Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Toomey Says Trump Should Accept Election Loss

His Saturday night statement came soon after a federal judge dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit challenging the election results in Pennsylvania.

11/22/2020 6:55:00 PM

After a federal judge dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania's election results, GOP Sen. Pat Toomey called on Trump to accept his loss and move on with the transition process. For his part, Trump said Toomey is 'no friend of mine.'

His Saturday night statement came soon after a federal judge dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit challenging the election results in Pennsylvania.

Toomey — who isretiringrather than running for reelection in two years — added his congratulations to Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, saying he will"seek to work across the aisle" with them despite their policy disagreements."Make no mistake about it, I am deeply disappointed that President Trump and Vice President Pence were not re-elected. I endorsed the president and voted for him," he said, applauding the Trump administration for its tax policy and three appointments to the Supreme Court.

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But, he added:"To ensure that he is remembered for these outstanding accomplishments, and to help unify our country, President Trump should accept the outcome of the election and facilitate the presidential transition process."For his part, Trump

his disapproval of Toomey, calling him"no friend of mine." The tweet was flagged by Twitter for its baseless claims about election fraud.What other Republicans have saidWhile most Republican Senate and House lawmakers have not yet formally recognized Biden as the winner of the presidential election, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Mitt Romney of Utah and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have all issued statements recognizing Biden's victory.

Romney recently issued a blistering rebuke of Trump after the president invited Republicans in Michigan's House and Senate to the White House, days ahead of the deadline for that state to certify its election results. Read more: NPR »

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That’s not a threat.... No Loss! I wouldn’t want Trump to be my friend. Toomey should feel blessed - Ha! Oh no. What a sad time to be disliked by Trump. How will he cope? SenToomey support our President! President Trump is the best President ever!!! Investigate this election and make it right for we the people!! We are watching! Closely!!

Name one friend? You have none. Surprised he is still not golfing while people are dying still!!! Toomey was not a friend but a rubber stamp. Toomey was in Trump pocket probably for financial gain and as he saw rump finally head to the bottom, he jumped ship like the a$$ we know him in PA to be. toomeytrumptool whereistoomey

Oooh, such strong, bold words from this tough guy. realDonaldTrump You know who says 'you're not my friend no more? 'CHILDREN SAY THAT SHT. Grow up! realDonaldTrump You have no friends. And Toomey rejoiced. “He finally got the f*cking hint!” realDonaldTrump real men have egos bigger than Twitter. This is not about being friends! Is that the lamest reply you can make? You sound like a spoilt child Mr. PREDIDENT! need to leave GRACEFULLY ...if you know what THAT word means! The longer you wait , the margin of respect towards you is getting smaller ......please!!

Does Trump realize the election results have nothing to do with friendships? And POTUS strikes back - always the fragile ego I don't know why everybody has to be begging the GOP and the King of Koreagraft Kayoss to let President Elect Joe Biden start his transition. Its pathetic and dangerous abuse of their oaths of office and to the Constitution. Its gonna happen January 20 whether they like it or not

Anyone that associate with Trump is either crook or pedo so SenToomey you are one lucky man. Toomey clown We live in very truely dark times Keep fighting President Trump. There was too much sketchy behavior at the PA polls to let it slide. CA Michele Hangley defiance of a federal court order need to be address also. She obstructed the law, why hasn't she been arrested?

Me Sloth, SenToomey no friend of mine, no manipulate i can, i like still Philly Cheesesteak tho So tired of having a teenager in the White House. Can hardly wait for a return of the adults. Trump has no friends. He doesn't know anyone Talk about wrecking the hotel room! Trump is only a rock star to a huge number of fans looking for an encore. He showed America's Achilles heel. We're too nice to give him the bum's rush. Also, cutting funds to public schools has paid off handsomely to GOP 'public servants.'

