Pence says federal election bills 'offend the Founders' intention that states conduct elections'

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Pence Op-Ed: Federal Election Bills 'Offend The Founders' İntention That States Conduct Elections'

1/15/2022 4:15:00 PM

Former Vice President Mike Pence says federal election bills 'offend the Founders' intention that states conduct elections'

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Nazi. Pence will not tell truths as he is just directed by Biden's predecessor. What I’m just gonna leave this right here Pence's ignorance of the constitution is deliberate and offensive. He knows full well that the Fourteenth Amendment gives Congress legislative authority in matters concerning the equal protection of the law.

What bs! N had Beep Beep Beep…?📱 Ring Ring Ring…? 📞 Hello Hello Hello…? 🤗 I’m sorry no one is here in Twitter right now. Please leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they can. They’re all at the incredible Trump Rally in Arizona Keeping America Great !🇺🇸😆👍 MSNBC FOXNEWS When U. S. History is finally written in regards to the Trump and Republican Insurrection period, historians will try to define why the GOP ignored their oaths and sold out our Democracy for 30 pieces of Silver!! Sad!! SenateGOP HouseGOP SteveScalise

Federalist papers 59-61 would disagree on the intentions of the founders.

Pence: 'Tragic' Jan. 6 no reason to scrap filibusterIn a Washington Post op-ed arguing against scrapping the filibuster, Mike Pence called Jan. 6 'tragic' and an attempt to 'overturn results of the presidential election that had been certified by all 50 states.' Who? Does not make it true no matter who says it 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

2022 Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on changing filibuster rules to pass voting rights: ❌😵😡 2017 Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on changing filibuster rules to confirm Supreme Court justice: 🥰🥳💅 Go back to sleep, Mike. Does anyone pay attention to what he thinks? Voting rights should be the same in all of the states in America! Time to change alot if the state laws.

Finally Pence woke up! The rest of the Republican Party hasn’t woke up yet the stuck in slavery time and trying to rewrite it. Black people voting would also 'offend'the founding fathers. Maybe we shouldn't care what centuries-dead slaveowners think about the 21st century? This is what happens when you try and change the subject

Oh shut up, Mike. You don't know what they thought. The Founders had how many states to deal with again? 🤔 Frankly, I wouldn't have rights. Please let go of this what the founders think ish. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Maybe he should think a little harder on this.

Opinion | Biden’s Georgia Election-Law DistortionsFrom WSJopinion: It’s unlikely to help his party in 2022 that the president is focused on passing a federal election takeover through embellishment and vilification, rather than addressing Americans’ actual concerns, writes KarlRove opinion KarlRove Why are you giving that shitwhistle a platform, wsj? opinion KarlRove It's time to take President Biden's lead and take off the gloves. This year is going to be a brawl. opinion KarlRove “…writes KarlRove”, huh? You guys know how to pick’em 🙄 🤡 💩.

Mike Pence go tell the January 6 committee what u know what r u hiding or 4 whom ur hiding ur life was on a balance when they were calling 2 hang ur constitutional obligations is with ur country not 1 man time 2 turn Donald Trump in or he will kill u all Coming from him what does that mean? He was almost killed by his own commander and chief.

For 4 years Republicans did nothing but create chaos, we the people need to at least thank Vise President Pence for being loyal to the constitution, truth & the rule of law and not one crazy wack job! Everything about the modern GOP would offend the Founders to their very core. If there are two evils here, I will choose the evil that guarantees everyone’s right to a fair vote over the evil that guarantees autocratic old men the right to hold onto power any way they can.

Pence offends the founders… Pence who? Weird that Pence never said states should conduct their own elections in 2000 when Jeb went to the US Supreme Court to stop the vote counting Suppressing the vote is the real culprit in this scenario… And you were not offended when the mob wanted to hang you .. !?!?🤬😡

Then get rid of the electoral college and all would be fine for red states to do what they want

House Dems pass NASA bill sending voting rights to certain Senate endThe House of Representatives voted along party lines Thursday to approve a bill that will serve as a vehicle for Senate Democrats to start debate on sweeping election reform measures.

Sure Mike, so that Republican led states can overturn elections more easily… sure Mike if you are fine with that you don’t deserve to be elected dog catcher No….they just don’t want them to cheat. Can't wait for him and Trump to eat each other in 2024. We should add a provision to the Voting Rights Act that establishes and funds a commission to research proof-of-stake blockchain technology with the goal of updating our voting systems. We should also strengthen the existing laws requiring voter IDs.

100% correct

There Are Many Ways to Steal a Midterm -- and the GOP Is Laying the GroundworkRepublicans, many of whom want the 2020 election to be overturned, are campaigning for election oversight positions. They don't have to Steal it...DNC left it on the street with the keys in it. They couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery, let along a country on the brink of autocracy. Yrs, former Democrat POTUS TheDemocrats You gonna let the foxes run the chicken coop?

Family of Martin Luther King Jr. to Lead Voting Rights March in WashingtonThe family of Martin Luther King Jr. will lead a march in Washington, D.C., on Monday, calling on lawmakers to pass new federal standards for elections as Democrats struggle to secure enough votes to pass the legislation March in Virginia and Arizona

GOP fake elector scheme shows new level of disrespect for U.S. voters: election officialJocelyn Benson, Michigan secretary of state, confirms that the Republican scheme to send fake slates of electors to the National Archives and the Senate is unprecedented in Michigan elections. That is what the left does, like the devil in disguise, twist, distort, warp and deflect and falsely accuse others of what they do the most and act self righteous while they did nothing but lie, attacj and do fake impeachments. Does MSNBC ever find anything wrong with the Democrats, apparently they're 100% perfect according to the losers at MSNBC. God knows there's plenty to report lol... DNC showed a new level of disrespect for US voters during the last two dem primaries.