People Are Literally Dancing İn The Streets As They Wait To Vote - Cnn

People Are Literally Dancing İn The Streets As They Wait To Vote - Cnn

People are literally dancing in the streets as they wait to vote

These voters are dancing their way to the polls. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

10/27/2020 9:31:00 AM

These voters are dancing their way to the polls. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

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Hopefully they’re smart enough to vote for Trump. when will CNN report some real news-- BE HONEST--NYPost broke the news of Chinese wheeling-dealings-10 million going to 'the big guy” Fox’s source verifying that the emails are authentic & 'the big guy' is Joe Biden--person verifying CC'd on the thread. THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY

And they vote for joe like he is going to help them lol I am appalled by this video!!! A black woman dancing on a pole? This was not good. Music helps any band day feel better Cool the laws that give them that right also gives me the right too. This is what living in a Democracy is all about. Its something that should be celebrated. You can respect them even if you are not voting for the same people.

Wow 😮 Coronavirus 跳归跳哈……但是戴口罩就不要蹦跶了……口罩的防护效率会降低的…… I would also dance if I could go and vote for realDonaldTrump I would do the South African, John Vuli Gate dance, so that the gate can be open for realDonaldTrump can start his new term! MARIUSBROODRYK Love this!! Yeah they become important to the MSM every four years 😏

That Biden sign should not be anywhere near the voting entrance That dancing like a bunch of monkeys trying to dance Poll dance Dance to some Bollywood songs !! This is four days old FreeMaalimSeif FreeMaalimSeif 🇹🇿 FreeMaalimSeif FreeMaalimSeif 🇹🇿 Now, CNN, THAT is newsworthy! I love it. Too bad I can't download it!! 💜👍🏾

They need to dance their happy asses to the welfare office For Trump!!! Historical moment with first ever woman to be sworn in by two purported sexual predators !!!! Ifb assap guys You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed🍾❤️


Road to 270: John King says 'follow the candidates, follow the money' - CNN VideoHere's where the US presidential election stands heading into the final full week of campaigning. JohnKingCNN breaks down the spending and traveling of President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the run-up to Election Day. JohnKingCNN JohnKingCNN I am glad I know Biden will win. I can't stand in a long line to vote, now don't have to. JohnKingCNN You FakeNewsMediaClowns really think you can call this election? You have no clue what's coming with a huge Electoral vote to re-elect realDonaldTrump Once that's done, your relevancy will completely diminish. Buh bye. VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020

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Hundreds rally in Taiwan, call for release of 12 Hong Kong people arrested by ChinaHundreds of people rallied in Taiwan's capital on Sunday to call for China to release 12 Hong Kong people arrested at sea by mainland authorities in part of a global campaign to support the pro-democracy movement in the financial hub. STOPCOMUNISM Chinese totalitarism need to stop LOL Taiwan is now getting infested.

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