SheeGhee Toomey and Murkowski. And Hogan. Let's get more R's to do so for the good of the country. This is insanity and he knows it. He lost the election and there was no fraud. The election went off during a pandemic he made horrible with no problems. He lost. I win the news feed every time a Senator speaks my name! 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 Free advertising for my 😉campaign fund😉

25thAmendmentTrumpNow Obviously neither is reality! Golf clubs are not friends. Trump has friends? No one is a friend of Trump. They all become enemies. So Toomey will have a couple of thousands of death threats tomorrow. You followed Trump down that rabbit hole think for sure at this point you concede but No he's taking it all down and you are going with him

This is starting to get old. It’s not news anymore and life goes on Yep! realDonaldTrump has more than enough friends in Russia and China 🤣 so he doesn't need stinkin American friends 🤔 To the SCOTUS we go to determine if non-legislative actions/agreements regarding the presidential elections are valid in accordance with the Constitution. We still have two more weeks to match when Al Gore patient.

Only 'yes' men (and women) are (temporarily) friends of the Donald. Once they've outlived their usefulness they become persona non grata. Never. Ever. Pat Toomey Must be Locked Up! That’s because you are not a friend to America! How lucky can Toomey get? Trump has no friends. He only has sycophants and relatives.

Sore loser. Guess what, donnie, 75 million people don't like you. he says, as though anyone was under the notion Trump had friends. If you're traveling the north PA air Remember me to one who lives there For he was no true friend of mine - Aft fed judge dismissed Trump'a lawsuit challenging PA's election results, GOP Sen. Toomey to Trump: Accept loss. Trump: Toomey 'no friend of mine'

Pat Toomey reeeaaally should be offered a job in the Biden administration. 😏 Empath_Coach_RR Something tells me that tomorrow is gonna be the worst Monday yet!🤪 Self serving comment by Toomey. Where has he been the last four years ? Toomey breathes sigh of relief. For America's part Mr. President you are no friend of the people. Whether or not they voted for you as president you should have accepted defeat and started the transition. That would have shown you in a better light.

He’s lost. Loser. So worried about going to.jail. he has no friends! Trump has a lot of imaginary friends. As much as I agree this is not relevant news, can anyone be a grown up these days or did you all lean into the Trump era as in being children playing teams on both sides? Being right doesn’t entitle you to use the same strategies, as a matter of fact it undermines you..

Trump doesn't have and never had friends. even his own children are *things* for him to use. The names are different, but the story is the same. Trump got mad at someone that was no longer useful to him. The Government is not a social club. It’s okay Sen. Toomey. Trump is no friend of mine either. Meaning Trump has nothing on Toomey!

Good for Toomey. Who the heck wants to be associated with this psychopath? That’s fine because Trump is no friend of democracy Live look at TrumpCampaign legal strategy team planning their next move RudyGiuliani RudyIsMelting ConcedeNow NPR... Somewhere in Donald Trump’s hired Attorney’s Office, a meeting is taking place.. “Tell Donald not to quit! Tell him he still can win this!” Lawyers know when they have a good Cash Cow to Milk dry!

Trump tweeted that Toomey is 'no friend of mine.' Is there a better character reference? Good for him! Trump staying true to who he is 🤣🤣 Wait, he thinks he has actual 'friends'? Toomey has been engaged in frenzied dancing since learning he has lost Trump’s friendship. Film at 11. Narrator: Trump actually has no friends

In all seriousness is there a point where their continued efforts to interfere with the result of an election would result in some criminal charges for those who are enabling this treasonous act. No one is safe from trump. He is loyal to no one, but demands everyone be loyal to him. Sociopath! Pat Toomey is one lucky man.

