider as soon as possible about a potential exposure if they are pregnant, have a weakened immune system or are not vaccinated. Parents of infants should also contact their healthcare providers if their infants were at the sites during the exposure times.

There have been 19 measles cases among Los Angeles County residents in 2019, in addition to 11 non-resident measles cases that traveled through Los Angeles County — excluding Long Beach and Pasadena, as cases identified in those cities are reported by their local health departments — according to the county health department.

Read more: L.A. Times Health

Love that author noted, 'the vaccination does not cause autism.' Hate that it needs to be said. can we sue anti-vax parents for being bio warfare terrorists yet? I’ve heard that person didn’t “identify” with having measles though. On anti-vax day? We don’t even know who is entering our country...we don’t have a chance of stopping the spreading of disease until we control our borders

For the anti-vaccinators let this be a wake up call. Measles can be fatal in infants and young children. I heard of a vaccine or something for the measles. Vaccinate your children folks!

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