Lake Of The Ozarks: Partier Tests Postive - Cnn

Lake Of The Ozarks: Partier Tests Postive - Cnn

Person who attended Lake of the Ozarks Memorial Day gathering tests positive for coronavirus

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5/30/2020 6:36:00 AM

A person who partied in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, area on Memorial Day weekend has tested positive for coronavirus and was possibly infectious over the holiday weekend

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The Boone County resident visited multiple bars on May 24 and 25, according to the Camden County Health Department. They"developed illness" on Sunday and were possibly infectious before then.Video from that weekend shows partiers crowded together in a pool at Backwater Jacks Bar and Grill in Osage Beach on Saturday, according to Scott Pasmore, an anchor for CNN affiliate KTVK, who shot the footage.No covid concerns at the lake of the ozarks😳 #loto

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— Scott Pasmore (@scottpasmoretv) May 24, 2020 The partier went to Backwater Jacks between approximately 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time and again shortly before 10 p.m. local, according to health officials.The person -- who was not identified by officials -- also went to Shady Gators and Lazy Gators and Buffalo Wild Wings, officials said.Read MoreAbout 12,700 people in Missouri have tested positive for coronavirus and about 730 have died from Covid-19 infection, according to state data.There have been no cases reported in Camden County residents this week, officials said. Officials release timeline of infected person's movementsCamden County health officials urged those who were in the area to monitor for symptoms. They released a timeline of the infected person's movements, including a list of the bars they visited:Saturday, May 23Backwater Jacks: between approximately 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

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They only have themselves to blame.. if someones dies bcuz of ur selfishness& alchoholism& horny promiscuity, I hope u feel responsible and horrible 4ever.. shameless... stupid behavior They will be fine, death only happens to those that look for it. Ha NOT!! Didn’t see that one coming. Hmm... 😢😢😢🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀ how many more needs to die to make those stupid & denial people realize & take this pandemic issue seriously

Dumbasses is all I got to say!!! Breaking news water is wet. weknew canthappentome Sorry for anyone who becomes ill or infects others because of contact that originated at this event. Please, let this be a serious signal for respect and caution. Nor way Just sickening 99.7 survival rate. We finally have facts to base our behaviour decisions on, not fear mongering MSM bullshit. Shut up already and go cover the DNC rallies in MN and GA.

Damn party of doom it was. All it takes is one person. I also heard someone else caught a cold while there. Fortunately they are all better now. OmarKelly So let's shame people peacefully enjoying the lake and completely ignore the riits with NO social distancing. Way to go hypocrite. Right on cue. No one will listen ... and now you die!

There's a big surprise. that's the consequences of being selfish in this new corona world… was it cuomo ? Because he/she ignored the distancing guidelines, this person needs to stay away from medical facilities. Recommend this person call his buddies and all of them can laugh at the social distancing ignorance and “rights” to non compliance .

All I can say is DUH! Probably knew and didn't care about exposing others!!!! Foolish people hope they self quarantine 🙏🙏🙏 Some of these commenters need to catch the coronavirus. 😏 OMG 😮!!!!!!! And how do u know this With the HIPPA rules I find this hard to believe! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good. It's the selfishness of people like that, that is going to keep this virus going.

There WILL be a second not be part of the problem. Possibly or was... nobody cares about this. Your hoax is over. Fktard Americans. So what? We clearly don’t give a fuck in America. 🤦‍♀️ Wow, one out of hundreds of people may or may not have had corona. Great story. Good. Darwinism wins again.

Surprise surprise. Wow 1 person omg shut the lake down sound the alarm. Oh good! Fake News So all shall die? WHO CARES Shocker! Shocker Who cares! It’s going to happen! What other viruses did people catch that weekend? You can catch shit just going to the store. Stop with the BS reporting. Ain’t no possibility. This is obvious! 💁🏾‍♂️

Are you going to report on the rioters that test positive? Oh my god, one person? Really? Nothing about all the non-social distancing rioters breaking into your building? 14 days.... here comes the boom... SAD They knew better😢 The lake is covid19 soup.... let’s see if there is a spike... danz740 that took what, about the average 5 days to show symptoms? Seems about right

Sadly, the numbers will be higher. Shocker! 🙄 OmarKelly And cnn rejoices Go figure Who ? Can you pick him from the crowds Fake news agin and agin Now there's a surprise No sympathy! Great. Now moving on. Next story please Is anyone surprised? Let me guess: a Trump supporting moron? Padan muka They deserve everything they get. Must be the most stupid people on this planet. And I thought us Africans were behind in common sense.

Minnneapolis is being destroyed by protestors (mob), not respecting and honoring mr. Floyd, but like raging wolfs at night look for prey I am sure some rioters have C-19, Destruction = cnn favor, gathering at lake = cnn condemnation EmmaKennedy All of these responses saying 'so what? Most people who have it recover'. No. They no longer have C-19, but there's evidence that they do have arthritis, chronic fatigue, increased risk of stroke, etc. Let's just stay home a bit longer and wipe this thing out for good.

Are you friggen serious? this is news. What about the damage done by the suppression of lock downs with no end it sight in Minneapolis Imagine that !!! But we KNEW this already! And ya’ll still opened the shit up! Wow one person caught the flu thats newsworthy SO WHAT?!?!!?!? SUNLIGHT KILLS COVID big yikes

beautiful AmeliaC92619635 Lies. Mxm 😂 “A person” ooohh smooth So sorry. But we all knew this would happen. Won’t be the last! I knew it!!!!! Perfect FAKE ASS NEWS!!! Well. At least they got one special day to stand shoulder to shoulder, waist deep, in other people’s beer pee. Worth it❤️ 2nd wave is coming Ya think! I feel bad for the kids and elders who will be affected by it..

Soon as I saw that photo last weekend.... 😱😱😱😱😱😱 Good for them. They should not be treated in any hospital Good What? No, that’s not possible nor expected. Lol USA USA JasonStatham vs New McLaren 720S2 usa USArmy USAF usaprimeshot usairforce usamade Usana USAPL usaw usagi usaha usatrip usahawan usaweightlifting usaroadtrip usanalifestyle usacars usatravel usafashion

Sooo, is anything else going on? Oh dear! What a surprise! CNN distracting to pool and Covid va their building being attacked -no mention of Covid in Atlanta Shocker 😂 DarthDuck415 I’m willing to wager more than one person was infectious for COVID19. 😂 it’s over. Stop it. Focus on the riots. And how come you’re not reporting on the destruction of your own building? 🤦‍♂️ loooooser.

I hope all the idiots who attended catch it. So what Are the hospitals full of victims ? Arngrim KNEW IT I got nothing left. My sympathetic side is burn out. Hope this doesn't end badly for them. Not surprised Wow what a surprise. Beaches and lakes should have been shit down through that holiday weekend and be now opening this weekend. This holiday weekend likely undid weeksofwork being lockeddown only to spread again.

Gee, really? Plus foot fungus, ear infection and rashes. Cause I mean the recreational non sense party seemed nasty as hell. But well... This is old news now. More important things going on. How is this news? Only a moron would figure there was no chance of this happening. Thus was an automatic as far as I'm concerned.

What a fuckin surprise. Who'd have guessed THAT would happen. Good! unbelievable. who called this one?!?!? probably not our ignorant PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is this news? I mean, this was sort of expected. FakeNews

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