Isn’t toomey retiring? Trump has no friends. He has hostages It's a badge of honor and a confirmation of character to be renounced by Trump. Because it is ALWAYS about trump! Not the Good of the Country, National Security or Public Health. trump should be sentenced to Prison! i predict Trump will be tweeting a lot about people he doesn’t like this week

Sounds like a compliment to me. No one is a friend of Trumps. Trump doesn’t have any friends. Just yes men. Trump hates democracy. We need voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) in Texas. Right now, there is no meaningful paper trail in Texas for auditing or recounting. Yep, that’s Trump. He’s the most vindictive human being that ever lived since Hitler

That’s a point for toomey. RINO, trying to be liked by the media. Rino! Hahaha the look on Toomey’s face in the picture provided. All I can say is are you surprise of the monster you’ve help create? We need to uncover the MASSIVE fraud and cheating of the Democrats that undermined our democracy. We must get this right.

PLEASE PEOPLE! My fellow Americans: DO NOT RESORT TO VIOLENCE OVER TRUMP AND HIS FALSE CLAIMS OF FRAUD! Let the government deal with him! We don't like him in PA either. Shows you exactly what type of person Trump really is Let’s see how many “friends” this LOSER has come Jan 21st!!! Finally! Someone on the GOP side speaks up.

Of course. Trump is going to hate on anyone who tells him that truth. I hope he employs Giuliani and Powell because they’re falling on the sword for him now Mob talk. Trump has no friends Nor is anybody else by this time. Services for the Republican party will be held January 20th, 2021. It is with great sadness we announce cause of death was choking on lies, deceit, and trying to swallow the will of the people.

Donald Trump has no friends. Only sycophants, supplicants and anointed enemies. The GOP senators all need to come to this realization and make a joint statement that DT lost and they are accepting the new President and Vice President, and so should he!! Stop this madness,NOW!! what a stand up thing to do now Toomey needs to get the rest of the Republicans to kick that criminal out of Washington.

Trumps only friend is money. New York attorneys will make sure he loses those friends as well. 4 ZSUM REZSUN, DRUMP THYNK’Z EE’Z BEDDER THYN INEE 1 ELZSE!! 😎💀 One is only a friend if they promote his agenda... He must not know of the data analysis and the fact that the government seized Dominion’s server. How many days did Gore challenge the recount It was over 30 days SenToomey! You must be forgetful in your old age. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Toomey has never been a friend of the President. Time to take this to the Supreme Court. Somebody tell Trump: that's what your real friends do. Yes, Mr. President, truth speaking GOP members are no friends of yours. And you wonder why... You truly have to witness it to believe it, how much time, money, and effort to coddle this giant toddler. It really is astounding to be such a sore loser at this grand a scale, I'll give 45 that.

Trump is not going anywhere until he is forced to Maybe have a talk with your Michigan counter parts because they are trying overturn the will of the people in that state. Russia Impeachment Kavanaugh etc etc etc. Fauci -' voting in person is fine' yet early early voting, mail in, nobody allowed to witness, counting stopped then Biden gets needed votes, late late counting, along with rampant ONE SIDED fraud. RAPIST Biden is illegitimate pres. elect

tRump doesn't have any friends. Enablers a plenty but no friends. Typical. Anyone who disagrees with him is an enemy. Who really is though? Wonder anyone wants to be trump’s friends? Pence and pompeo? They will change their minds soon. I’m currently Democrat for obvious reasons. For much of my adult life I was a Republican. I think it’s time for the Republican Party to make a decision to defeat Trumpism, get back to business, support democracy and the United States Constitution.

Say that to his face Mr. No Balls And apparently Trump is no friend to his constituents. He is rapidly running out of friends. Does that make Toomey a “Hound dog?” Trump is incapable of friendship. No loss. Tell’em Toomey! ItsOver ItsOver It's over, it's over, it's over It's over, it's over, it's over And in the morning when he's gone Please don't sing that sad, sad song I don't want to hear it‼️

Has there ever been a more incompetent legal team assembled than Rudy's hacks? They seem to forget that judges (GOP or Democrat) need to see some evidence, even a small amount, to make a favourable ruling. So far Rudy has been laughed out of almost 30 court rooms. TRUMP LOST! Enough! Trump concession or 25th amendment now.

Great con men of USA history: NPR is fakenews and should just be considered tabliod Trump has no friends Trump ain’t got no friends. Senator Toomey probably sat back in his chair and breathed a breath of fresh air when Trump stated. 'He's no friend of mine'. Does Trump have any long term friends ? Name three.

The problem with the republican strategy (if there is one) is that it reeks of codependency. Humoring crazy uncle Donny isn't going to make him less crazy. They need to stage an intervention. Who needs Trump as a friend. Toomey is no longer in The POT party, back to the GOP. (party of Trump)! it's funny how the media that was supporting Al Gore back in 2000 are now the ones saying that trump shouldn't contest the election and should just give up.. It's like they are all a bunch of partisan hacks... :)

AKA Trump doesn’t have anything to blackmail him with. Another GOP politician stepping up. I’m angry ga tax payers. Have to pay for another recount! realDonaldTrump's comment about Pat Toomey not being his friend is perfect for this whiny little baby. These are professionals, I hope, trying to get a job done and it's called legislating again, I hope. They aren't your damn friends they're representing their constituents.

Dude is gonna run out of friends. I don’t believe any Republican will “resist” .realDonaldTrump until I see it. They’ve surrendered the GOP to his corruption, immorality & lack of decency ‘cause they know all they have left to offer the electorate is hatred, fear, division & conspiracy theories. They’re bankrupt

It sure is refreshing to see the display of bravery by those of the GOP who timidly, cautiously dangle their toes in the shallow end of the heated pool. Yeah well that’s “too-little-too-late” PatToomey for ya. This is better than nothing, but you’re going to need to do a lot better than that. If all of realDonaldTrump’s bullshit had somehow worked, you’ve made it abundantly clear you would have just.. gone along with it.

To be real, judges these days are activists. The Left claims all the Trump appointed judges are and this ruling judge was an Obama appointee. So no matter what the truth is, every ruling will be stained one way or another. Thats just how it is since Obama. This explains it Trump has the mentality of a child. So let's throughout what the framers put in place so we can be friends with Trump! He doesn't care about the American people. Just himself!

Trump doesn’t have friends, he has pets. Obviously, he hasn't been indicted. Trump will never accept the loss and will break everything on his way out. He knows there are state charges waiting for him and hundreds of millions in loans coming due. Gentle recommendations won’t work. Republicans need to find their spines.

The Trump campaign should get charged with “voters suppression” trying to disrupt the will of the people America is going into.marxist meltdown! GOPLeader USAttorneys the GOP legitimizes Trump's unethical, unlawful and horrific actions. To ensure that our country is never again attacked from within, the GOP MUST be held accountable. Americans demand a peaceful transition of power NOW!

Pretty sure Trump has no actual friends, just people he uses and who use him. He’s entirely transactional Ok Mr. Toomey, now run off and tell your GOP little friends that the party’s over, mommy’s tired, they need to call their mommies and go home. No more cake or games. And I don’t want any temper tantrums, we had enough! ConcedeNowTrump

trump has no 'friends' Shame on anyone who expected Trump to not act like a four year old. Hey GOPers you were not elected to that position to be the POTUS “friend” The big picture... Drumpf has friends? trump honestly sounds like he’s about 8 years old on a playground, at a constant rate Whether Trump won or lost, doesn't everyone want to see what Sidney Powell has?

Nobody is your friend, realDonaldTrump , they, like you, are just using everyone. Wait, a member of the GOP with balls? I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to see if there were some shenanigans going on. If there were, I want to know. If not, then we carry on with the Biden presidency. Another Senate pickup in 2022✔️

well, apparently there’s a sworn affadavit from Idi Amin that he orchestrated the ballot stuffing so let’s let the process play out for the record, trump has no friends Folks, leave the cult. Your family misses you. Much love ❤️ leavethecult unfollowTrump Trump is a sore loser He will NOT. He will drag this to the end, unless all GOP leaders stand up against him